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crystal/gemstone shop in Yokohama/Tokyo? 2009/3/21 12:42
Hello all,

I'm searching for a large, discount shop for crystals, gemstones, beads, and rock-tumbling supplies. There was one in Yokohama between Sakuragicho and Kannai, but it is now gone.

I mostly want to make jewelry, and I have run across several small shops for this, but their selection is mostly limited to beads and small crystals. I want these, and the wires and crimping pliers for jewelry making (even Tokyu Hands in Yokohama didn't have these) and I want to see the more raw, bigger sized crystals.

I'm living south of Yokohama, but I'm willing to travel if there is a big shop with good prices somewhere. My only lead currently is Yuzawaya in Kamata. It is supposedly great for beads and clothes making and other crafts, but I don't know yet if they have much in the way of raw crystals. I'll be going there soon.


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answers found -- and more :-) 2009/3/24 00:22
A few follow up notes of my own:

Asakusabashi bead district in Tokyo may have the biggest selection and the best price. Here is a discussion on japan-guide: http://bit.ly/14zmn and here is a map: http://bit.ly/ii2di

Yuzawaya in Kamata does have a pretty good selection of beads and small crystals.

Yokohama Tokyu Hands actually has more crystals than does Yuzawaya. 3B and 5B are the bead and the crystal areas.

And the big shop I was looking for? Apparently it is Aqua Stone. I want to the small shop in the Kanazawa Hakkei DAEI, which is actually quite nice, and asked about this giant shop in Kannai. The shop keeper knew of the shop and said it was part of the same chain. She gave me the home page: http://bit.ly/M543 I'll be going to the new location, just southeast of Keikyu Kanagawa Station soon.

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Aqua Stone (crystal shop in Yokohama) 2009/4/19 12:19
The homepage for the Aqua Stone shop in Kanagawa, Yokohama is http://www.world-collection.com/shopinfo-hontenn.html

I posted a shortened link earlier. It is near Kanagawa Station on the Keikyu Line, close to Yokohama Station. You can follow their maps, but if you enter the building they're in from the station side, you won't find the shop. They had the curtains drawn and the door on that side blocked off with no sign indicating what was behind the curtains. Weird. I had to call them and walk around outside the building to find them. I told them how difficult it was to find their shop.

And Asakusabashi was well worth the trip. The Kiva shop there has a HUGE amount of jewelry-making supplies. Aqua Stone has more crystals, but KIVA is the best for one-stop shopping.

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