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which one? takamaya/nagano pref/kusatsu 2009/11/30 19:18
Dear all,

Would u mind to ranking the nice scenery and more comfortable, activity among

2.Nagano pref
3.Kusatsu onsen

Which one do you like the most ? and why?

Thank you very much.
by bluesky8  

... 2009/11/30 21:39
They're all good, IMO. But your opinion may differ.
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thanks 2009/11/30 21:55
Thank you.yes,they are all good that's why it 's very hard for us to's not easy to take annual leave 8 days like this.
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well 2009/12/1 21:17
Since they are all good, I would pick the one that's most convenient/cheapest for my itinerary. The way you've ranked them seems ok.
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