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Tour packages are travel plans, which include some or all of the following: transportation, accommodation, meals, guided tours and more. They can be of great value to both, independent and group travelers.

Tour packages range from individual travel plans, which include only a train ticket and hotel reservation and leave everything else to the traveler, to fully guided tours which cover everything from airfare to English speaking guides and meals. Furthermore, there is a range of special interest tours, such as anime, hot spring, hiking or theme park tours.

Many companies inside and outside of Japan offer tour packages. Because the companies purchase tickets and hotel rooms in large bulks, they are able to offer the packages at costs far below the ones available to individual travelers, making tour packages an option worth considering by travelers of all budgets.

Tour Operators
Super Value Tours
Our award-winning tours are designed for the highest quality. Amazing hotels, expert guides, & delicious meals make us the number one tour operator to Japan. 5-star rated on yelp.
Travel Arrange Japan - A Journey to connect people
See Japan, Feel Japan, Meet the Local People, and Experience Authentic Japan! We experienced travel advisors help you to create your unique trip to Japan.
Huber. - Make your travel plans with local guides.
Just tell your requests, and Japanese local guides will give you travel plans! Once you decide on a plan, book the local as your private guide. Free consultation.
All-Japan Personalized Private Guided & Self-guided Tours
YJPT specializes in 1-14 day private tours customized to your needs. From Tokyo to Kyoto and beyond. With 30 years of experience! From VIP to budget. Canadian owned. Ask for a quote today!
Gem Japan Tours
Specialists in countryside tours. Rural Japan is glorious with its rice paddies, farm houses and quaint hot spring inns. We are committed to letting you see authentic Japan up close.
Japan Experience
Based in Kyoto, Japan Experience, a Travel Agency for 30 years, provides you with a wide range of products and services (JRP, Tours, Lodging), and offers a unique house rental formula.
Instant online booking for over 1,000 tours, packages and activities, brought to you by JTB, Japan's largest travel company
Nagomi Visit
Meet locals all over Japan in their own home to eat and cook.
J&Y Travel Japan
Based in Tokyo, specialized in arranging Japan PRIVATE TOURS with high quality. Our Japanese travel experts will consult you to customize your trip.
YOKOSO Japan Tour & Hotel
Tours, cuisine and experiences offered by Japan's biggest travel agency, starting anywhere in the country. Popular even among Japanese tourists, our bus tours are number one in Japan.
Luxury Travel Japan - bespoke travel, for you
Plan a life-changing, luxurious adventure! A host of ready-to-inspire itineraries await you. All trips can be modified to best suit your needs. - enjoy Japan one step deeper with locals
Travel agency based in Tokyo and Kyoto, specialized in arranging customized tours. High ratings on TripAdvisor (over 95% excellent out of 764 reviews.)
Rock of Travel Japan - J-Rock and J-Pop Guided Tours
Experience live J-Rock and J-Pop shows with our full-day guided tours. We've chosen the best rock artists just for you. We are certified tour guides who know a lot about J-Rock and J-Pop.
( Japan Private Tours ) - Hire your own Guide! - TripleLights
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and all over Japan. Watch the guide's videos before booking and choose the best guide for you! Easily book tours tailored just for you!
Makoto - Bus Travel
Group travel in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas? Leave it to us! Besides offering bus travel, we can also help you plan and organize your trip.
Japan Custom Tours - Small group escorted tours around Japan
JCT delivers tours that showcase the highlights of Japan. We also do personalised escorted tours - you can plan what you want to see and do, on a schedule that suits you.
Japan Dream Tour
We offer a wide range of unique tour to enjoy the season, traditional culture, World Heritage Sites, and more... Check out our various tour!
iLoveJapanTours - Unique Private Tours in Japan.
iLoveJapanTours is a leading tour operator specializing in private tours in Japan since 2005. Our tour programs are designed to be different, thematic, flexible, and authentic.
Japan Deluxe Tours - Fully Escorted Tour
Fully escorted group and private Japan tours with English speaking guide and 4-star hotels. Choose from our packaged tours and customize your dream trip to Japan.
Inside Japan Tours
Specialist Japan holiday company. Small Group Tours, Self-Guided Adventures & Fully Tailored itineraries covering the whole of Japan.
A&C Tours Japan
A&C Tours Japan specialize in creating, arranging, and escorting private and small group tours of Japan. View our 2018 and 2019 tour itineraries online now!
Airserve : Trip Packages and Activities
Discover a different side of Japan. We provide unique activities, ski packages, on-demand tours & airport transfer services. Let Airserve take care of your stay in Japan.
Viaje a Japón: Tours en español
Agencia de viajes ubicada en el centro de Tokio con amplia experiencia. Ofrecemos tours y servicios por todo Japón a turistas de habla hispana.
Voyage au Japon
Spécialistes du Japon, nous vous proposons des tours organisés en petit groupe, des excursions ainsi que des voyages sur mesure en compagnie de nos guides francophones.
Fuji Academy Tours
Fuji Academy Tours offers exclusive tours operated solely for you and your party. On every tour, a national licensed tour guide will accompany you.
Tokyo City Tour
We provide everything you need to customize your own Japan tour. Contact us in English, Spanish and Italian.
All Japan Tours
Fully escorted, all inclusive packages. We plan our tours based on seasonal attractions, with must-see sites on every tour. We also offer custom tours to match your specific needs.
DX Support - Day trips to feel Japan
DX Support offers unique one-day tours. Explore special tourist spots around Tokyo and Kanagawa in a chartered large taxi.
Samurai Tours
Adventures in discovering traditional Japan. Japan travel specialist offering small group cultural-immersion and economy tours.
JTB Royal Road Ginza Global Lounge
Our private tour experts will assist you in designing a luxurious and tailor-made tour in accordance with your requests.
My Taiken - Traditional Japanese cultural experiences
My Taiken provides access to the breadth of Japan's cultural traditions. You can arrange to experience the richness of Japanese culture during your visit to Japan, with high level professionals.
JAPAN and more - Fully Escorted Small Group Tours
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan! Becki will personally escort you around Japan and offer first-hand knowledge of the country and its culture. Join Becki for a truly memorable experience!

Page last updated: January 27, 2017