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Adult Shops in Tokyo? Best places? 2006/8/28 13:23
I'll be coming to Tokyo soon for the first time. Believe or not, I'm a former safe sex and alternative sex educator (although still intensely fascinated by the issues). My interest in sexual health and practices is actually more educational than anything else. I know of the sex museum, but I'm wondering where the locals shop for adult toys and costumes? I'd like to see what's available, what's common, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.

I know how to find addresses on maps etc., so I'm okay with that. Thanks again.


by Xandria  

Ms 2006/8/29 08:18

I would definitely recommend checking out Ms next to Akihabara station.
(1-15-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku) You can't miss the 5-storey building with suggestive costumes and stuff in the windows.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Thank you 2006/8/29 13:31
Just wanted to thank you for your response. That's great. There's tonnes of shops around there I'd like to check out so that's perfect. Cheers!
by Xandria rate this post as useful

Ms 2006/8/29 15:03

I've been there myself, and it's a fun place selling just about anything you could think of. While it isn't somewhere you would take your grandmother (probably), you see couples and single females there, so it's not like some of the seedy shops for salarymen you might find elsewhere.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Ms 2006/9/5 13:52
Hey Dave,
Do you know whether there are any Adult Shops in Okinawa, Japan? I tried the website that you had posted, but details are in Japanese!!
by sisira P rate this post as useful

Okinawa 2006/9/5 14:51

The Ms chain I mentioned only seems to have shops in the Tokyo area. I've never been to Okinawa, so I'm afraid I can't help there.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Thank U 2006/9/5 15:15
Thanks Dave.
by sisira P rate this post as useful

ooh 2006/11/1 17:32
anyone know of any of these kinda shops near Nagasaki?
Long shot, but hey....
by jan rate this post as useful

? 2006/11/6 21:46
does anyone have directions to the akihabara shop? the map isn't very helpful. Which exit do i take from thejr station, and how far do i walk? is it beyond the radio kaikan building?
by saus rate this post as useful

M's 2006/11/6 22:52

You need to go out of the Electric Town exit and follow the Yamanote Line south for about 50 metres. It's closer to the station than the Radio Kaikan building.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

M's in Aki 2006/11/6 22:57
You can't miss Ms in Aki. Its signage is huge and right there.

Now that I've returned I must express that I was hoping a bit more from Ms in terms of items and quality but I'd say they are on par with most average adult shops. I visited a few in Shinjuku, Shibuya etc. as well and was never once struck with "wow, that's awesome." However, that's not to say they won't have what others are looking for ;-)
by Xandria rate this post as useful

shinjuku 2006/11/7 07:13
i'm in shinjuku now. which shops are there here and in shibuya? i havent seen any.
by Saus rate this post as useful

Shinjuku-ku 2007/8/19 20:32
there is a MS store in shinjuku-ku. i haven't been there, but this is the address:

The Tokyo Shinjuku Ku west Shinjuku 1-14-2 Kojima building B1F - 4F

If anyone knows where this is, please let me know.
by Alli rate this post as useful

please help 2008/1/22 16:00
can anyone know the exact location of Ms store or the telephone numberin shinjuku by the way i leave in kodaira-shi nakamachi, i saw some adds Don Quijote same adult store in saitama, please if anyone knows there contact number please reply to me here or in my e-mail add dubai_bi@yahoo..thanks bryan
by bryan rate this post as useful

M's 2008/1/22 16:30

Despite what the person above wrote, there's no mention of a store in Shinjuku on the M's website...

But I'm sure if you wander round Kabukicho you can find plenty of other similar places. :-o
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

sex shops in sapporo? 2008/12/14 14:17
Anynoe know of sex shops in sapporo?
by slimon rate this post as useful

BDSM? 2010/1/25 00:08
Does anyone know of Bondage places near or in Yokosuka?
by Miwa (guest) rate this post as useful

Miwa 2010/11/21 19:06
are you still looking for something in yokosuka?
by Me (guest) rate this post as useful

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