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2016/7/5 - Hokkaido Day 4 - Obihiro Butadon and the Kushiro Norokko Train
by Aaron Chong
On this day, I bade farewell to Sapporo to explore the wilderness of Eastern Hokkaido, making use of the last day of my Hokkaido 3-Day Rail Pass... read all
2016/7/31 - Unzen Onsen - Nagasaki Prefecture
by mfedley
For my second last night in Japan - I decided to head out to Unzen Onsen along the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture... read all
2016/6/30 - Onuma Park
by jioruji
Onuma Quasi National Park is a large area of nature which includes forests, lakes and mountains... read all
2016/6/29 - Exploring part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park
by jioruji
The Shinkotsu Toya National Park is one of several national parks in Hokkaido. Most famous is Lake Toya which is located (and created) near active volcanoes... read all
2016/7/31 - Shimabara - Nagasaki Prefecture
by mfedley
Shimabara is a sleepy town located in the South East of Nagasaki prefecture and is known for the historically important Shimabara rebellion... read all
2016/6/28 - To central Hokkaido
by jioruji
The tour's main focus is on the lavender fields of Farm Tomita in Furano, extremely popular in especially Asian countries for its beautiful colours and backdrops... read all
2016/7/30 - Nagasaki City - Northern City Attractions
by mfedley
For my second day in Nagasaki, I visited quite a few temples along with a few of the main sites found in the northern section of the city... read all
2016/7/29 - Nagasaki City - Southern Attractions
by mfedley
At present, I have travelled to many parts of Japan but Nagasaki is probably close to my favourite major city in Japan... read all
2016/7/4 - Hokkaido Day 3 - Hell Valley and Heavenly Ramen
by Aaron Chong
My second day in Sapporo has come and once again the weather was just as gorgeous as the day before... read all
2016/6/27 - Historic Village of Hokkaido
by jioruji
Kaitaku no Mura or Historical Village of Hokkaido is a park that houses quite a lot of old buildings and artifacts found all around Hokkaido... read all
2016/7/29 - Hashima - Nagasaki Prefecture
by mfedley
Hashima Island or Gunkanjima is a small but previously heavily populated island located around 50 minutes from Nagasaki by fast speed boat.... read all
2016/8/18 - The fantastic Awa Odori dance in Tokushima city 2016
by Souliya
Awa Odori is held from 12 to 15 August as part of the Obon festival in Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku in Japan. Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan... read all
2016/7/28 - Huis Ten Bosch Day 2 (Day)
by mfedley
For my second day at Huis Ten Bosch - I decided to visit the remaining attractions I did not visit last night... read all
2016/7/26 - Hirado Part 2 - Nagasaki
by mfedley
read all
2016/7/26 - Hirado Part 1 - Nagasaki
by mfedley
For today, I decided to visit Hirado which is a rather rural island found off the North Western coast of Nagasaski prefecture... read all
2016/7/25 - Gardens of Takeo - Saga Prefecture
by mfedley
Takeo is a easily accessible onsen town with good transport links to both Nagasaki and Fukuoka... read all
2016/7/3 - Hokkaido Day 2 - Yoichi and Otaru
by Aaron Chong
A new morning has come and I'm about to begin my first full day in Hokkaido. Despite forecasts of cloudy weather throughout the day... read all
2016/7/24 - Yutoku Inari Shrine
by mfedley
Yutoku Inari Shrine is located roughly 50 minutes by bus from Ureshima (920 yen one way) or 10 minutes from Kashima Bus Station... read all
2016/7/2 - Hokkaido Day 1 - Late Night Ramen Dinner
by Aaron Chong
This time, I'm going to write about my recent two-week trip to Hokkaido, where I'll be making a big round around the island prefecture by train... read all
2016/2/3 - Himeji: the real castle and the fake one
by jioruji
Having lived for quite a while in Matsumoto, and having loved every aspect of it, I am still an adept of the quiet mountain city... read all

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