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japanese shaving habits 2007/2/10 08:47
Hi!! It could seem really stupid what im goin to say..but for me is something serius! 2 years ago i had a japanese girlfriend..and i felt very well with her. I noticed that she didnt shave her pubic hair..but she left all natural. the begining was a little surprised cos here (europe)..all the girls do shave..(trimmer..or brazilian..or triangle).
So..for her b-day i wanted to buy her a Bikini, but i changed my idea cos i didnt know if she could have liked it. ( if she didnt shave..she couldn wear a bikini)
When i asked her why she was natural down there..she told me that is not commom shave the private area down there for japanese girls. Is it true?? or my girlfriend was the only one?

by Marc  

. 2007/2/10 09:31
Its a touchy subject and trying to be mature as possible, but yes it is true that many do not shave i the private areas. However I do not think this prevents them from wearing a bikini unless it was a very skimpy one, as I've seen many wearing bikinis and not having items exposed.

by .. rate this post as useful

. 2007/2/10 10:45
Being hairless down there like a little girl is very uncommon in Japan. I don't know why it prevents one from wearing bikini, though.
by A Japanese woman's view rate this post as useful

Hey 2007/2/10 12:55
dont shave if you like it natural, I 'm personally thinking it is best to have it natural!
by Module rate this post as useful

.. 2007/2/10 21:43
well...i didnt buy the bikini cos it was very skimpy!

So ..u say in japan is pretty commomon to leave all natural down there?
Actually at the beginig was a litle annoyed..but after a while a i begun to appreciate it.
by marc rate this post as useful

Bikini 2007/2/10 22:03
My experience is that she'll trim away enough to make sure that the bikini would have fitted without a problem.

by Kappa rate this post as useful

. 2007/2/10 23:12
As Kappa said, we do trim so that we can wear bikini and/or high-cut stuff. Anyway, something tells me it was a good idea you didn't give her bikini regardless the condion there....
by A Japanese woman's view rate this post as useful

. 2007/2/11 05:00
I didnt say that you bought a bikini because it was skimpy, I said unless it was a skimpy bikini, that a regular bikini should be fine.
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Boys don't like it!! 2007/2/12 15:21
I am an Europian girl and I used to trim my bikini line quite often.But my japanese boyfriend was quite surprised to see that for the first time.He couldn't realy belive that we actually trim the hair down there.When I told him about the bikini wax he was terrified!!:-))
And then finally he told me he didn't like it trimmed.He likes it bushy over there.I was quite annoted for some time.But now got used to it.
Hope you get your answer.
by Reina rate this post as useful

Shave/Trim 2007/2/13 03:31
I asked my girlfriend to keep it trimmed a little bit, and in turn she asked me to grow mine out. It's all a matter of prefrence.

She also asked me to stop wearing deodorant, I didn't like the idea at first but now I really don't mind. I wash very well so odor isn't a problem and she really likes the smell.
by Buck rate this post as useful

why shaving hasn't caught on in japan 2008/12/21 00:04
in the west, women have been shaving down there for 20 or more years. it started when women, feeling more empowered about their own sexuality, began to understand that their private parts were beautiful, sexy, and something to be admired. in japan, women, generally speaking, dont shave because it would be seen as too sexually assertive in a country whose men, again generally speaking, like women to be weak in the bedroom, and would be put off, or intimidated by a woman who did such a thing.
by jj rate this post as useful

shaving 2008/12/21 05:38
Not to mention that shaving make the hair grow coarser, as men who shave daily--like me-- only know to well and it is a real chore. If one doesn't shave for a couple of days the growing hair rubbing against clothing is agony as I found out once after someone asked me to shave my whole body then changed their mind after I did it!!. Ouch!!
by Monkey see rate this post as useful

Shaving 2008/12/21 16:37
Not to mention that shaving make the hair grow coarser, as men who shave daily--like me-- only know to well

That's just an old wives' tale.
by Ken rate this post as useful

My thoughts 2008/12/22 08:25
Not really sure it's because Japanese women don't feel as sexually empowered as women in the US. I would almost say Japanese women are even more sexually liberated than American women.

Almost all Korean women shave down there and Korean women are far more sexually repressed than Japanese women.

Whatever the reason why Japanese women don't shave down there, it's certainly not because they're not as "liberated" as other women.
by Gaijinjland rate this post as useful

at the beach 2008/12/22 08:30
I spend plenty of time at the beach each summer, and see enough Japanese women in bikinis to think that many here are doing something about their bikini lines. One does not have to have a Brazilian wax job to have a tidy bikini line, and many Japanese women shave their arms, legs and even faces, so why on earth not other areas?

I think it is more common among young women at least than some of the people above seem to believe.
by Sira rate this post as useful

shaving 2008/12/22 13:21
old wives tale? excuse me but I started shaving at 14 years old and, after shaving daily for over 40 years, it certainly is harder to shave now than at first.. At 14 I used a plain single blade, now I use a razor cartridge with 4 blades and it takes me 15 minutes. If I go out in the evening I have to shave again.. Perhaps the Mayo test was done with people like my brother who still shave twice a week at most.
by Monkey see rate this post as useful

hairy question 2008/12/22 17:01
Monkey See, as you probably know, it's likely your beard hadn't nearly reached its full potential at age 14, so it would have been easier for you to shave then.

I have been shaving my legs for about 20 years now and I don't think my leg hairs are any coarser than they were when I was 12, because women's leg hairs aren't affected by hormones in the same way as the hairs on a man's face are.

Recently shaved hairs feel rougher than hair that has been left to grow as their ends were cut and so are wider and flatter than the end of a hair that has been left to grow normally- that is where the perception comes from.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Old wive's tale 2008/12/22 17:37
Monkey see,

old wives tale?

Yes, and often repeated.
See here if you're still not convinced...
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

shaving 2008/12/23 03:44
I guess that I have to say "oh alright!" If Sira and Dave-in-Saitama say so! Both of you are a source of wisdom and accurate info.
by Monkey see rate this post as useful

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