Free Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout Japan

  • With 400,000 access points, Free Wi-Fi Passport is number one for hotspots in Japan*
  • Once you register, use free unlimited Internet for two weeks
  • Register again for two more weeks of free unlimited connectivity
  • Use the same password for up to five devices
  • The service is available in English, Chinese and Korean

* According to SoftBank, Free Wi-Fi Passport offers the most locations of any free Wi-Fi service in Japan as of May 30, 2014.

How to Set up a Free Wi-Fi Passport Account


Connect to the Internet at 400,000 locations throughout Japan.
The connection ID is ".FREE_Wi-Fi_PASSPORT".
Click here to find a hotspot

Call *8180 toll-free to get a password.*1
*1 Depending on your network operator, this may incur charges. For details, please check with the network operator you have a contract with in your country.

At any hotspot displaying this logo , enter your phone number and password to connect.

Please check the following before connecting:

  1. Use of Free Wi-Fi Passport requires phone connectivity within Japan. For details, check with your local phone carrier.
  2. Free Wi-Fi Passport services are not available with all phone carriers.
  3. Free Wi-Fi Passport services require W-CDMA compatibility on the mobile device. Also, prepaid phone contracts and certain other phone plans are not eligible.
  4. Set roaming to SoftBank.

Click here for more details.

Video Setup Guide

Click here for detailed instructions