Disaster Updates

June 2019 Niigata/Yamagata Earthquake

A strong earthquake hit northern Niigata and southwestern Yamagata prefectures in the evening of June 18; however, damage was not widespread, and all trains swiftly resumed regular operation. Tourist attractions in the area, including the ones in Dewa Sanzan, Sakata and on Sado Island, are open normally.

2016 Kyushu Earthquake

Strong earthquakes hit Kyushu in April 2016. More details

Volcano Closures

No-entry zones are currently maintained at the following prominent volcanoes:

  • Sakurajima (Level 3 - do not approach the volcano)
    Do not climb the mountain. Does not affect transportation and tourism.
  • Mount Aso (Level 2 - do not approach the crater)
    No-entry zone 1 km from crater. Closure of ropeway, road and hiking trails.
  • Mount Hakone (Level 2 - do not approach the crater)
    No-entry zone around the Owakudani area. Closure of ropeway and hiking trails.
  • Kusatsu-Shirane (Level 2 - do not approach the crater)
    No-entry zones around craters. Closure of hiking trails.
  • Mount Shinmoedka (Kirishima) (Level 1 - potential for increased activity)
    Closure of hiking trails.