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Today's Report
Ishinomaki to Fukushima

Getting close!

After such a difficult but interesting day in Ishinomaki it was nice to have a good evening to look forward to. First of all, I had a great dinner, including whale sashimi. Yes, whale. Really good! After dinner I went to meet Miku, an NPO worker who was my interpreter at FM Ishinomaki the day before. She invited me to, Matsubaraso, her boyfriendfs restaurant on the outskirts of town for a drink and some amazing little dishes that he had prepared, including a scallop gratin with kaki - delicious!

The most amazing scallop ever - scallop and kaki gratin at Matsubaraso

Futon bed at Kikuchi ryokan - first time I slept in one!

The wonderful owners of Kikuchi

This morning I left lovely Kikuchi ryokan after an awsome breakfast - I had wholegrain bread for the first time in a month! From there I drove along the coast to Matsushima where I hiked up a hill to see the famous bay view. Sadly, it wasnft the song of birds I heard but drills and machinery where buildings were being torn down or repaired. I guess itfs a good thing and means that the reconstruction is going well.

just thinking of how big a gratin this could make....

Scallop farming area in Matsushima Bay

Great view of the bay from one of the hills

After an hour or so there I continued driving to Fukushima (not the power plant but the prefecture, donft worry) where I met my local guides Sugimoto-san and Azuma-san. We went apple picking in a nearby orchard at Marusei fruit farm. Sadly, itfs not kaki season yet (ok, I should stop thinking about yesterdayfs scallop gratin...). Ifve now checked in at Kirakuya Inn, a great onsen ryokan near the mountains. I hope it stops raining in time for tomorrowfs walk!

My Fukushima welcome committee and Marusei farm owner (in pink)

Fukushima apples...

Daily Quiz
The deadline for answering the quiz question for day 20 has passed.

When did the Japanese Emperor move his seat from Kyoto to Tokyo/Edo?

0%   After the Genpei War (in the early Kamakura Period)
3%   After the Battle of Sekigahara (in the early Edo Period)
90%   After the Meiji Restoration (in the early Meiji Period)
0%   After World War Two (in the early Showa Period)
8%   None of the above

The correct answer is: After the Meiji Restoration (in the early Meiji Period)

The Emperor moved from Kyoto to Tokyo after the Meiji Restoration.

Current Standings: (after 30 days)

28 Points: Csabba, AlexanderStankov
27 Points: gladhiola, almoehi, ZoomX2, mikaelus
26 Points: Rabbityama, Proxy707

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