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Tokyo Bars 2003/10/24 15:02
I have been told that there are some great bars in Tokyo. One that I was referred to was the Club Kiss Mint in Kabukicho. Can anyone give me a rundown on what type of bar it is and if it is OK?
by akka  

I'd be careful 2003/10/24 23:29
...of any bar in Kabukicho...
by kyarinchan rate this post as useful

The host club Kiss MINT? 2003/10/24 23:55
I just did a quick check on the internet but is this a "host club"? A "Club Kiss MINT (aka club KISS Men's In Night Time) of Kabukicho seems to have been featured in a prime time news show on "host club murder - it's hidden situations" along with two other clubs. Of course, it was probably shown as one of the safer clubs who know all about that world (considering that their address and phone are mentioned on the show's website), but host clubs are known to be very expensive. Rich bar women go there with bundles of 10000 yen bills to hand to handsome men in suits who have a reputation of being IQ=0. Although someone just wrote a book on "how to enjoy host clubs with only 5000 yen". Have fun on your own risk. If you're a man, take a lady with you.
by Uco rate this post as useful

careful 2003/10/26 00:40
Host-club cost much more than 100000 yen.
Be careful!
by mairei rate this post as useful

Confused 2003/10/27 14:14
I respond to Uco's comments. Does this mean that it is a bar for bar girls trying to find trade or is it a bar for girls looking for partners or is it a bar for men looking for bar girls? I do have a phone number for the place (from a business card) - 3205 7767 or 3205 7797 - do they match the ones you found on the internet? Can you explain why bar girls would go thete to throw around Y10,000 notes at monkeys (men in suits with IQ=0). What do you mean by rich bar girls - why would they go there. Also, I am a man - why would I want to go there with my girlfriend? You really have me curious.
by Akka rate this post as useful

I think I've got it!!!! 2003/10/27 18:06
Please tell me if I have it right. The Club Kiss MINT is a host bar where desperate girls go to talk to me. Why do I think this? I found a web site of the same name and all the staff appear to be men (or toy boys in most instances). Am I right?
by Akka rate this post as useful

Host clubs are... 2003/10/27 18:08
Yes, Akka, the phone number is the same. I saw the number in this Japanese news show site.

Host clubs are night clubs where you go to have a drink, but the treat is that handsome young men will come to your seat and entertain you by having conversation. It's designed so that women can have a good time feeling like they're having a date or something. It is not really designed for men to go and have a man to man conversation, or for homosexuals. There are other bars for homosexuals and for ordinary non-date conversations.

The "hosts" are to be very tactic on saying things that make women feel like they're in heaven (it's not plain flattering). Of course I've never been to a host club, but I understand that you can get addicted to it, and there are certain women who like to go there often. However, there is a charge for having a host, additional charge for requesting a certain host, and this will escalate to over-pricing tips, and off-business dates will require buying expensive clothes or even cars for the hosts. So it usually ends up that bar hostesses who can earn a lot of cash and don't have to worry about jealous boyfriends go there often. So if you're a man and you go alone or with your male friends, you nor the hosts won't be able to enjoy it, worse you might not be allowed inside. But if you take a lady friend, you can watch her being entertained and you might be able to join the conversation.

I hope this answers your question. Btw, you have plenty of options in Kabukicho from sex salons, porno shops, ordinary hostess bars, homosexual bars, you name it. But like Kyarinchan said, Kabukicho is full of nasty clubs with gangsters in the back that will make you pay more than you deserve. Be sure you have a very reliable guide if you don't want to loose all your money.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Thanks 2003/10/27 18:18
My thanks to you Uco. You have saved me from a potentially embarrassing situation. Hope to meet you again. If you want to know anything about Shanghai (my home) - just ask.
by Akka rate this post as useful

I need help 2004/6/14 15:52
I need help I want to be a host in Japan but I can't find any information. Can anyone please help me get a job as a host in Japan ? thanks !
by Vinh rate this post as useful

Host bar 2004/6/14 17:48
I am looking for a hostess bar where women talk to men and cuddle and dance. It is called Issa de Los Santos. It is in the Tokyo area. Has anyone heard of it?
by jennaE rate this post as useful

To Vinh 2004/6/14 21:28
I don't know how easy it is for non-Japanese men to find work like that, but I would guess Roppongi would be the place to start your research. I know there are many of foreign hostess bars there that use non-Asian women (Lucy Blackman RIP).
OK, so the pay is probably not as good, but some say that teaching English in Japan is not much different from being a host too. ;-)
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Host Vihn 2004/7/25 19:50
I just started hosting last week in Osaka. Yeah it is SERIOUSLY the same as teaching at a conversation school with the same crappy hours and airhead conversations, only everyone KNOWS shes not supposed to learn anything new, you dont have to prepare crap and you dont have an intelligent buisnessman next to her pissed off that hes not being taught what he paid to learn.

Anything work out for you Vihn? Theres major race discrimination in Japan, and it seems amplified in Hosting. Im told my bar is the only foreign host bar in Osaka. And despite being a foreign host bar there are tons of Japanese hosts there that rank higher than any of us. Man the ranking thing is harsh. Its not written but harsh. The waiter keeps on yelling at me for not filling iceboxes but Im a host not a waiter!
by Kieas rate this post as useful

To Kieas, 2004/7/25 21:06
so tell me how you got your visa, maybe entertainer visa.
I suppose. Everybody here would appreciate you kindness if you'd tell the procedures.
by pacman rate this post as useful

Visa 2004/7/25 22:22
Well one, everyone snakes around the laws by saying your a translator. I actually do that sometimes so they squeak by just like the clothing store I worked at.

Anyway any work visa will be fine, you just have to apply for special exceptions at the immigration office. It costs 4000 yen to apply so that stops people from wasting their time. As long as you do the curtosy of applying so the goverment keeps tabs on you they seem pretty relaxed about your visa classification.

Of course this is assuming that your asking a question and not trying to imply I should be deported :)
by Kieas rate this post as useful

Male escorts in Japan 2004/7/26 05:57
Kieas: interested to see what you put about being a foreign host in Osaka. Doesn't sound all that glamorous from what you wrote, but does it pay well?

By the way, have you looked into placing ads in Japanese magazines - to provide escort services to Japanese businesswomen?

From the year I've spent in Osaka so far, it's pretty clear to me that a western man would be a very popular dinner companion to rich, middle-aged Japanese women.


by Ted B rate this post as useful

Osaka 2004/7/26 11:31
Wow, thanks! Thats a great idea. Ill give that a try after I learn the ropes. I really fit the image that ladies seem to look for here so half my english students wind up asking for more the first month. I couldnt imagine asking for money but last time I happened my excuse was "Im a playboy and a host, you dont want me" and to my suprise she didnt even blink.

The glamor and the money are both tied into that rank thing. Its like a fraternity. That system applies to almost all Japanese groups (school clubs, companies, sports clubs). Read about sumo wrestlers lives or karate dojos; its the same thing.

So im the newguy so Im supposed to be treated like crap, and do lots of gruntwork. I guess at Japanese clubs the newguy cleans toilets! Hope they take off the Gucci clothes first! The money is also very commision based so its mediocre at first.

Even being new though it does feel glamorous. The club is beautiful, theres club music, everyone is dressed to impress, plenty of drinks, piles of cash passing by, dancing, karaoke... Its quite exciting.
by Kieas rate this post as useful

Osaka 2004/7/26 17:50
That does sound exciting. Although cleaning toilets is obviously not the best!

What's your Japanese like? I presume it's pretty good to be able to chat up Japanese women in a loud club...

It doesn't suprise me that the girl didn't blink after you told her you were a playboy and a host. Probably made her even more interested! In my experience nearly all Japanese women have a pre-defined image of western men as playboys, so you might as well go with the flow!

If you know any Japanese magazines around the Kansai area that tailor to a Japanese audience only (ie not Kansai Scene or Kansai Time Out), I'd be really interested.

I'm seriously thinking of setting up an up-market escort business providing western men to Japanese businesswomen in Osaka.

I know the demand is there. Just gotta brush up on my nihongo!



by Ted B rate this post as useful

Osaka 2004/7/26 22:29
Ill ask some people about the magazines for you. Im reading this one on Hosting I bought a while ago before I could read Kanji (january).

My Japanese is pretty good, improving it was the reason I came here, so english speaking jobs are pretty undesirable. Theres serious steriotyping so its hard for us to find non english jobs. Even the place I work at supports this theory and only targets people that can speak english. One guy can speak a little and hes automatically the most popular. Now Im there... well will just see whos the top three months from now.
I put in my email address here. Give me a mail. I think we can help eachother and if I cant get them to expand their thinking to include non english speaking customers in 6 months Im gonna try and freelance too.

by Kieas rate this post as useful

host club info 2004/8/28 12:52
ok, my brother's friend is a leading host at those host clubs and earns whopping 5,000,000yen a month! because it costs like stupid, a snack called pocky costs 5000 yen (whereas 150yen at 7eleven). I have seen this homeless boy getting recruited on the street as a host, funny he was so dirty with just one set of outfit, the next day he was wearing a nice suit. that is a different world inside the host club with bunch of sex workers (female customers) and gigolos only care for money. if you want to experience that zero-iq situation & just wanna drink and enjoy good looking plastic surface with below zero intelligence, way to go, girl.
by maiko rate this post as useful

Hostess=escort? 2004/8/30 02:15
I'm interested to work in Japan for an escort-service, I've heard a lot of stories about the money you can make as an europien girl. I have to make fast money for my education, how is the salary and how do I get in contact with serious bars/escort services?
by Johanna rate this post as useful

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