Home - April 21, 2002

Today the Vancouver Sun Run, a popular 10 km run with over 40,000 participants was held. Unlike in the previous years, when Kanzan trees in full bloom used to decorated Georgia Street, the Kanzan trees have been only just about to start opening their blossoms this year.

Downtown - Georgia and Granville Street
21 April 2002

The Shirotae trees in front of the Eastons entrance have already passed full bloom.

Downtown - Georgia Street
21 April 2002

Also these Shirotae trees have already passed their flowering peak.

English Bay - Beach Avenue, between Bidwell and Cardero Street
21 April 2002

The row of Takasago trees along Beach Avenue are now in full bloom.

English Bay - Beach Avenue and Bute Street
21 April 2002

These Yoshino trees are already beyond their flowering peak.

Kitsilano - Burrard Street, between 1st and Cornwall Avenue
21 April 2002

A flowering Taihaku tree in front of the Molson brewery. The tree has already started to loose petals.

Kitsilano - 1st Avenue, between Cypress and Burrard Street
21 April 2002

Many Kanzan trees have started to open their blossoms.