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Where to get good second hand DSLR? 2009/10/12 21:24
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, I will be visiting Japan(tokyo) in 2 weeks time , am looking for a cheap and good beginner;s DSLR camera . Budget around 45,000 yen , hopefully a Nikon D60 and above .
Please recommend the area and shop if possible . Really appreciate it alots .

by Sharon80  

nikon dslrs 2009/10/13 12:44
Nikon D40 kits are still available at some stores for around 45000 yen new, and the newer d3000 kit can be found as low as 47000 yen new. I know you asked about a d60, but in real world use they are all functionally equivalent.

Check for closeouts at major stores around Akihabara. As for second hand shops, Sandy seems to know the area pretty well and may be able to point you towards a good second hand store.

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lens 2009/10/13 13:03
I guess you must be talking about DSLR body AND lens??

You can get a NEW Nikon D60 body at Akihabara for 38,000yen!!!
(Outlet Plaza) follow the maps:

However, the best new deal is the Pentax K-M (46,889yen), with TWO lens kit.
At PC-Bomber. Map:

Anyway, second hand cameras. I would go to Sofmap at Akihabara. The Kakuta Sofmap store has an entrance to the downstairs camera shop.
Use google.com
type in "sofmap akihabara", then click maps. The one you want is Kakuta (marked as "G" on the map.) The stairs are right in the middle.
They have second hand cameras and on the wall opposite the entrance downstairs.

There are other places, but probably too difficult to describe where they are!!!

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BTW 2009/10/13 13:08
By the way Sharon, I picked up a second hand Pentax *ist DL2 in that shop yesterday!!!! (I'm going to convert it to infrared photography) I got it for 22,800yen, with lens, so there's a bit of variety there.
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akihabara 2009/10/13 15:26
Sounds like some good deals. I'm gonna be in Tokyo on Thursday, maybe I'll have time to stop by and check it out. Also, I'm a little surprised that that they still have the d60 in stock (although it escapes me why I didn't look it up), as they never were really popular and seemed to disappear from stores awhile ago.

I've been thinking of converting a nikon body to IR so let me know how that works out for you. Have you found any IR filters available in Japan? I'm not sure what type of IR you're going for but when researching it before I found some really cheap longpass filters and other supplies at edmunds optics:


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IR 2009/10/13 15:36
yllwsmrf, I used to be a camera tech in a past life (!!), so I've actually taken the Pentax apart & removed the IR blocking filter, and will put a 720nm filter in.
I've sourced some thin plastic filters (look similar to those ones) from Fuji, which you can find at Yodobashi camera. I've also obtained glass filters from ebay, and I may attempt to cut and install in the Pentax. At the moment, I'm going with the Fuji filters.
The reason I chose the Pentax *ist DL2, is that it's already very sensitive to IR. The Nikon D70 that I have also seem quite sensitive.
As a stop gap measure, I've been using an old Olympus C2020, which is so sensitive to IR, that I can take shot in daylight, handheld at around 1/180 sec!!
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Used camera stores 2009/10/19 17:53
I did not know that shops like Softmap sells used camera's. Is this for sure?
I do not remember a specific used camera store in Akihabara but i am pretty sure that you can find used camera's there.
I remember one or two used camera stores in the Ginza area (Harumi dori?). For sure i know a shop on location ( 35.670203139.766321, within 50 meters). This was about a year ago.
Hope this helps and have a nice trip.
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look 2009/10/19 21:46
If you look back a few posts I SAID that I bought a used camera in the Sofmap store. In fact I've bought two cameras recently in the same store.

There are quite a few second hand camera stores at Akihabara, but you need to know where to find them.
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