The seasons are a main theme in the Japanese culture, and flowers are like mirrors to the seasons, reflecting the passage of time. Fittingly, flower viewing is a very popular activity in Japan as most prominently seen in the annual festivities surrounding the cherry blossoms, but not limited to them.

The following chart shows the approximate blooming periods for some of the most popular flowers in Japan. One point to note is that because Japan extends north to south for some 3500 kilometers, a particular flower species might blossom at differing times across regions with varying climate. The chart serves as a rough reference for the country in general. It is recommended to check on details for specific locations before visiting.

Popular types of flowers

Flower related places of interest

There are many places in Japan where various species of flowers can be appreciated at different times of the year. Flower parks and botanical gardens are usually great locations for flower viewing. Some temples and shrines may also be famous for particular flowers. Below is a list of places which are popular for flower viewing.

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Furano Flower Fields

Known for: Lavender and sunflowers


Known for: Lavender and various flowers

Around Tokyo

Tambara Flower Park

Known for: Lavender

Gunma Flower Park

Known for: Various flowers

Ashikaga Flower Park

Known for: Wisteria

Hitachi Seaside Park

Known for: Nemophila and other flowers

Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park

Known for: Pink Moss

Kameido Shrine

Known for: Wisteria

Hase Temple

Known for: Hydrangea

Hakone Tozan Railway

Known for: Hydrangea

Gora Park

Known for: Roses

Boso Flower Line

Known for: Nanohana, poppies and other early spring flowers

Central Japan

Tonami Tulip Fair

Known for: Tulips

Nabana no Sato

Known for: Cherry blossoms, roses, tulips, hydrangea, irises

Around Osaka

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

Known for: Cherry blossoms, roses, tulips


Makino Botanical Garden

Known for: Irises and various flowers