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Car Rental

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Hundreds of outlets across Japan
Including Hokkaido, Okinawa and all major airports.
Various car classes
Compact, mid-size, full-size, van, luxury, etc.
Unlimited mileage
No distance limits.
Unbeatable prices
The lowest rates in Japan!

Below prices are approximate and include mandatory insurance, ToCoo! use fee and tax! Exact rates and availability of car classes depend on the outlet.

4,000 yen/day
5,000 yen/day
6,000 yen/day
10,000 yen/day
11,000 yen/day
16,000 yen/day

Customer Comments:

"We were very happy with our car rental. The car performed well and the price represented excellent value. I was amazed by how easy it all seemed to be - the service was friendly and efficient."

"I found renting a car through your service was great. Had I rented it from Rent-A-Car company directly it would have cost me more expensive. I was also surprised to find that insurance was included."

"Driving in Japan: In one word, BEAUTIFUL! The roads are the best in the world, the signs and directions are very easy to follow and all are written in English and Japanese."

Click here to access the ToCoo! website