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Finding adult daughter 2020/1/14 14:04
While I was in the USMC my wife and I divorced. We were stationed in California at that time. My daughter was young. I finally heard from my daughter several years ago through Facebook. Things were going great and suddenly nothing. Her mother wonft tell me anything. Her brother said she moved with a boyfriend. KiKi will be 21 in March. My wife and I would love to find her simply to see if shefs alright. Wefd love to pick up where we left off. We want her in our life. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
by Mitch (guest)  

Re: Help finding adult daughter 2020/1/14 16:41
The brother won't give you any information? Sounds like you're in contact with him. Are you in contact with anyone else in Japan? Old mutual friends from when you were married, etc?
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Re: Help finding adult daughter 2020/1/16 16:21
Would you like to be relieved? If you make an appointment that you will not meet, your brother will let you know about your daughter.
Your daughter is 21 years old. She is an adult. A world without you is complete. Do you need a storm now? Please be patient. You are better off completing the world on your side.
When I was 10, my father died of illness, but I didn't need a father. I don't need it because I usually have no father. I was not unhappy. This is only my opinion.
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Re: Help finding adult daughter 2020/1/21 08:56
@Teruhiko Just because you didn't need a father doesn't mean anything relatable to what the OP asked. His daughter suddenly stopped contacts, so he's right to worry about her. She's only 21. She still has a life full of hardships ahead of her. The more people she has to support her, the better. If she truly wants to cut them out of her life, well, say it to his face like an adult.

@Mitch Is your daughter in Japan? How come no one else wants to tell you anything. Try to hire a detective to see if he can trace down her whereabouts.
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