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Ramen recipes anyone? 2011/7/15 01:44
Hi all!

Does anyone know good japanese recipes for Ramen? I have searched the internet but none of the recipes I've found REALLY taste like Ramen I ate in Japan.

Ideally I'd love to try a family recipe from someone who is Japanese / has lived in Japan!


by Clio Brichaut  

Wagamama 2011/7/18 00:58
If there's nobody willing to give you their recipes, then you can always try to find some recipes they use at Wagamama with the books being generally found around the internet or at a book store. They even have a whole book dedicated to cooking with noodles.

Other than that, just tried to make a soup with ramen added? Sometimes the simple, random recipes are the best.
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My two cents 2011/7/18 08:30
For those living in Japan, ramen is not really anything we cook at home (except for the "instant" ones that come in packs or cups, with the "instant" soup powder) - we would usually eat out ramen at noodle stands or restaurants. That might be the reason why you are not getting any response... normally the soup is the key, AND that's a lot of trouble to cook!
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. 2011/7/18 10:11
This is my favorite channel at Youtube.

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Recipe 2011/7/18 21:00
To make a good Ramen you need to boil Kombu, Ginger, Garlic, Spring Onion, Chicken Bones and Carrot, slowly for 4 hours until the water gets the flavour. You can add or remove other ingredients as you like. Then, you add Dashi powder and you can add a little bit of soy sauce or even Mirin. On the other hand, you need to boil soba noodles and the rest of the toppings is up to you again. If you choose the usual pork then you should cook it in Mirin and Soy Sauce.
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Thanks! 2011/7/19 02:08
Thanks to you all!

I didn't know that Japanese don't usually cook ramen at home, that explains why I can't find Japaneses recipes.. I did know about the 'cooking with a dog' channel and I was planning on trying it this weekend :) Wagamama seems interesting too, I'll look into it! Thanks aerond for your suggestion, but I'm a useless cook and I need more explicit instructions :p I'll try wagamama then, thanks ;)
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difficult 2011/7/19 14:45
as others have mentioned ramen is a big undertaking. there is a lot of preparation in the broth and it may require some commercial quantities to get the same kind of quality found in restaurants.

basically restaurants have the time and equipment to boil down pieces of pork for dozens of hours to get the most delicious dark flavors out of the fat and bones.

you can do it at home too but...

i think you might have the most luck by asking your favorite ramen shop about his recipe.
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. 2011/7/21 11:58
It took 2 years of English lessons to get my favorite Ramen recipe from the Chef. Now, here in America I have Japanese people asking me to make it for them. You might get the recipe, but it won't be free. I'm not giving out mine, sorry.
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. 2011/7/22 16:45
Hi winterwolf thanks for you answer! I'd love to ask a chef but I doubt they would share it with me, just as Ramen Man won't (which is understandable)

Ramen Man I'm curious, what do you meen by English lessons? What's the link with Ramen? And more importantly, who is the chef who taought you? :)
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. 2011/7/23 12:24
The Chef at my favorite place near my work in Osaka wanted to learn English. So I taught him as I helped him around the kitchen. He was very smart as he made sure not to teach me too fast and that is why he got 2 years worth out of me. It was fun though and I made some nice friends too. He wanted to go to an English speaking country to open a Ramen shop. He loved Australian women so he might be there now as I have lost touch with him.
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