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Commercial use

Commercial use includes the use of material in commercial publications, including any website that displays some kind of advertisement.

The use of pictures and other materials is possible under a paid licensing contract. Please use the contact form below.

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial use includes educational use (school papers, presentations or projects), personal use (non-commercial, non-profit, personal website) and use by non-profit organizations, but does not include use of the material on a website that displays some kind of advertisement. The latter is considered commercial use.

You may use up to five low resolution images, as they are published on, for free under the condition that is prominently mentioned as the source of the image(s) directly below or besides the image(s). There is no need to contact us. If you intend to use more than five images, you are required to request copyright permission. Please use the contact form below.

If you intend to quote short passages of a page on, you do not need to request copyright permission. However, if you intend to copy longer passages or an entire page, you need to request copyright permission. Please use the contact form below.

Copyright Inquiry Form

Your Name:
Your e-mail address:
Your web site's URL:

if applicable
Please list every image and/or page that you would like to copy by citing its URL or title
Intended usage:
Please explain in detail how you intend to use the material
Other Comments: