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Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/9 18:20
Hi there,

as the title suggests, I'm looking for tips to washing my laundry in Japan. I recently moved into my own apartment in Bunkyo and will have a washing machine installed next week. Since the water used to wash the clothing is cold, I wanted to know any tips or tricks to achieve the same thoroughly cleaned result to laundry washed in central European countries (Germany for me).

This may be an odd question, but I've found that using the same amount of powder or detergent (it's a lot, I won't deny) in Europe in Japan usually leaves back small disgusting powdery flakes/marks all over my clothing including an odd scent I can't quite pinpoint.

Any tips to washing it and having it smell very good would be much appreciated. Again, super sorry this may be an odd question, I'm already bracing myself for criticism.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/9 19:15
I donft know exactly which flakes/scent you have problems with, but you might try using liquid detergent – just dissolves/mixes better in cold water.
Also Ifve heard some people use the washing machine (particularly the top-open type, as against drum type with the door opening on the side) as dirty laundry storage, and keep the lid closed while not in use. That could cause the moisture in the machine to form mold, so keep the lid open when not in use.
Also if you think the smell might be coming from mold (after a few months of use, that is – not with a new washing machine), try de-molding agent sold at drugstores :)
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/9 19:42
Some washing machine models have a hose that comes with it that allows it to use bath water for the wash cycle, thereby not only allowing you to reuse the bath water instead of just draining it, but also allows you to control the temperature of the wash as well if you heat the water up before using it. If it doesn't have that, but it's a top loader, you can still do a hot wash by manually adding buckets of hot water if a hot wash is really necessary.

Be sure to hang the laundry out in the sun as much as possible when drying it, or barring that, in a place that gets dry air such as a room with an air conditioner. That smell often comes from mold due to dampness lasting a long time which allows the mold to grow, and regular washing often doesn't get it out. There are special kinds of detergent made specifically for it, but I just do a presoak in oxyclean (which I get at Costco but I think you can find it online too) and rarely have a problem with it. Be sure to also clean your washing machine regularly, and I recommend leaving the lid to the drum open to let it air dry a bit. Plus as AK said, don't use it to store your dirty stuff unless you don't have a choice.

Also, a lot of weather apps (like tenki.jp) have a specific symbol in the daily forecast that tells you if it's a good idea to hang out laundry that day, so remember to check the weather conditions before doing your laundry if possible.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/10 01:07
I hear you. I still remember my face 25 years ago when the property manager where I was living then told me that there was no temperature to select from.

Now, I know from some German friends that actually there are now some washing machines in Japan that can wash with warm water. If you havenft bought yet a washing machine, you might want to look for those. They DO exist.

Apart from that, yeah, liquid detergent or detergent pads would be one way to go and hanging stuff to dry outside as much as possible is the second thing to do.

Also donft leave washed things in the washing machine once it is finished and donft use the washing machine as a basket fit your dirty laundry.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/10 02:01
If you get a top-loader style washer, you can turn off the machine in the middle of a wash cycle and let it soak in soapy water. Do it for 15 to 30 minutes, and turn it back on.

Aside from that, Japanese laundry detergents are designed to work in cold water, so I would use them (instead of using foreign brands).
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/10 09:06
follow the instructions of machine and the usage of detergent.
Japanese laundry detergent is dissolved in cold water.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/10 09:31
Washing in cold water is quite normal - especially if you have a detergent that is designed for it.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/12 07:22
I see no issue washing in cold water. I do it at home in Australia to save power/money.

Water temp wont effect 'nice' smells. Detergents will. Buy a 'nice' smelling liquid detergent.
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Re: Tips for washing laundry in Japan? 2020/1/13 03:02
As suggested, try washing the machine itself by using a "sentakusou cleaner wN[i[". And if that doesn't work, try washing or rinsing your laundry with vinegar. Instead of food vinegar, you can throw into the machine about a teaspoon full of citric acid (ku-en-san NG_) sold at drug stores.
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