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feel good movie 2010/11/25 19:36
To exercize my Japanese listening skills (which are very bad, I loose trail in a second and have to say 'mo ichido'over and over again...) I would like to watch Japanese feel good movies...
Do they exist? I seem to find only movies that are depressing and more or less weird and never just sweet and happy...
So if you have a suggestion..
by Jantje  

do they exist? 2010/11/26 10:05
Feel good movies in Japan? (non anime)
If you want to watch a "good" movie, then you might have to deal with a bit of melancholy or sad parts, but your average feel good movie is probably going to be a campy tongue-in-cheek abomination full of (probably out of work) comedians and mediocre actors.

The few movies I've watched that made me feel good IN THE END, were:
Train Man (Densha Otoko) - shy boy meets girl
Tampopo (Dandelion) - excellent flick about food

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women's movies.. 2010/11/26 17:27
Hi JMarkley,
thank you so much. Feeling good in the end sounds much better than the other kind of 'feel good' you describe, so I'll try to find your last 2 titles.

I realize now that sex could be a factor, which I found out in a house with 3 men (husband and 2 adolescent kids) and that my name is misleading. I am a woman and probably like 'women's feel good movies' the best!
So maybe there are more suggestions?
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kamome shokudou (kamome diner) 2010/11/26 18:53
It's a quiet and heart warming film.
One of my favourites.
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Suggesttions 2010/11/26 19:03

To me, I find it difficult to find new movies that are depressing, so maybe you and I have different values, but Maison De Himiko is still my favorite modern Japanese movie to date.

Other happy movies are those directed by Kouki Mitani. ラヂオの時間 (Radio No Jikan) being my favorite. Mitani is trying to encourage sitcom in Japan :)

Among the "iyashi-kei" genre literally meaning "feel good," the popular movies are a lot of the movies that Masako Motai starrs in. かもめ食堂 (Kamome Shokudo) was filmed in Finland. Plain but happy.

If you can tell us what movies you do like, I might be able to suggest more titles. After all, I'm another movie-goer with 2 men in the house.
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thanks to all 2010/11/26 21:52
Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm sure they are all beautiful films and I'll put them all on my birthdaylist.

My favourite non-Japanese films are films like Sleepless in Seattle, My Best Friend's Wedding, When Harry met Sally, Stepmom.. (And also Finding Nemo...) Probably too much Hollywood-type to many of you.. I'm sorry. :-)
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More suggestions 2010/11/27 02:21
Thanks for the feedback. I love Meg Ryan, too! I was born exactly 12 days after her (Yup, birthday coming up!)

Unfortunately, however, I can only come up with one movie along that line which is...

フラガール(Hula Girl)
Based on a true story, a cold northern coal-mining town coming to an end hires a mean ballerina from the city to start a whole new hot tropical venue of hula girls. Easy-to-understand story.

You still might enjoy Maison De Himiko, though. It has that "Life, romance, comedy and landscape all-in-one" kind of tone.

But might I suggest you rent some "trendy TV drama" DVDs.

きらきらひかる (Kirakira Hikaru)
A team of coroners set out to investigate body after body, ending up finding heartwarming drama and humor for each one of their "lives". As long as you ignore the scientific terms, the story is easy to understand.

佐々木夫妻の仁義なき戦い (Sasaki-fusai No Jingi Naki Tatakai)
She seems more into fashion than her career as a lawyer. At least she is not into housework and cannot even put CDs back into the right cover. He is the well-organized husband and partner of their firm. Together they make the oddest and smartest couple around. Ignore the law terms and each episode will be easy to understand.

Four completely different women of completely different generations meet for the first time at a wedding of a mutual friend who suddenly disappears on wedding night. Ignore the mystery if you must. Universal themes on women are still enjoyable enough.

Enjoy your movie/drama nights!
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Sorry for dup 2010/11/27 02:25
I just realized that Kamome Shokudo was already suggested before my previous post. Please excuse me for the duplication.
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Thank you again! 2010/11/27 16:40
Hi Uco,

Arigatou gozaimasu!
Thank you very much for giving all these suggestions. I definitely am going to try them!
The next step is to find out how to get these films and TV dramas, living in Holland.

Love from Amsterdam!


PS Not a member are you? Pity for my curiosity..
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. 2010/11/27 18:20

What do you mean by "member"? Member of what? I would love to be a member of anything you are involved in, as we seem to have much in common!

By the way, I had assumed you may live abroad, but you asked for Japanese movies. I have to admit that the Japanese movies that get to be exported are generally the more depressing ones. Hmm, I wonder if Europeans seek depression in Japanese culture??

If you can name the movies you CAN get in Holland, someone may be able to suggest if they're appropriate or not.
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Japanese image in Europe 2010/11/27 20:28
That's exactly what I was wondering.. Whether it was a certain selection of the Japanese movies we see here (=Holland, Europe?). Also on television. But on the other hand.. JMarkley seem to suggest that Japanese movies (or just 'good movies') have indeed usually some melancholy in it?
I would say the ones I saw were also a bit weird, surreal even..
I hope I can get the ones mentionened (with english subtitles!) one way or the other..
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being "good" and being "good at" 2010/11/27 21:07
You have to admit that Japan is "good at" making melancholy material. Maybe it has something to do with the climate and geography. Places like London and Amsterdam really suits me :)

But I don't think it's that the "good" movies here in Japan are always melancholy. We have all sorts of Hollywood specticle type of movies and TV is even more happy. Someone who came from the West in the 19th century said that he has never seen people laugh as much as the Japanese.

So it's really a pity that foreign importers only look towards Hollywood when they seek "bright and happy." But then, humor is one of the most difficult things to translate.
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try these 2010/11/29 07:12
If you want to practise japanese, watch this, it's pretty funny and is all about learning Japanese (it's a J-drama, not a movie) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Nihonjin_no_Shiranai_Nihongo
For movies, try "Lovely Complex" (it's also an anime series, but the movie is good, "Handsome Suit", "Bubble Fiction", "Turn" (that's more sci fi, but I liked it a lot). We watch a lot of j-dramas now, we like them better than movies and a lot of the time the subbers explain the jokes, which is really handy. Try the d-addicts recommendations for what you want, if you are not on to it already.
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possible to get them in Europe? 2010/11/29 16:55
Hi Pious,

thank you so much for your suggestion. Sounds nice!

Will it be easy to get all those suggested movies and J-dramas, here in Holland?
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't like watching movies om my pc. Crawling up on the couch is an essential part of the experience! And I don't mind some nice company as well (if I get the 3 men here interested..).

So, what kind of instructions I put om my birthdaylist to get the movies? Amazon? Websites to burn them ourselves?


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where to buy 2010/12/8 13:23
try amazon japan, cd japan, Rakuten, ebay.

They all have a english section. rakuten has english translated through the machine. so google 'english rakuten' to get to their english site.

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Japanese dvd's different? 2010/12/8 14:58
Thank you Reina Jess,
but are Japanese dvd's not a different system than European, so that I can't watch them on my DVD recorder?
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... 2010/12/8 15:22
japan is region 2. and 'Europe'.


Is your country region 2?

then it doesnt matter.

Or try to find Region 0, Region Free, and Region All dvds.

Or get a region free dvd player.

Or play it on your laptop, and connect your laptop to your tv.

Your laptop can be specifically for japanese dvds. and Most people have a separate home dvd player anyway so you can play home country moivies and not worry about changing the regions on your computer so often. after 5 changes, it need to be rest by the manufacturer.
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region code 2010/12/8 15:46
Than you again!
The link was very helpful. Probably I'm veru old fashioned not to know this stuff already.
Normal codes for Japan and Europe seem to be the same: Region Code 2. But 'Blu ray codes'are different (Japan-A, Europe-B). Hopefully most DVD's follow the first system?
Other suggestions are also interesting, but I'm sorry, I don't have a laptop, don't want to see movies in my (home-)office and I have a great DVD recorder-player, so don't want to have to buy a new one... But thanks.
For now I will try your links for DVD's and find out whether a code problem arises.
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hmm 2010/12/9 10:34
I recently watched a japanese film called 'departures'- ironically, it's about the traditional Japanese burial process BUT more like a black comedy with many feel-good aspects to it. It's humourous, sometimes sad but also makes you feel really warm & fuzzy & teary in the end :)

I really recommend it to anyone, simply to be entertained with, or if you want something a bit out-of-the-ordinary ^__^
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departures 2010/12/9 18:50
Thank you Nemie,
I had put that one already on my list 'cause I thought it might be nice.
And it's more easy available than many of the titles mentioned.
So thanks for the advice!
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