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Japanese TV in US? 2007/8/30 11:18
is there an international Japanese channel, like NHK that can be accessed on US airways. Or the internet for that matter? I can't find a way to watch JP television.
by Toure  

. 2007/8/30 11:51
Yes, aside from Using the search function.

If you live in the NYC/Washington, DC/or in Hawaii areas you can pick up Japanese tv via cable. If not, then you'll need Satellite Television to pick up TV JAPAN.
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don't live near there =[ 2007/8/30 11:59
crap i don't live near there, ok do u or anyone else have a clue as to what satellite provider and/or channel that hosts JP broadcasting?
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. 2007/8/30 12:32
TV japan is distrubed through the DISH NETWORK and variouis cable companies:
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OOOOO =] 2007/8/30 12:51
oooh thanx. i have dish, it would be nice to be able to watch it on the internet though. =]
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. 2007/8/30 12:56
Well if you wanted to download Japanese dramas you can try www.d-addicts.com
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Or Sony LocationFree/etc/ it 2007/8/30 16:19
If you have a willing friend in Japan with a fast internet connection, you can simply send him a Sony LocationFree unit and/or any PC that's been setup to stream broadcasts over the net, and pay his electric bills.

You then get live TV you can control and watch anywhere in the world on your PC/portable.


Otherwise, nope. Not even on tvunetworks or other live streaming websites yet like pplive.
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Verizon 2007/8/31 11:55
On Verizon FiOS, we get TV Japan. It's quite pricey, $25.00 per month, but it's pretty good to stay connected.


Check with your content provider to see what they carry.

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