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Job offers in Japan 2010/12/19 00:43
I was looking over the internet for some sites with job offers in Japan. I found some but let's say they weren't up to date. The ads were from around a month or two before. Are there any up to date sites finding work related? Preferable English version sites or if not Japanese one are fine. I'm looking for IT jobs (programming, developing etc.). I was thinking about working in Japan for few years and looking for some opportunities. :) I hope there are some suitable jobs with preferably requires of conversational level of Japan since I'm still learning it. Any urls would be much of help.
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what level? 2010/12/19 14:46
Depends on level of your experience and qualifications. The perfect situation exists. Western educated expats, at high level IT positions, are sponsored by companies. Corporate Immigration Officer will submit required documents for COE and work visa. They will wait until COE is confirmed and work visa is processed and your arrival. Some positions require fluency in E, only.
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Job offers in Japan 2010/12/21 08:22
I have few years of experience and just graduated with MEng degree but that's not exactly what I've been asking for. I don't want to randomly send resume to many companies without knowing realities. First I'd like to do some research in job oriented Japanese websites to know the market a little, then contact only few companies I'd find interesting. So I'd be great to get some urls with actual ads by, let's say 'head hunters' in Japan. :)
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... 2010/12/21 08:42
If you want to go through employment agencies, run a search on the internet - you will bump into sites like those:

With the current employment situation, I don't think it is going to be just as easy as picking a few companies and sending your resume there, then getting the job. The agencies tend to look for really experienced people, managerial material, or bilingual people.

Otherwise you need to look at sites like "gaijinpot" (I hope I have it spelled right) for direct job advertisements. Considering it's getting toward the end of the year, a month old ad doesn't really sound that outdated. Good luck!

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gaijinpot and ecentral 2010/12/21 10:09 and use similar formats for posting jobs, but their content is a little different. seems to focus more on language teaching roles. (there is an English version just click at the top of the page to English or 英語) on the other hand, seems to list jobs for non-language teaching roles.

There are a bunch of roles on those sites and are kept up to date with new roles listed each week. However, you will definitely run into issues with language ability, work location and visa status which bar you from applying for certain roles. Also, many recruiting sites post generic info on both sites which can add a whole extra step to your job search if you choose to answer their ad. Applications to roles listed by actual employers are read by their HR, not by site staff. You can tell recruiter listed roles by their vague role titles and descriptions, plus "job serial numbers".
That doesn't mean you don't want to contact those companies too, as they probably have a lot of good info and you should get as much info as possible rather than wait at home hoping your dream role will magically appear by refreshing gaijinpot/ecentral's page every 5 minutes.

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