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NHK Sakura Series 2005/3/7 16:56
Hi Everyone! Starting a Sakura forum since its currently playing in New York and finished playing in San Francisco last year.
by Susie  

Anyone see Sakura Butai(theater version) 2005/3/8 06:33
Excerpt from the following article...

"In March 2003, a more comedic stage version entitled "Sakura Butai" was performed in a three-week run at Tokyo's Meiji-za theater with much the same cast as the television show."

Not sure if anyone from Japan will see this but I was wondering if you can tell me how the theater version of Sakura ends.
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NHK 2005/3/9 01:36
i am interested in working for any Japanese TV station, but i don't speak Japanese. I come from a 10 year of tv production experience in New York. What is the best way of getting a job at NHK or any other television production company in Japan?
thank you for reading this.
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Dont know about working in Japan... 2005/3/9 06:01
Hi Vee,
I'm sorry I dont know anything about getting a job in Japan. Just wanted to post a forum to discuss the NHK Sakura series which aired in Japan in 2002.

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Sakura 2005/3/9 11:10
my email is , does anyone know what happens in the series can give me a summary. E-mail me plz. Thanxs
I watch it on WNYE, and look forward to it every weekend
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e-mail 2005/3/9 11:13
sorry my e-mail didnt show up in the above one, its:
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Sakura synposis 2005/3/10 04:42
Hi Sara,
I'm in Ca so I already saw the whole series. What episode are you on?

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Sakura 2005/3/11 10:24
Hi Susie the article was interesting, hard to belive they interviewed 2,512 women to play Sukara. She is very sweet but her acting is over the top. I'm dying to ask you what happens next but that would spoil it. I do hope it moves alittle faster in the romance department.
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sakura 2005/3/11 13:28
Hi, I am also in NYC and have been watching every Sunday for a couple of months. My Japanese teacher told me about it. I watch to help my study of Japanese.
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Sakura 2005/3/15 09:32
Hi Brenda,
Wasn't the article interesting? To me the format now makes sense(15 mins only). I'll tell you this circumstances arise where Katsuragi is very supportive of her. That is when things begin to change. :D

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Just my 2 cents.... 2005/3/15 12:34
I watched Sakura when it was playing in SF. Although I enjoyed it, there were times when I thought it represented Japanese Americans very poorly. Not so much of the language, but rather some actions and depictions. Being a sansei and having visited Japan several times, many things were just not realistic. But it's TV, so you can't take it too seriously.

Yes, I did take a look at the essay...but man, it was long! I skimmed it....
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Weekly Sakura Watcher 2005/3/15 12:36
I have watched the "Sakura" series every Sunday night since it began airing on WNYE. I have to admit that the character of Sakura got on my last nerve in the beginning, but instead of focusing on her limited acting skills I am enjoying the other characters in this series. I also like learning anything I can about Japanese culture. I missed the March 13, 2005 episode...Can anyone fill me in? Did Sakura kick Robby to the curb yet? Was the Tofu restaurant saved? Has the Home Room/Gym teacher shown his true feelings for Sakura yet? This curious mind would like to know. Thanks!
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Sakura 2005/3/15 22:00
Hi Susie, i enjoyed last sunday's program at last things are starting to happen. Hi Aya, no she has'nt dumped Robby yet maybe next week. I thought it very funny when robert found Katsuragi in Sakura's room and he did'nt know what to do so he kept eating his banana. He is a pretty good actor,
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a banana hmmm???? 2005/3/15 23:24
So not too Fruedian with Robby eating the banana hmmmm? Thanks Benda for the info. So did the tofu restaurant close? I do like Katsuragi more and more. When is Sakura going to wake up and smell the coffee or green tea?

So MY or anyone else, what exactly is inaccurate or offensive in the depictions of the Japanese Americans in this show? I have no way of knowing. I do know that I thought that Sakura's sister's actions towards Sowada were completely over-the-top.
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Sakura 2005/3/15 23:57
Hi Aya, sorry I didn't make it clear it was Katsuragi who was eating the banana. It was very awkward for him, he played it well. I also thought Sakura's sister's actions toward Sowada was over the top.It was child like.
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Katsuragi and Robby 2005/3/16 00:55
Hi Brenda,
Thanks for clearing up the banana confusion. I get confused easily. LOL! Robby is a little too stiff for my taste and Katsuragi is becoming more patient and warm hearted. I also like all the Grandparents in this series. I particularly enjoy looking at the eyes of the man who owns the tofu restaurant. Ohhh what a strong face with such soft soulful eyes! Sorry I am not good at remembering the name's of the characters.
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Sakura 2005/3/16 03:51
It makes me really happy to see so many people posting on Sakura! Currently I'm watching Sakura for the second time because I ordered the disks from an online dorama trader. It finished airing in the Bay Area in October of 2004 and I think it finished in LA in 2003(they played it 5 days a week).

I think some of the inaccuracies may be the level of language ability Sakura has for a yonsei. I'm 2nd generation Chinese American and my language is skill is ok but not fluent. My sansei japanese american friends can't speak too well and have told me that maintaining the language is difficult.

If you guys have time to read the entire article, I think you'll understand the problems japanese american have the series and you'll understand the series format in general. For instance, the NHK morning drama(Sakura, Churasan,etc) is meant to encourage nationalism, tourism and usually focuses on a woman that needs to overcome adversity and that its primary audience is housewives and families so its not too shocking or offensive.

Hope all of you guys enjoy the rest of the series. :D
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Love Katsuragi-sensei? :D 2005/3/16 03:59
Well after I watched Sakura I really started to like the actor who plays him Yukiyoshi Ozawa(He's the son of the famous conductor Seiji Ozawa who was the Boston Sympony conductor for over 10 years).

Here's a link to a drama he was in recently. Click on movie with for an interview with him.

He's also in a taiga drama playing in Japan right now. Its also playing in SF now...its called Yoshitsune
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Thanks Susie! 2005/3/16 04:01
Hello Susie, Thank you very much for starting this thread. I appreciate it. I have not read the article yet. I will. I like "Sakura" for depicting strong family ties and also for showing the morals and values among the school and restaurant friendships. Yes sometimes I get tired of seeing the same repetitive facial expressions on Sakura, but I figure that is how the production company and director wanted her to act.
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Sakura 2005/3/16 04:21
Hi Aya,
No problem. I'm really glad to discuss the drama with other people who will listen. :D

Yes I agree. I think Sakura is a supposed to be that perky. :D Her acting doesnt bother me...I think she a cute. I also like the values they teach each week. Not sure if you guys have watched the episodes on Japanese entrance exams yet but I thought that lesson was interesting. Nothing gained without adversity.
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