A player wants to play basketball in Japan

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A player wants to play basketball in Japan 2012/3/6 07:33
Hello! My name is Damir Salković, I'm an 18 year old basketball player from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Europe. This is my story. About 3-4 years ago, my would-be-coach came to my high school looking for tall students. At the time, I was on my physical education class and my teacher recommended me because of my height (I was like 189cm tall) and so I've started playing basketball in a basketball club Magic Tuzla. I've never played basketball before then. So during my first season there I played at a center (C) position, because I wasn't very skilled at the time, but next season my coach had seen my talent and agility and I've started playing the small forward (F) position. I was, like, experimenting with the position for awhile, and then in midseason something just clicked in my head ... and I've started playing like a ''pro'' for my age. Then next season I thought that I would continue playing the small forward position, but my coach said ''I want you to play the point guard (PG) from now on.'' I was stunned, because I was literally the tallest person in the team and I was about to play the PG. At first, it was tough ... but not because of other team's PG-s; rather because of mental condition ... I just wasn't able to be the leader. Then, after a few games in the third season I just ''unleashed'' myself and started playing ''modern'' basketball... Really, I was 195cm tall 6'5'' and I played the PG, and I played it very good, I was the tallest PG in the league, and the most unexperienced one, I had just 2 and a half seasons behind me... so this season is still active, and I'm averaging 15ppg (points-per-game) and 8apg (assists-per-game). I'm also a good blocker because of my height and a good jumper... so to shorten things a little bit: I want to play basketball in Japan, that is, I want to live in Japan and play basketball for one of their teams; a few of my friends were a couple of times in Japan, and they had nothing bad to say about the country, only great things were leaving their mouth ;) I don't care about the so-called radiation and earthquakes ... it's just not enough to get one nation on its knees, especially Japan. So, I want to play there... I already know a little Japanese and am the best in the class when it comes to English so communication wouldn't be a problem ... and Japanese is not so hard of a language to learn like everyone thinks. I also like many aspects of Japanese culture... and am an anime lover ;). So, what do you think? Can I play basketball in Japan, and do you have any information that would help me achieve that goal? Please reply ..... with respect, Damir Salković
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Re: A player wants to play basketball in Japan 2012/3/6 10:20
At least one of the teams has tryouts (http://www.linktochigibrex.com/dteam/tryout2010-2.html)
Perhaps others do as well.

You should start by getting that page translated.

You might want to start by putting together a scouting portfolio (stats, game footage, training footage, health info, etc.) and try sending it to a bunch of teams.

There's a lot of competition these days from US and EU players looking to get noticed by scouts from America and Europe.

Honestly though, you probably should focus on getting some scouting attention at home, build connections and work hope for some introductions.

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Re: A player wants to play basketball in Japan 2012/3/6 17:54
The bj league has open tryouts.


Here's a list of foreign players in the league. They're almost all former college players from the US.


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Re: A player wants to play basketball in Japan 2012/3/7 02:13
Thank you @kyototrans and the guest for providing this information. I'll try my best to attract some Japanese scouts :) and people, continue posting if you have more useful information, that would be most welcome ;) Damir Salković
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Re: A player wants to play basketball in Japan 2012/3/7 18:56
Ok, so what I've learned this far is that there are 3 leagues in Japanese when it comes to basketball: BJ league (state-owned, 1), JBL (corporate-owned, 2) and JBL2 (don't know if this one is corporate too, 3). So, there are many US college players there playing basketball which I assume are good, but not like great-awesome because they would be playing in their own country (the best basketball in the world); but there are exceptions, hehe, like me :) so I'm not underestimating those players I'm just pointing out that they must be payed well to play or am I wrong ... I don't even know how much salaries of basketball players go there or how the system works anyway... but I think the salaries are pretty pretty good. And in order to actually play I need to get picked or drafted by some of the Japanese corporations (any explanation on how do I do that... the easy way?) And to return to my previous point .... if they're only picking well, previously recognized players they must be paying them well, so why don't Japanese scouts or companies try to look for younger players that can play on the same level as today's US college basketball (youth is underrated soo much) and pay them less ... and still get the same result?
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