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Prepaid SIM cards in Japan? 2019/7/24 03:38
Hi there. I'll be moving to Japan in less than a month from here on, and wanted to know whether prepaid SIM cards are available in Japan for purchase instead of lengthy contracts. I use a prepaid SIM card in Germany, thus I'd like to continue using one once in Japan as they are simpler to manage and I can simply charge money on it whenever I want/need to.

by ooochanya  

Re: Prepaid SIM cards in Japan? 2019/7/24 13:23

Just go to a Bic camera or similar shop and theyfll explain you what they have.
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Re: Prepaid SIM cards in Japan? 2019/7/25 07:41
Hi ooochanya. I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for over a decade.
Let me answer to your question.

As LikeBike said to you, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card at physical stores, including convenience stores everywhere in Japan.

To grab a summary of it, I just put one useful page to choose yours from a bunch of options.

Where to Buy A Prepaid SIM Card in Japan

More to that, this kind of article might help you some.

Comprehensive Lists of Prepaid SIM Cards Sold at Convenience Stores at Narita Airport (2018 April Edition)

Hope you'll have a wonderful experience in Japan.
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Re: Prepaid SIM cards in Japan? 2019/8/2 16:57
Hi there!

I bought a SIM card for my trip but not in Japan. I bought mine online because I didn't know that I could buy it once I was there. I had many doubts about it, but this https://www.jrailpass.com/faq#sim-card helped me to solve some doubts before deciding if a SIM card would work for me.

Hope this information helps you!
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