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Hatsu Basho 2005 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:O Kintamayama (12-3; 106 points)
Juryo Yusho:J9 Pastanoyama (11-4; 93 points)
Makushita Yusho:m18 Jannishiki (13-2; 103 points)
Gino-sho:S Rannohana (9-6; 101 points)
Kanto-sho:M18 Ulsimitsuki (11-4; 95 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2005/1/23

Kintamayama Wins Yusho
In a very thrilling Senshuraku, Kintamayama went up against Takahike in a show down of Ozekis that saw both wrestlers notch a perfect 10. Kintamayama lost the bout, however, in a tie breaker. In the other match of importance, East Sekiwake Flohru was paired up with West Sekiwake Rannohana. Flohru was the only participant that had a shot at denying Kintamayama the Makuuchi yusho, and blocking any chance of Yokozuna promotion. Sekiwake also lost in a tie breaker. As a result, Kintamayama retained his one match lead, picked up the yusho and will debut in the Haru Basho as Yokozuna. Congratulations.
EJ9 Pastanoyama picked the Juryo yusho as he won today and co-leader WJ4 Sashimaru lost in a tough bout. In Makushita, Em18 Jannishiki won clinching the yusho and avoiding a messy four way tie.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/23

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 14
In a very exciting match between East Ozeki Kintamayama and East Sekiwake Flohru the Hatsu Basho is still up for grabs. Kintamayama could have secured his first Makuuchi yusho today and finalized a Yokozuna promotion but lost in a tie breaker to the Sekiwake. As a result he will have to wait until Senshuraku. Basically, if Kintamayama wins or Flohru loses then the Ozeki will notch his first upper division title and a Yokozuna promotion. However, if there is a tie in wins between the two, Kintamayama still holds a significant advantage in points with a 96-91 edge.
In Juryo, both WJ4 Sashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama lost today and allowed EJ4 Lesoshoyu and EJ6 Takashoryu an outside shot at the yusho. Sashimaru is in the best shape with an overall points lead among the four and a 3 point advantage between him and Pastanoyama. On the other hand, if Sashimaru loses and Takashoryu wins on day 15, a tie breaker in points would favor Takashoryu.
In Makushita, Em18 Jannishiki is the sole leader but is followed closely behind by no less than four other participants. If Jannishiki wins tomorrow, then the yusho will be his, however, if he loses, then it could come down to a possible four way tie among himself, Em20 Akira, Wm64 Osutoriajin and the winner of the match between Em33 Mmikasazuma and Em68 Ekihiyama. Jannishiki has a very clear advantage in points in the event of a tie breaker.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/23

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 13
East Ozeki Kintamayama moved one step closer to Yokozuna promotion today by picking up his 12th win. With a combined win total between last tournament and the Hatsu Basho, he now has 22, and satisfies the second criteria for promotion. Now all he needs to do is win this tournament. The only wrestler that still has a statistical chance of getting in the way of Kintamayama is E Sekiwake Flohru and the two of them will meet in an exciting head to head matchup on day 14. In a Makuuchi division side note, West Ozeki Takahike lost his 8th match and will be kadoban next tournament.
In Juryo, WJ4 Sashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama remain co-leaders and now have opened up a two match lead with all other contenders. In Makushita, Em18 Jannishiki and Em68 Ekihiyama are still tied for the top spot at 11-2
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/22

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 12
East Ozeki Kintamayama lost his first match of the tournament today which stopped his run at Sumo Game's first ever zensho yusho, however, there are some more serious matters to discuss about the Ozeki: Yokozuna promotion. According to the rules for Sumo Game Yokozuna promotion, if a participant (1) has been ranked as an Ozeki in the previous two or more banzuke, (2) has 22 or more wins in the last two tournaments and (3) one Makuuchi yusho in his career (or two yusho in a row), he will be promoted to Yokozuna. As for Kintamayama, he has been Ozeki for four tournaments in a row now and meets the first criteria. Last tournament he had 10 wins and has 11 so far this tournament for a total of 21 wins. Finally, in the Hatsu Basho, he has a two match lead over his nearest rivals, E Sekiwake Flohru and EM18 Ulsimitsuki and has an excellent chance of winning his first Makuuchi yusho.
Bottom line: If East Ozeki Kintamayama can win one more match and pick up the yusho we will have a new Yokozuna. Good luck!
In other action today, WJ4 Sashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama won today and are co-leaders in the Juryo division at 9-3. In Makushita, long time sole leader Em68 Ekihiyama lost today and allowed Em18 Jannishiki and Em20 Akira to catch up. All three are now 10-2.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/21

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 11
After 11 days it seems as if Sumo Game is paralleling what is happening at Kokugikan. Asashoryu is looking invincible, and well on his way to winning another Makuuchi yusho, after distancing himself from all other Rikishi with a three match lead. Sumo Game's East Ozeki Kintamayama has done the same and extended his lead to three matches after E Sekiwake Flohru lost today to EM4 Igiski. Kintamayama is still perfect and has an excellent chance of becoming first person to have a zensho yusho.
In Juryo, co-leaders WJ2 Asashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama lost yet again today and WJ4 Sashimaru won, to make it a three way tie after 11 days. In Makushita, Em68 Ekihiyama remains the sole leader at 10-1, with Em18 Jannishiki and Em20 Akria following closely behind with 2 losses.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/19

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 10
As we start the final third of the Hatsu Basho it appears that E Ozeki Kintamayama is in fine shape to run away with the Makunouchi yusho. Kintamayama is still perfect with 10-0 and is two wins ahead of E Sekiwake Flohru who is 8-2. Quietly, one begins to wonder if a zensho yusho is possible, though many things could happen between now and the final day.
In Juryo, both leaders WJ2 Asashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama lost today tightening the field and allowing WJ4 Sashimaru and EJ7 Terosan to join the juryo yusho hunt. In Makushita, newcomer Em68 Ekihiyama has emerged the sole leader at 9-1.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/19

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 9
As most of Sumo Game participants have probably learned by now, technical difficulties with the website made it impossible to submit the daily lineups before the 2pm, Japan time, deadline. The problems seemed to be solved and, hopefully, not too many people were affected by it.
After day 9 action, E Ozeki Kintamayama remains undefeated and now has a two match lead ahead of a pack of four other wrestlers. In Juryo WJ2 Asashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama are both 8-1 and also have a two match cushion to work with in the final days. In Makushita, Em20 Akira and Em68 Ekihiyama are tied with one loss each.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/18

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 7
The overall average was rather low at 5.06 due to the fact that six of the ten most selected Rikishi lost their matches today. In fact, this tournament could easily become one of the all time lowest in terms of scoring unless some of the favorites start winning on a consistent basis.
In Makunouchi division E Ozeki Kintamayama is still undefeated at 7-0 followed closely by EM18 Ulsimitsuki with one loss. Juryo has two wrestlers, WJ2 Asashimaru and EJ9 Pastanoyama sharing the lead at 6-1. In Makushita, Em33 Mmikasazuma, suffered his first defeat of the tournament to fall into a four way tie with Em20 Akira, Em42 Tosahayate and Em68 Ekihiyama.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/16

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 6
As we approach the weekend, the picks promise to be challenging as the torikumi will power match several of the top contenders. While Kaio now looks like a walking bandage with a heavily taped left shoulder the next question in mind is about Wakanosato's condition. He started the Hatsu Basho off with two wins but has now lost four straight.
In Sumo Game action today we find E Ozeki Kintamayama still leading the Makunouchi division followed closely by EM3 Yumezukuri and EM18 Ulsimitsuki at one loss each. In Juryo, there are four wrestlers tied for lead at 5-1 including WJ2 Asashimaru and WJ3 Konsato. Makushita has Em33 Mmikasazuma at the top of the heap and still undefeated.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/15

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 5
The Hatsu Basho is beginning to take shape after 5 days, and the overall result is not exactly setting the record books on fire. Today's average was a mere 5.86.
In the top division East Ozeki Kintamayama remains undefeated at 5-0. Tomorrow he will face East Komusubi Sumio who is 4-1. Kintamayama, however, has an 8 to 2 advantage in head to head matchups between the two of them. One other match that could be tough struggle pits EM3 Yumezukuri (4-1) against EM9 Takashido (4-1).
In Juryo, W12 Golynohana lost today which now puts him into a tie with 4 other wrestlers. In Makushita Em33 Mmikasazuma and Em42 Tosahayate are tied for the lead and are both perfect after five days.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/14

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 4
What's up with Kaio? Kaio entered the Hatsu Basho with an outside shot at Yokozuna promotion and now he has dropped three in a row. As the second most selected Rikishi for the day (92%), scoring was off yet again with a bland 6.03 average.
At the conclusion of day 4 action, the field has thinned out considerably, especially in the top 2 divisions. In Makunouchi, East Ozeki Kintamayama is the sole leader with a perfect 4-0. In Juryo, WJ12 Golynohana also managed to gain a one win lead over his competition and remain undefeated. Makushita still has seven wrestlers bunched up at the top including Em1 Rayama and Wm5 Kashunowaka.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/12

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 3
Scoring for day 3 was off considerably (5.28) due mostly to the surprise losses of Wakanosato and Tochiazuma. Considering the fact that 96% of the participants chose Wakanosato, scoring across the board was off by 1 point just with that loss.
In Makunouchi, E Ozeki Kintamayama, WM1 Charliki and EM9 Takashido remain undefeated. Juryo also has 3 wrestlers tied for the lead, WJ3 Konosato, EJ8 Tominishiki and WJ12 Golynohana. As usual, Makushita has a high number of wrestlers that are 3-0 but things should thin out in the next few days as many of them are scheduled for head to head matches.
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/12

Hatsu Basho 2005 - Day 1
Welcome to the 2005 Hatsu Basho. We have yet another record number of participants this tournament with 180, including 15 new wrestlers.
Scoring for day 1 was slightly above average at 6.92, however, all of the Sanyaku wrestlers won today which bumped their scoring average to a respectable 7.67. Wm33 Mikawosato was the only participant to achieve a perfect score.
This tournament promises to be more of a challenge than in the past with several of the top rikishi at less than 100% and a real 'changing of the guard' happening. With some very promising young talent in the sumo world, some days will probably come down to making a choice between youth and experience.
Good luck!
by Nushuzan, 2005/1/10


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