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1 Litre of Tears 2006/2/3 00:02
I've just watched a popular Japanese tv series called "1 Litre of Tears". Oh my gosh, I think I've been crying for more than 1 liter of tears! That's the most touching and best TV series I've ever seen. I've been crying since watching the 1st episode til the last one........It's based on a true story. I wonder if anyone knows is there any English version of the original book out there online? I definitely want to read it.
by Akari  

English version 2006/2/6 07:13
I certainly hope there is a english version!!! I also want to buy the diary.
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the book... 2006/2/7 01:09
is the diary. of the mother and the daughter respectively, however names of her friends and associates in her diary are mostly replaced with alphabets to protect their privacy...
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... 2006/2/8 10:56
Why would you want to read the diary? You do know that this was a person's life right? Its not fiction. I downloaded a couple eps of that show and just about died. I can't watch that stuff...
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Hmm? 2006/2/8 12:48
Where did you snag the episodes at?
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Why I want to read the diary? 2006/2/9 04:06
B/c I want to learn more about the disease and how the patient and her family feel and how they deal w/ it.....every details....I am just curious. Since it's published for sale nationwide in Japan, there's no concern or worry about the privacy I think.......
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... 2006/2/11 12:27
Weird, I posted here a while ago but it seems to have been deleted. I guess I cannot post where I got the eps... Just search around on google for J-drama, and you'll find lots of sites (one in particular ^_^) that you can DL from. You just need a bittorrent client (bittornado is recomended).

Well, I can't watch or read that stuff. I'm a guy and I started to cry... don't tell anyone -_-.

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Yeah 2006/2/11 14:51
Yeah I know..saying that kind of info usually gets taken off kind of fast. Just doing a search is the best advice for most. Thanks for trying to help. I know there is some way to get bittorent to work on my machine so I'll give it a go.

Yeah I'm a guy too and the only way I can watch that stuff is if I have my girlfriend next to me otherwise I'm a reck ha ha.

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Here! 2006/3/12 17:31
You can see it for free on www.youtube.com! Just search for it there, and you´ll find loads!
You can´t download it though, only see...
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Nice 2006/3/12 18:41
That's cool. Thanks for the info Mimi ^_^
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If you have a win... program 2006/3/18 08:05
hey you guys and gal,

I have watched this series three times now and every time I cry even more because I can make a personal connection to it. It is ok to cry. I am a male and cried and felt much better and now I am living better and helping others no matter what.
If you have a Wina.. program on your PC you can watch the stream coming from www.aznv.tv. At this site you can watch all the dramas for a minimal monthly fee. There is also a free grace (trial) period.

And if you get to know where to look, you can find a program to rip the episodes individually or in one long episode. I have done this for many Korean and Japanese drama series. The cool thing is that they are all subtitled in English. :) ;) If you want to know more drop me a line at bigone123@collegeclub.com
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Curios 2006/3/18 14:37
I can see that the people here are big fans of the series (1 liter of tears) and I was curios how many of you have seen "Crying out love in the center of the world" and comparing the two wich one do you faver? I'm curios since I am a big fan of "Crying out love" and was wondering if spending the money to get "1 liter of tears" would be worth it.
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reponse to last post 2006/3/20 10:11
i download winamp and it has internt tv. click ml and in genre u scroll to asian. i'm watching 1 litre ight now in english subtitles and i cant stop crying.
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To Patricia 2006/3/20 17:10
Hey, what´s the name of that tv-station that shows 1 litre of tears? I can´t find it in the genre "asian"..
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Answer to Mame, 2006/3/20 17:25
do you see my email address 3 messages above? email me and I'll tell you what you need to watch 1 liter of tears. :)
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to Dave 2006/3/21 05:53
I think you can't really compare "1 Litre" w/ "Crying out love".....One is movie, another is TV series. "1 Litre" as a TV series is much longer than the movie and so the story is more detailed.....And one more focus on boy-girl love, whereas "1 Litre" focus more on family love and friendship. Well, it does have boy-girl love too....since it's 11 episodes tv series, it can cover everything......Anyway, just want to tell you it's worth to spend money on this drama. The story is great, the actors are great, the theme song is excellent, and so is the background music. One of the best drama of the year.
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Capture all dramas and movies. 2006/3/21 07:57
I know an easy way to capture (rip) all the dramas and the movies in where you watch them (mentioned above).
drop me a line. :) Happy viewing and ripping.
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Sudden impact. Arigato!!! 2006/3/23 22:33
I was just searching something in winamp to watch and pss my time. And this 1 litre of tears cme up.I must admit that its more than 1 litre of tears though i am guy (not gay;)but the tears come naturally while watching the series. The best thing is how she accept the desease n lived on not to mention the support willingly given by her loving family members n others. Truely amazing. I start wondering what if it's me; how would I handle?
I watched the series till 3 am morning and m watching it again. Can't stop it wtching nd the tears too!
Hatts to the brve girl. It lso chnges my thoughts on others n mself in positve way of course; ARIGATO.
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To: Akari 2006/3/23 22:54
Hey Akari,
Actually "Crying out love" was also a television series. 11 episodes the same as "1 litre" and the TV series for "Crying out love" was (in my opinion) a whole lot better, because like you said the TV series can draw it out a lot more and get more in depth with story and characters. I'm a huge fan of it, along with my girlfriend. I think because it is so heavely about a boy and girl relationship, and a lot of the situations they have or are in are very similer to the two of us. So..when I watch it I see her.

But yeah I think I am definitly going to check out 1 litre. First just watch it using a method someone here brought up. Then probably find one I can buy to enjoy easier on my TV and share with others.

Also I really want to get it to compare between the two TV series. My girlfriends never seen "1 litre" so it will be interesting not having any knowledge ahead of time.
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Watch out for pirated DVD or VCDs. 2006/3/24 13:51
Hey Dave, is it me "a method someone brought up in here" you told Akari about?

You need to watch it of course, but you will get hooked to "1 Liter of tears". I still watch it and find things that are not very obvious in the first or second run. The great moments that this wonderful girl had to go through all ALONE.

I'd like to warn all the Asian-Drama-lovers that some pirated versions of these videos are out, but they have low quality for your buck and also, some are dubbed (translated and spoken) in Chinese only. So even if you buy it from hand or online, you need to be careful. My Korean friends bought a Korean drama online (I don't know which on and where from) but the DVD turned out to be in poor quality and in Chinese. Total waste of money.

My method works very well and it has great quality (200 KBPS). of course you can't get 500 or over KBPS for free, eh! ;) :)

Sorry I can't post my method in here, but I told Dave because he emailed and asked me. My email address is somewhere in this page. :) You can also find me at www.aznv.tv (forums, as “aznvtvlover”) You need to become a member and also be able to watch these dramas there.

Long live Asian dramas and Asian ladies. BOOOOOOOOOO! to Hollywood crap. :)

Peace and LOVE to all.
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