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Please Help (Drug reated) 2007/8/12 14:41
I went to a live house last night here in Kyoto and I had a few drinks--anyway, I wasn't on the top of my game. My friend gave me a pill and I took it without thought.

Anyway, I can't find any information on it anywhere. It was called Aka Dama (ԋ).

I'm concerned for my health and the effects of the drug; and it's even more worrisome that I can't find it anywhere online.
by PhilsterT  

... 2007/8/13 09:45
My google search tells me that AKADAMA is a nickname for a strong tranquilizer "BEGETAMIN A."
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Don't worry 2007/8/13 22:20
Akadama is a SHOYAKU (herb medicine) which works mildly for
your stomach and bowel.
And the medicine has a more than three hundred year history in Japan.

My mother often let me take them in my childhood.
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Akadama 2007/8/13 22:33

I'm sure you were just trying to be helpful, but when people talk about "Akadama" in clubs they aren't usually talking about the stomach medicine.
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Oops 2007/8/13 22:59
Thanks for your explanation, Dave.
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More help... 2007/8/14 14:51
Okay, well, maybe I need to clarify: it was a semi-strong drug, not herbal medicine.

I have very little memory of the night and my sense of time is completly distorted.

What did I take?
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. 2007/8/14 15:02
See the post by J-Lady.

If still not sure why not ask your "friend" what he gave you.
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. 2007/8/14 15:03
J Lady gave you the answer already...
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Akadama 2007/8/14 15:12

I'm no pharmacologist, but I believe J Lady gave the correct information.
The main ingredient is chlorpromazine, which has various side effects exacerbated by use with alcohol.
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To add 2007/8/14 15:16
Somehow there seem to be two substances often referred to as "akadama."

(1) "Vegetamin A." One that comes in red sugar-coated tablet (by Shionogi Pharmaceutical). It seems to be a rather strong tranquilizer, used to treat maniac/depression, etc.

(2) "Erimin." It can cause dependency, and it can cause aggressiveness, sleep-walking, hallucination, etc. (Erimin package is shown in the following site. The author of this page says he got this in "clubs.")
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soil 2007/8/14 16:02
More commonly known to me as the special clay like soil you use to grow bonsai trees in.
Hehe that wouldnt taste too good.. pretty sure thats not what you had :)
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How does it affect your body... 2007/8/16 16:39
If that is a tranquilizer it would not have had the same effects as speed would have on a person, right?

I heard that it was more likely speed: constant teeth chattering, constant moving, blurred vision, uneasy walking...

Are these also symptons of Vegetamin A? (I can't find that anywhere.)
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... 2007/8/16 16:50
Then it could have been "Erimin-5," another one I suggested as a possibility in my earlier post. It is discussed alongside Ecstacy; does that sound more like it? Did you check the above link to see if the shape was like that??
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for reliable information 2007/8/17 11:31

You can get more accurate info if you inquire to the public health center (hokenjo). Some of the ones in the big cities have English speakers.

There are also public English information services in big cities. Here is one in Kyoto;

They will not try to arrest you for making inquiries on drugs anyway, but you can just say that you need some general info and you don't have to say you used it.
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