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Best Economical SIM Card for Japan? 2019/3/21 14:24
Hi all,
I'm planning to go to Japan again this summer and this time I will be taking an unlocked iphone with me and looking into the best way to be online. I have looked at many previous posts but many are years old. I could use either a pocket wi-fi or data SIM card. The latter seems to be more convenient - don't need to recharge it and less to carry around. I only need data for exchanging some messages with family (definitely will need to do this a lot on some days) as well as google maps and some other things - not too demanding but from what I can see, just using a little bit seems to rack up a lot of megabytes. I will need the net access for about a month. At night I can probably use the hotel wi-fi.
I've looked at various places and their prices, and from what I can see a pocket wi-fi seems to be about 900 yen per day. The best data SIM I can find is about 7500 yen by Mobal (mentioned by Tokyo Cheapo)
for unlimited data use. May be way more than what I need but if it's available, then fine. Another link I found was some international SIM that costs 3 US cents per megabyte for Japan, but I've never heard of them til now. Might come out as less but I don't really know. I've also heard that places like Bic Camera have their own cheap SIM cards but can't really find any info.

Does anybody have any better deals or am I missing something?

by atochie  

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