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Japanese Spouse Visa 2007/12/20 07:49
I am an American who intends to move to Japan, get married and find work. The problem I face is that I can only stay in Japan for 3 months unless I find a job within that period of time that will sponsor a work visa. However, if I don't find a job in 3 months I will have to leave the country. QUESTION: How long does it take to obtain a Spouse Visa?
by Ginzasan  

... 2007/12/20 11:23
If you plan on coming over for 3 months, finding a girl, and getting married for a spouse visa, then I feel sorry for any Japanese girl you meet, and suggest that you don't come to Japan at all.

You should look for a visa/job first and a spouse later. Have you considered student visas? You can also check www.gaijinpot.com for job listings.

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In case you already have a girlfriend... 2007/12/20 12:49
Do you already have a Japanese girlfriend who you are planning to marry? If so, as long as you have all the paperwork in to Immigration (and there is quite a lot of it) before your tourist permit expires, they will stamp your passport and you can then remain in Japan while your application is pending, even if the tourist permit expires.
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... 2007/12/20 18:45
Ginzasan, I may have read your post a little too harshly earlier, but there seems to be a lot of people posting lately about marrying for spousal visas. I'm pretty sure that it's illegal to do so, but even if that's not the case, if someone comes to Japan with the aim to find a Japanese wife to get a visa then all they are doing is looking to take advantage of someone else. Assuming that this isn't your situation then Sira's info on spousal visas is correct.

As for finding a job, do you have any skills? A bachelor's degree? These are prerequisites for a work visa. Another option would be an intercompany transfer if you work for a company in the US that has a Japanese branch office.

Without a visa you will find it difficult to find a job as most companies prefer to hire people in country who already have visas. 3 months may not be enough time, although you can always leave and come back and get another 3 months.

Also, the English teacher market is in bad shape with NOVA's collapse, but you can apply for the JET Programme.

Check out the immigration page here:


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Marry 2007/12/21 12:36
I hope yllwsmrf is wrong with how they read your post.
There has been some foreigners 'kicked' out of Japan recently who got spouse visa's. I obtained such a visa only 5 months ago myself and had a really strange random immigration check last month that asked too many personal questions. They seemed satisfied once my husbandfs family proved our relationship had not been a sudden thing. Just be careful! Take things slow

If you already have a partner then thatfs ok, there should be no rush?
There is some American companies in Japan that will employ you if you have degree. I am a draftie and I work for a American Engineering company in Tokyo :)

Wish you the best

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forgot 2007/12/21 12:37
I forgot to mention. It took almost 3 months to get our spouse visa. We were told that was because the office was extremly busy and informed there could be a 5 month delay. Thank god that didnt happen!
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Visa 2007/12/21 22:23
Those people that got our spouse visa's revoked stacy were because of some abuse detection. I had never been in Japan before and I went in with a tourist visa. Married my partner who I met in America and thus applied for spouse visa. It was revoked after I was asked some questions many months later. It sounds like what you were asked.
I complained about this but there was nothing i could do. I can reapply in 2 year's. It is a stupid system but I dont think my situation is a common one
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. 2007/12/22 02:33
What questions did they ask?
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Questions 2007/12/23 11:17
I would like to say but I think the idea is to catch those people who are using marriage for visa. I agree with removing those people so I would not like to be helping them prepare for immigration checks like that.
I will say that when they do, you are not the only one they question.

Sorry to hear what happened Mike. I think it is random still though? Or maybe it was a once off crack-down.

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Randomly 2007/12/23 19:16
I would like to say but I think the idea is to catch those people who are using marriage for visa. I agree with removing those people so I would not like to be helping them prepare for immigration checks like that.
I will say that when they do, you are not the only one they question.

Mike, me too is sorry to hear what happened to you. I asked "somebody" about your status and if you did everything 100% clean, and if you knew your actual wife a reasonable time in USA; there is no explanation for what they did to you.
So, you can write a very specific letter to the same office, make a copy and ask to sign it, so you have a proof of reading, and your wife can talk to them too,
why she didn't in the first place? They have to fix the whole misconstrue.

To Stacy,
it is very nice that you respect the rules, everybody should do it and just for the record... People who make the questioning, are special trained ones. There is not a specific list or whatsoever, there are many different questions, also they read body language signals to find out if somebody is lying and other etc. etc.

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Spouse name entry in passport 2008/7/29 21:13
I basically wanted to find out if is it mandatory to update spouse information within the passport for dependent visa. I guess Marraige certificate would help. Can any one please help me with this information
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Got any photos? 2008/7/29 22:25
I got married inside Japan on a tourist visa over nine years ago now so I don't know if it's any different now. I knew my wife for more then 3yrs before we got married and we lived together in college in England. It is possible to get the visa issued within 3 mths. They do make you jump through a lot of hoops but when we showed them photos of us going back a few years it became quite easy after that.
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