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April 1, 2011 - More!!

Hi ALL! Everyone looks in the forums much more than anywhere so I shall share experiences!

I have not felt any aftershocks or earthquakes yet! It's been peaceful so as far as that. We did notice that large grocery stores and vending machines are lacking water, but Combinis, especially small weird ones tend to care big waters and small waters just fine.. Really odd! :) We stopped a  local one on the way back to our place and it had several large water choices. 

Just to let you know we had no issues with transport from Narita airport to Tokyo. We took the  Keisei only cause it was super cheap for 1000yen. But there is other option as well that is shorter I think and more expensive. It was super fast and we didn't wait that long to get on. Also took the normal time from airport to Tokyo. 

So far transport has not been a problem at all and people are using it with much gusto. We got stuck in evening 'traffic' and almost had to be white gloved in. I had big bags so I felt bad because they were quite pressed against two ladies next to me. 

There are still tons of people about as well enjoying everything. Even people taking photos in Harajuku and people posing for them :) We are having a great time.

You have to make the decision to go, I cannot tell you what eases your own heart. But if you imagine Tokyo a scary mess, it isn't. People are living life as usual and most places are open with some reduced hours, but usually an hour or two. 

Also great news the Ueno zoo is open with 2 new pandas. Sea life is open. Ghibli, fuji-q funland.. All open! We are going to pack it in!! :) 

Side note is we went to hobby lobby and azone doll store and the gals were sweetheart, trying clothes on our dolls and such. Really we didn't feel like 'prying foreigners.' This is a great experience! :) I'll keep you updated as I can! I also put up some pictures  here in my blog

The latest entry is how crowded it was in Harajuku. 

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