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Tokyo representation in film. 2009/10/13 21:59
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there are any specific films that could help me with an essay that I have to provide for my University course.

My main focus of the essay is to explore the representation of a specific city (mine being Tokyo) within film during a certain decade (I haven't decided on a decade yet).

I currently have a list of a few movies of which I may be analyzing, these are;

Lost in Translation, 2003
Tokyo Pop, 1988
Tokyo Eyes, 1998
Love and Pop, 1998 and
Dai Nihonjin, 2007.

Any help would be great fully appreciated.
by Danny Blackbourn (guest)  

destroying Tokyo 2009/10/14 08:28
Have you looked into Godzilla movies?
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Fast & Furious 2009/10/14 09:16

There was also a "Fast and Furious" film set in Tokyo, although I think most of it was shot in the US, which is presumably why it ended up looking more like some generic Asian/Chinatown mishmash.
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the last few years.. 2009/10/14 10:48
I havent seen the following couple movies, but they both seem interesting and Im pretty sure they feature tokyo heavily and actually used it as a filming location.


Map of the sounds of Tokyo
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Babel 2009/10/14 11:31
The suggestion from Terminator2 (luv that name!) reminded me of "Babel" which is not really that accurate, but does reflect the essence of life in Tokyo.

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Thank you for your help. 2009/10/14 18:22
The essay is underway :)

Thank you for all that have helped, but I think the films that I have chosen will be enough to produce evidence of the Tokyo of today! (Title of my essay...)

Just wish I could find out first hand... *roll on student finance* hehe.

Thanks again for your suggestions, they will be noted in my references.


P.s. I suggest that you watch 'Lost in Translation', I watched this film last night and it took my breathe away! Amazing film.
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dramas 2009/10/14 18:54
Can you do dramas? Top sales takes place in Tokyo during the 1970s, there's a part about a flood and about a terrorist attack in the second episode, which is really interesting. It's about a woman who sells cars during the very male orientated 70s.

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. 2009/10/14 20:19

Just curious. Are we understanding your original question correctly? Btw, I love "Lost in Translation" too.
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Uco... 2009/10/15 02:31
Hey there,

Glad you like the film, it is probably one of the best film's I have seen recently, if not one of the best.

Basically my task is to 'provide a short report in which I explore the representation of a specific city in a specified decade in cinema'

So I have decided to look at the 'Tokyo of today' and how certain films take in to account that Tokyo is now a city of modernity...

(I'm pretty rubbish at essay's but needed some help with finding films that show Tokyo in today's world)
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Unsolicited advice 2009/10/15 07:58

Since you say you are at university, you might find the following reference source helps you get a few extra points when you get round to writing your essay...

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Taken into account... 2009/10/16 02:06
Thank you for that pointer :)
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Since you decided on a decade... 2009/10/16 22:12
How about 20th Century Boys? It jumps around a lot (it starts in Tokyo now, but goes to 1967 and 2015) but there's certainly a lot of Tokyo footage. :)
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.... 2009/10/19 07:08
Tokyo Sonata is a good one.
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