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Dual citizenship with 2 passports (Japan/US) 2018/1/27 20:43
I am a dual citizenship with both Japan/US passports and was born in Okinawa.
I apologize in advance if this is confusing but I can't find any information that's recent & with experiences from people who are older than 22.

I moved to the states last year (from Okinawa) to join my husband as he's in the military and stationed out here now. He is about to deploy and we decided it would be better for me to just go back to Okinawa to stay with my family for 4 months. I know it's not a long time but I figured it would be easier to just use my JP passport since it seems kind of sketchy using US passport to try to leave the country for a couple days to come back and renew the tourist visa. I've seen a lot of articles/forums about this and I know everyones experience is different but I have a question...
Does the passport you give at the airline check in have to match immigration of the destination you're going to?
ie. US airline check in - JP passport
JP immigration - JP passport

Also, for leaving Japan...
Last year when I left Okinawa, we left Okinawa - Taiwan - San Francisco. I had a VERY hard time at flight check in (in Okinawa) because I was using my US passport and since I never left Okinawa even after my SOFA status expired, the people from the check in gave me a hard time and made me talk to immigration right away. It all worked out in the end because the immigration person saw that my husband was active duty military...but I'm wondering if the airline check in people will say anything when I try to leave Japan later because technically, I was stamped out but if I'm using my JP passport to go back to Japan...I won't have a reentry stamp in my US passport. Or was it just a problem because I was flying through Taiwan? I'm going to try to get direct flights into the US this time but since I've never dealt with anything like this, I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight.

Thank you
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Re: Dual citizenship with 2 passports (Japan/US) 2018/1/28 12:35
If you have a Japanese and US passport, you should use the Japanese passport to enter and leave Japan, and you should use the US passport to enter and leave the USA. It's that simple. If you do otherwise, you could get in some serious trouble.

Lots of people with two (or more) citizenships who are past the age of 22 keep their Japanese citizenship. However, you may find that the TAX burdens of keeping both citizenships, including the financial account reporting requirements (eg: FBAR), are such a burden that it's worth giving up one or the other, especially as you get older and have more income and assets to report.

By the way, Japan now even has their FBAR-like form for reporting overseas assets in excess of a certain amount.

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Re: Dual citizenship with 2 passports (Japan/US) 2018/1/28 17:56
At each immigration counter - use that passport and have the other one ready to show if asked. The airline ticket just needs to match one of them - but at checkin be prepared to give both names and passport numbers if asked.

If flying from Japan to a non-US destination, and back - just use your Japanese passport for checkin and immigration at all stops. Similar if leaving and returning to the US for a non-Japan country - just use your US passport.
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