The Ito Free Pass (also known as Ito Kanko Freepass) is a rail pass for tourists visiting the eastern area of the Izu Peninsula around Ito. It is valid for two consecutive calendar days and consist of a round trip from Tokyo to the Izu Peninsula by local trains, unlimited use of local transportation around Ito and discounted admission to selected tourist attractions.

Ito Free Pass
4,400 Yen
Reduced rates (50% off) apply for children aged 6-11.

The map below shows the railway lines between Tokyo and the Izu Peninsula.


  1. The round trip is to be done by local, rapid or express trains on the Odakyu Line (Shinjuku - Odawara) and the JR Tokaido and Ito Lines (Odawara - Atami - Ito). The Romance Car, limited express trains and shinkansen are not covered.
  2. Unlimited use of Tokai buses in the Ito area.
  3. The ticket is valid on up to two consecutive days.

Points of Sale

Major Odakyu railway stations, such as Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo.


The pass is significantly more expensive than regular round trip tickets into the free area. In other words, its purchase is only justified if you are planning on making considerable use of the local transportation in the free area.

Hotels around Izu Peninsula