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Host clubs hire only Japanese men? 2008/4/15 03:23
As the title states; I'm interested in becoming a host in Japan, however I was wondering if such positions are open to any and all applicants, or are they all reserved strictly for Japanese. I'm asking because I'm still yet to see any hosts which wouldn't be Japanese...
by Michael  

male Host 2008/4/15 08:01
enter you question about male hosts in the "search this site" window. A previous thread on this subject showed that this is a poorly paid and dangerous job.
by Sensei 2 rate this post as useful

Male hosts 2008/4/15 08:36
Sensei 2 wrote:

A previous thread on this subject showed that this is a poorly paid and dangerous job.

Poorly paid? Hosts are usually pretty well paid. But as the OP already realizes, the openings for non-Japanese are extremely limited. Maybe he should try asking around in Roppongi?
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

How about this cafe? 2008/4/15 13:38
Many Japanese women don't understand English, so I haven't heard much about foreign host.
And I think sensei2 is right since new hosts' salary is quite low and most of them usually live in a small room with 2-4 co-workers.

How about Butler's cafe?
by Hanna rate this post as useful

no way 2008/4/15 16:23
there are a lot of foreign host in japan because not all the customers are japanese but it is an advantage to be able to speak japanese if your single its a bloody goldmine trust me i know and i've work with alot who's been in the business for years
and they are loaded email me if u have any questions
by eddie rate this post as useful

thanks for the responses 2008/4/16 06:39
thanks for the responses guys. I'm just asking since I'll go to Japan in maybe 6-7 month for school (where I'll be studying Japanese) and while there I think it'd be a pretty good job to work at nights to cover the school expenses - I mean if I make 3-4 million yen per year doing that (which seems to be on the very very low end of the salaries as a host) - I'd still be perfect since it would cover all school/living expenses...
by Michael rate this post as useful

. 2008/4/16 11:07
If you are under a student visa, you need to get permission from immigration office and you can work only a few hours/day as a part time job. Also the line of business you can engage is limited, certainly host/hostess is out of question.

Working illegal and getting deported would not be a nice experience especially if you'll be in Japan with a purpose of learning language...

Do choose something proper and safer if you need to work while studying in Japan.
by . rate this post as useful

safer? 2008/4/19 13:15
"...something proper and safer..."

oh? Is there something "dangerous" about being a host?

Do explain...
by Michael rate this post as useful

hosts 2008/4/19 14:31
look for a post about hosts in 2007. Some of the dangers are being beaten up and robbed by other jealous hosts or, worse, by yakuzas (gangsters) or being beaten up by clients or their jealous paramour or being forced to do unsafe stuff (if you think that you will make 4 millions yen a month just by looking cute and making small talk with a nice older lady or gentleman you are very very very naive)
by Sensei 2 rate this post as useful

... 2008/4/19 16:52
...something proper...

I do not know about how dangerous that kind of job is, but I believe it is true that Immigration does not allow those on Student visa to work in the "entertainment" field, which include host/hostess.
by ... rate this post as useful

I want Japanese 2008/4/19 22:38
Don't you think people who go to bars in Japan want Japanese hosts? After all, it is Japan. Foreigners love Japan and its culture.
by Hito rate this post as useful

Non-Japanese hosts 2008/4/19 22:47
Hito wrote:

Don't you think people who go to bars in Japan want Japanese hosts?

I have never been to a host bar, so I don't really know what Japanese women (or gay men) prefer, but Japanese men seem to have no problem at all with non-Japanese hostesses in Japan.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Err. 2008/5/14 14:46
I have worked as a host before in Osaka, and it is a fine job. You will find it will pay an average of $US35 per hour but you have to A) be able to drink...alot and B) actually be attractive. You will fail in this industry if you cant do either of these.

Good luck, and there is almost no danger if you use common sense [aka - dont get involved with drugs] . Most post above are pure speculation.
by Andrew rate this post as useful

host is not great job at all, you get from 4000-5000 a night means u work 1at night till sometimes 14.00 in afternoon, poor paying is normal, yues big money as host what u see on tv is uncommon is maybe P on every 50000 host its commision based, so u have to make customers for urself, then u earn gonna earn money, i feel that people here doesnt know a shit about being host, i work as host now in osaka, every club in host are runnend by chimpira and the owner are the mafia, when u make customers you make money but also lots of risk, i mean if ur customer doesnt pay the bill, that mean u hav e to pay for it, thats not about 50 $ but more about 5000$ , most host course they cannt pay back, so there are few things u can do. 1 u can run away but u get definely problems with yakuza, 2 . u can go to finance to get loan from yakuza. 3 u can go to ur customer house and try to sell her to sex bussiness to pay back the debt.
there are host who does the option 3.

besides is more samurai stylem lots of host showing their cocks to customers
and u have to drink a lot
i mean a lot, like bottle champagne in 1 time is normal.
i have many customers but to admit i m afraid like when the customer can pay their bill, u got HUGE problem!.
by the way u have to be damn good in japanese. be interesed , be in for lot of stress ,fights with other host most of them are chimpiras, being drunk and u have to cautious of being in gangster place , u dont know how they freak out when they are drunk.
u get sometimes beats from chimpira.besides the customers are all hookers from sex bussiness, most of them are really commanding and being bitches.

so if u are still interested in this poor paying job ,let me know if u wanna be still a host.
by dino. host in osaka (guest) rate this post as useful

omgosh 2009/6/3 14:24
i would listen to the japanese guy, why would you want to mess around with the yakuza...does not sound like a good idea lol
by scared foreigner (guest) rate this post as useful

Foreign Hosts 2009/6/3 15:01
There was a program on tv either last week or the week before about European hosts in Tokyo.

I didn't catch it all but if the two guys they showed were anything to go by - any ugly sod can do it as long as you can treat the lady how they want to be.
These guys were earning anywhere from 0 to 7000 yen a day - work wasnt always at night as many client's wanted someone to go around shopping with during the day while the husbands worked. No mention of anything sexual while I was looking though.
Apparently though they cop a lot of abuse from locals hosting as a foreigner. One of the guys was an absolute asshole though, real attention seeker.

I don't understand why any foreigner would want to do it. I would much rather have a stable job I can talk to friends about instead of alienating myself because of my chosen profession.
by Kevin (guest) rate this post as useful

hosts 2009/6/5 04:34
Kevin, 7000 yen a day isn't a fortune. You can earn that in jobs that don't require you to have to buy fancy clothes, drink and smoke a lot etc. Hosts are
near-prostitutes, even if sex is not involved.
by Monkey see (guest) rate this post as useful

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