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NHK Churasan Series 2005/10/14 11:47
I'm going to start this forum for the new Churasan series in NY so that anyone searching may end up here.

However, as many Sakura devotees may wish to continue posting in the warm familiar ambience of the Sakura forum, be sure to check that forum also for Churasan related comments:

by Ralph Moratz  

Some Churasan Pictures 2005/10/15 02:56
There are some Churasan pictures (including Goya Man) at the following site:

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NHK Top Requested Program Rankings 2005/10/15 08:40
matt wrote:
Who knows how great this new show is?

Ralph wrote:
Well, for me, Churasan has to be the number one greatest ever asadora.

Crying Out Love has to be the number 1 greatest short drama series ever.
Sakura is my number 2 greatest asadora and Honma Mon is my number 3 greatest asadora ever.

I wrote:
As discussed in the Useful J-Drama Links topic [on CJKDramas.com], Churasan came in #1 in NHK's list of shows viewers would like to see again. (That's #1 period, not just #1 amongst morning dramas or even just amongst dramas.)
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ccwf...question for you 2005/10/15 12:12
I've only seen a few of the last episodes of Churasan, so I'm really excited about seeing the complete first series.

I was wondering if you have seen the second and third series of Churasan. I don't think they are as long as the first series, but I really want to know what happens after the ending of the first series. I know we can't discuss it here, but maybe you'll put something in a time capsule for a year hence, and then we can all find out. It doesn't look like they're available with English subtitles.

Also, I never thanked you for telling me why the television programs I saw in Japan were of a quality so much lower than that which I had come to expect having seen MBS and Sakura. Now it makes sense...the good stuff you have to pay for!

Thanks for that and all the other interesting information you post.
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reply to Harriet 2005/10/16 12:34
2nd and third series? By Hachiman's katana, how much of an investment in time are we making here? **grin**
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2nd and 3rd Churasan series 2005/10/16 15:06
These are only the short dorama variety I think around 5 or 8 1 hour episodes in each series.
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Thanks Ralph! 2005/10/16 23:49
Hi All,

Thanks Ralph for starting this thread. I really appreciate it.

If you live in the NY tri-state area the Churasan series is starting today Sunday Oct 16, 2005. Here is the e-mail letter many of us got from Entel-TV recently to inform us of this series:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today, we are please to announce that Entel Communication Inc. will
start broadcasting the Japanese Program every Sunday at WNYE as below;

Starting date: October 16, Sunday
Time: 2-3pm

Our program contains the following three segments;
1.Site Checker (information about NYC)
2.New Drama, gChurasanh
The New drama gChurasanh chronicles the life of the heroine from birth
through marriage, childbirth, and living in the city of Tokyo. The story
follows them home to Kohama Island, and her roots, as they give back to
those in the community her came from.
3.Japan Topic (information about Japan)

You can also check out the information on our web site at www.entel-tv.com.

Happy Churasan Day Everyone!!!! :D
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HAPPY CHURASAN DAY! 2005/10/17 02:15
Hi Aya!! Ralph!! Harriet!! I've MISSED you!

I'm so happy today! ok. I'm off to the store for snax, and I'm sure I'll see ya'll here after the show.

Happy watching/snacking!
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OH! 2005/10/17 02:56
And I can't forget you, LaoWombat!!! How I've missed your singing. :o)

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I LOVED it 2005/10/17 04:01
What can I say? One episode and I'm hooked. I truly enjoyed the budding characters and their relationships. Looks like an amazing show, and I can already see why it was so popular.

I was so happy to hear the Entel theme song again! You all know how I loved that song. Sorta late-night talk show type of sound! And was it just me or was the picture quality better? Anyway, Thanks Entel!!

What do ya'll think?! I can't wait to read!

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the old crowd drifts back 2005/10/17 07:48
Oh my...it's so good to have the Sakura clan gathering for a new experience. By the third segment, I was hooked too. I know the asadoras have an element of Japanese cultural enrichment, and I'm glad they started right in on that, because I like to get it over with and get on to the relationships!

So I'll learn about Okinawa, it's language, traditions, food, history, songs, dances, and then I hope to find out what happens with Eri, Fumiya, and Kazuya!

zEn...you mention snacks...I think for next week I will try to get bitter gourd, but if not, my usual popcorn will have to do. I was wondering, zEn, where you were, and I'm glad to see you back. It's funny how Entel has acted like a college alumni society, sending out messages that bring us all back together.

I see that Olympus has not updated its water torture camera commercial, but now instead of finding it irritating, it has become a soothing reminder that after every ending, there's a beginning.

I think Eri is a very good character...very upbeat and friendly...she wants to make everybody happy (except her kid brother). I always like seeing characters start out as children and watch them grow up, because you understand them better later on.

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Episode # 1 2005/10/17 09:22
Hi All,

All I gotta say is....LOVED IT!!!!! Now this series has already captured my heart. Loved all the actors, esp. Granny. Everyone was perfectly cast. I also find I enjoy voiceovers done by an older person. Something aboutthat is very touching. Harriet, I too enjoy watching a show where the charactes grow up. I've always been curious about Okinawan culture. This show is right up my alley.

It is soo good seeing the old gang here again. Hi zEn. Hi old timers and newcomers.

My snacks this week were not the healhiest. Ate potato chips while drinking a Dark & Stormy (black rum & Jamaican ginger beer). In honor of all that rain we had recently. LOL! Yea I was doing my Ladies Who Lunch routine. Next week I'll have to watch it later after I tape it. So my snacks will probably be my dinner.

Can't wait to see the next episode. Thank you Entel-TV!!!!
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MINNA 2005/10/17 09:46
I'm glad all of you seemed to like it so far. But just wait. This series gets better and better and better. You are in for a delightful mix of super interesting characters as in no other series.
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Good Show 2005/10/17 09:58
I liked it as well. Plus I am also watching Crying out Loud on Public Access TV Friday nights. The best thing is that I am seeing them from the first episode whereas with Sakura I came in about one-third through.
Thanks, Ralph, for setting up the new posting area. Nice to see the old, familiar names here.....
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I watched it 2005/10/17 10:08
at 2 , I ran home to try to tape it but it was too late to figure out my VCR/DVD so I watched it and Im hooked so far, even tho I looked at the link abluve to pictures and found somethings out about the show (GASP!) but I cant wait until next week!!
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Mara re crying out love 2005/10/17 10:18
I know it's off topic but I wonder how you like Crying Out Love in the Center of the World so far.
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Crying Out Love 2005/10/17 11:34
Ralph, I just noticed I wrote Crying out loud instead of Crying out love in my post above. Anyway I really like it. The plot is interesting so far - the whole thing with the grandpa and the bone in the cemetery and then Saku - is that his name - walking around with the bone of the young lady. Yes, a very good drama....
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Churasan 2005/10/17 12:47
harriet wrote:
I was wondering if you have seen the second and third series of Churasan

Sadly, no, I never have. My Japanese is not good enough to attempt watching unsubbed series on a regular basis.

Also, many years ago, there used to be a fantastic Churasan site with episode summaries in English. Sadly, I have no idea what the URL used to be, so I can't search for it in archive.org. If anyone knows, please post it!
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Full Forum 2005/10/18 03:01
Glad to have the original crew back - the people I ran into while looking for info on Sakura!!

drip, dwap, I am gald to have that song and Olympus back!!

I have recruited my Mother to watch this show, too! She enjoyed it as well as the clips at the end.

I am hoping that Okinawa will be good for Kazuya, improving his health. I like his mother and his brother, too. That Dad is cheeky, and I don't mean dimpled! Nice for him to show Kazuya how to play the banjo.
Now you just knew Eri was going to fall out of that tree, right? I didn't see Kazuya breaking her fall, tho!

The area of Okinawa is so pretty. I'm thinking there wil be forumites visiting in the next year.

I'm wondering who will have more impact on Eri, Kazuya or Fumiya...Can't wait to find out in the ensuing weeks.
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roll call 2005/10/18 09:57
Hi guys, just wanted to check in to say I'm here with ya. First weekend of Churasan was a good one, and I wouldn't have known to watch it if not for you guys from the Sakura forum!
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