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Pen pals for kids? 2010/9/1 00:37
Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here because whenever I have had a question in the past it's already been answered. This website has been so helpful! :) Now I have a question which I can not seem to find an answer to.

Ever since I became interested in Asia and especially Japanese culture my younger brother who is turning 13 this month has been taking up the interest as well. After seeing how much I enjoy having a pen pal from Japan he has been wanting one of his own. I found my pen pal on this website and it turned into an amazing friendship, but as I was looking for a pen pal for him I found that there are not many in his age group - most are young adults or older. I was wondering if anyone could recommend how to find a pen pal for my brother.

I remember back when I was in school my English teachers would always try to get us a pen pal. He has asked his teachers, but none of them do that anymore. So if anyone can help out it'd be greatly appreciated. :)
by Danielle Morin  

English and low teens 2010/9/1 09:24
Danielle Morin,

Schools in Japan start teaching English when students turn 12. So it would be difficult to find a typically 13 year old Japanese who can communicate in English. It would be easier to look for kids from English-speaking countries who happen to have the same interests or to deal with Japanese people in their high teens or older. Have you actually posted an ad looking for his age range? You might want to try that without limiting your target to low teens or Japanese. Or perhaps you can simply ask your penpal to see if the penpal knows anyone younger who is interested in writing to your brother.
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Thank you Uco! 2010/9/1 11:35
I was unaware at what age English was taught at in Japan, so your reply was very helpful! I will try to find him a pen pal from another English speaking country and maybe as he gets older if he would like another pen pal he can finally have one from Japan! :)
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Pen pal to teach him? 2010/9/1 23:08
Are you searching for a pen pal for your brother who can teach him English?
I'd like to help you, if I can ^^
I am a 13-year-old girl from Indonesia, but I also can speak English fluently.
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