Schauwecker's Guide to Japan presents the Photo Exhibition

Photographs of Karl Kengelbacher

In July 1937 the 2.Sino-Japanese War broke out. During the first months of the war, the city of Shanghai was brought under the control of the Japanese army. The Swiss Karl Kengelbacher who had emigrated to Shanghai documented the events with a photo camera. The series of 102 pictures with comments are a courtesy of Peter Kengelbacher of St.Gallen.

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War ships (from page 1)
Refugees (from page 5)
Bloody Saturday (from page 8)
Barricades (from page 16)
Bomb on department store Sincere + Co. (from page 29)
Chinese troops in Lunghwa (from page 36)

Fires (from page 41)
Yangtzepoo in Japanese hands (from page 43)
European troops (from page 53)
Systematc bombing (from page 61)

Destruction (from page 63)
Chinese troops (from page 83)
Father Jacquinot (from page 88)

Destruction (from page 90)

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