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Bar Hosts? 2004/5/20 07:34
I was reading the discussion on bar hostesses, and I remembered someone telling me about Bar Hosts (young men who serve drinks to middle-aged women, etc, etc), and I was wondering if these were as prevalent as Bar Hostesses. He also mentioned that it was fairly easy for an English speaking person to get such a job, and that the pay is very good (not that I am interested in getting a job, I am only visiting ^^). Just curious if this information is correct or not. Thanks!
by ldx  

Non-Japanese bar hosts 2004/5/20 13:22
It is relatively easily for females to work as hostesses. Roppongi seems to be the place for non-Asian hostess bars. Never heard of non-Japanese hosts, though. And anyway, anyone who has worked in an Eikaiwa school will tell you that the job description is more like a host than a teacher. OK, so you don't have to pour drinks...
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

hmm 2004/5/21 14:21
Hmmm interesting. Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant asian (not necessarily JP, but with some Japanese speaking skills) english-speaking men have a really easy time getting these types of jobs. Is this true?
by ldx rate this post as useful

ysand no 2004/5/23 04:59
i manage a hostess club in yokohama and frequent hostel clubs quite regulary with my hostess 90% of host clubs are philipine. you must be able to sing and dance. most of the customers are hostesses looking to relax. and the other few are their customers (japanese men) they pay the bill/
by saprano rate this post as useful

Yokohama-hostess 2007/6/23 00:44

hi I'm planning to work as a hostess in Yokohama but I'm still not sure if it's safe.So I was wondering if anyone of you have heard something about clubs called:Bayside and Chocolate?
by kasia rate this post as useful

safety? 2007/6/23 23:43
to tell you the truth i dont think any club is 100% safe, i used to work in one! If it's a cheap club you get the bun drunken ones, if its a very expensive one you may get need for names right? Depends also on the club's history, some clubs have illegal workers therefore for little problems dont call the police, some customers know that and know how to exploit it. In the beginning ask the girls and the waiters if its safe before you establish yourself there.
by Raf rate this post as useful

Think very hard 2007/6/24 10:09

I presume you have read up about the Lucie Blackman murder of a few years back? Yes, that was one particularly high-profile case, but the media coverage highlighted what foreign hostesses in Japan have to put up with as part of their jobs.
Here is one link worth reading...,8599,108848,00.html

I would guess that the vast majority (90%+) of hostesses are working illegally, so you have to remember how vulnerable this makes you within the system when you cannot take grievances to your employer or the police.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Hostess clubs Yokohama 2007/8/19 13:49
Hi guys,

Does anybody know nightclubs in Yokohama where I can find hostesses from eastern europe? Legal or illegal ones. Are there many nightclubs with hostesses and dancers from eastern europe in Yokohama?

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Info about a club 2008/8/8 15:01

I hope someone can help us with this.

We just returned from Yokohama visiting a friend who works at a club called Emerald. This club is near Kannai sttaion area. She is supposed to have left Japan and returned to her home country by now but we heard nothing from/about her so far. The last thing she told us was that she had an accident of some sort and we do not know if she is OK. We know the name of the club is Emerald BUT we do not know the phone number. I am hoping the people on this forum may be able to help out. Thank you

PS: Moderator, please understand and do not erase this message. Thank you.
by haizi rate this post as useful

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