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Natsu Basho 2005 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M2 Ekigozan (12-3; 116 points)
Juryo Yusho:J9 Oshirokita (11-4; 112 points)
Makushita Yusho:m71 Perezohana (12-3; 110 points)
Gino-sho:K Gaijingai (10-5; 117 points)
Kanto-sho:M9 Asashimaru (11-4; 112 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2005/5/23

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 15
Well, the Natsu Basho 2005 is over and we managed to just barely make the all time high score list at an overall average of 7.70. A total of 25 participants managed to score a perfect 10 which is pretty amazing for a senshuraku.
In Makuuchi, EM2 Ekigozan picked up the yusho with a 12-3 record with a win over WM7 Dilettante. Ekigozan picked up the yusho in grand style with a perfect day.
In Juryo, long time sole leader EJ7 Metzinowaka lost today to WJ9 Oshirokita. However, with Oshirokita scoring a perfect day and Metzinowaka only scoring six points, Oshirokita passed Metzinowaka in total points and won the yusho with an overall point total of 112 to Metzinowaka's 109.
In Makushita, Em57 Kotononami lost today and fell in into a four way tie for the yusho with a 12-3 record. In the end, Wm71 Perezohana won the yusho with a total point score of 110. Newcomer Em80 Tsuyoikaze finished close behind with 109 points.
To all, thanks for playing. We look forward to seeing everyone in July!
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/23

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 14
With Senshuraku approaching, all of the division have a sole leader, however, a loss by any of them will force all sorts of nasty play-off possibilities.
In Makuuchi, EM2 Ekigozan has a one match lead over WM7 Dilettante (his opponent for the day), WM8 Nemosima and WM9 Ashashimaru. A win by Ekigozan will mean an outright Yusho for him, a loss however would mean that Dilenttante would pull even with him with an 11-4 record. If Nemosima and Asashimaru win their bouts for the day, they too could find themselves in the middle of a tie-break situation. At this point Ekigozan has the best chance of winning any tie breakers among the four since he has the most total points after 14 days.
In Juryo, the scenerio is similar. EJ7 Metzinowaka (11-3) has a one match lead over a group of three and a victory today over WJ9 Oshirokita (10-4) would secure a yusho and a loss would mean a tie breaker with Oshirokita and the winner of the match between EJ1 Sunibono (10-4) and EJ6 Konosato (10-4). Metzinowaka has the narrow lead in total points over the other three contenders.
In Makushita, Em57 Kotononami (12-2) has a one match lead over a group five with 11-3 records. If Kotononami wins on senshuraku, he wins the yusho but if he loses to Em44 Pandaazuma (11-3) then the two of them will be in a tie breaker with the winner of the Em70 Kotoniko (11-3)/Wm71 Perzohana (11-3) match and the winner of the Em30 Kiwishiki (11-3)/Em80 Tsuyoikaze (11-3) match.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/22

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 13
As we enter the final weekend of the Natsu Basho 2005, the picks will become harder to decide as Sumo Association begins to power match contenders and those in need of a kachikoshi. Good luck to those in the Sumo Game that are in the same situation.
In the top division after 13 days, EM2 Ekigozan, WM7 Dilettante and WM9 Ashashimaru are tied at 10-3. In Juryo, EM7 Metzinowaka remains sole leader at 10-3 and one match ahead of EJ1 Sunibono, EJ6 Konsato and WJ9 Oshirokita. In Makushita, Em57 Kotononami and Wm71 Perezohana are tied at 11-2.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/21

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 12
With a loss by EM2 Ekigozan the leaderboard in the Makuuchi division saw a major shift. Ekigozan now finds himself in a four way tie with E Komusubi Flohru, WM7 Dilettante and WM9 Ashashimaru. All are now at 9-3. East Sekiwake Doitsuyama picked his kachikoshi today and needs to win his final three matches to be considered for Ozeki promotion in July.
In Juryo, EJ7 Metzinowaka (9-3) lost on day 12 but did not lose his sole leadership as his two closest rivals also lost today and thus joins a group of five at 8-4. In Makushita, Em57 Kotononami, Wm66 Marushiki and Wm71 Perezohana are all tied at 10-2 and share the lead.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/20

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 11
Day 11 of the Natsu basho was one for the record books. With an overall average of 8.31 it ranks as the second highest scoring day of all time. A total of 36 participants scored a perfect 10 and five bouts saw a 10-10 tie.
In Makuuchi today EM2 Ekigozan, after scoring a 10, now finds himself all alone on top of the leader board at 9-2 with a group of five trailing closely behind at 8-3. In Juryo, EJ7 Metzinowaka remains the sole leader with EJ5 Nushuzan and WJ9 Oshirokita one match off the pace. In Makushita, 5 members are 9-2 with Wm71 Perezohana in the lead in total points with 80 followed by Em8 Akira at 78.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/18

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 10
On day 10 of the Natsu Basho EM16 Kofuji got back to his winning ways and now finds himself in a three way tie with EM2 Ekigozan and WM9 Asahimaru at 8-2. In other news, East Sekiwake Takahike dropped his sixth match of the tournament which eliminates the possibility of the required 10 wins to return to the rank of Ozeki. East Sekiwake Doitsuyama still has an outside shot at Ozeki promotion but needs to go 4-1 in the remaining days to reach the 31 win plateau in three consecutive tournaments.
In juryo, EJ7 Metzinowaka remains the sole leader at 8-2. However, after losing to EJ2 Remonishiki (5-5), on day 10, he now finds himself being chased by a group of four with a 7-3 mark. In Makushita, the number of co-leaders has now dwindled to 6 with Wm45 Mishu still ahead on total points.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/18

Natsu Basho 2005 - Days 8 and 9
On days 8 and 9 two of the three divisions tightened up considerably. In Makuuchi, EM16 Kofuji who was the sole leader for several days dropped two in a row and now finds himself at 7-2 and in a pack with 4 others including WM9 Asashimaru and WM10 Konyanko who will face each other on day 10. This bout will most likely have yusho implications.
In Juryo today, EJ7 Metzinowaka became the first wrestler to gain his kachikoshi for the Natsu Basho and has a one match lead over EJ5 Nushuzan and WJ9 Oshirokita at 7-2. In Makushita, no less than 14 participants are vying for the title at this point with a 7-2 record. Of the co-leaders, Wm45 Mishu has a commanding lead in total points with 67 over a group four others at 62.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/17

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 7
Scoring for day 7 was up considerably thanks to a Hayateumi kyujo and the fact that every (100%) player included Asashoryu in the day's picks. The overall average was 6.90 with Wm30 Torideyama and Em70 Kotoniko scoring a perfect 10.
In Makuuchi, EM16 Kofuji continues to lead way and remains undefeated at 7-0. He is followed closely by WM7 Dilettante and WM10 Konyanko at 6-1. In Juryo, EJ7 Metzinowaka and WJ9 Oshirokita are co-leaders at 6-1 with a small pack of four nipping at their heels. In Makushita 9 wrestlers are tied with 6-1, however, Wm37 Osutoriajin is in the best position based on total points at 49.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/15

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 6
What a diiference a day makes. Yesterday it looked as if the Ozeki's were strong this tournament and then Kaio goes kyujo and Tochiazuma gets upset by Kotomitsuki. It only goes to show that anything can happen in sumo.
On day 6 of Sumo Game action EM16 Kofuji remains undefeated and has a one match lead over a group of three others at 5-1. In Juryo, EJ6 Konosato, EJ7 Metzinowaka, WJ9 Oshirokita and WJ10 Banjakubouken are tied at 5-1. In Makushita, both Em80 Tsuyoikaze and Em81 Basashihime lost today and now find themselves in the middle of a pack of 13 wrestlers with a 5-1 mark.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/14

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 5
With most of the top Rikishi posting wins yesterday scoring picked up here on Sumo Game. For the first in several tournaments all of Ozeki's are in good form and are chasing heavy favorite Asashoryu who is on record as saying he wants to be the first Yokozuna in sumo history to win all six tournaments in the same year.
In Makuuchi, EM16 Kofuji continues to lead the way at 5-0 followed closely by a group of four others, including Yokozuna Kintamayama, at 4-1. In Juryo, things are still bunched up at the top of the leaderboard but day 6 will include several key bouts that should allow for a thinning of the feild. Makushita saw an interesting development on day 5 as both Em80 Tsuyoikaze and Em81 Basashihime emerged as co-leaders at 5-0. Both wrestlers are new to the sport and doing very well in their debut tournaments.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/13

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 4
In Day 4 action of the Natsu Basho things started to take shape in one division and became more complicated in another. In Makuuchi today, EM16 Kofuji emerged as the sole leader at 4-0 with the losses of E Komosubi Gaijingai, EM5 Kaenkamiko and EM13 Lesoshoryu. Yokozuna Kintamayama won today to join the pack that are now at 3-1.
In Juryo, both WJ2 Tenkuukaikatsu and WJ10 Banjakubouken lost today so we now have 10 wrestlers at 3-1. In Makushita the field has thinned out somewhat with 8 participants still undefeated.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/11

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 3
With several upsets of heavily favored top picks scoring has been rather low so far in the Natsu Basho. Day 3 saw the overall scoring average a mere 5.76 with the Sanyaku at 5.14, barely above random. Yokozuna Kintamayama gave up his first kinboshi to WM3 Takashido in a crushing defeat. All three Sekiwake lost today and all are at 1-2 making the Ozeki void hard to fill for next tournament. It is still early, however, and winning streaks are still possible before the end of the tournament.
In the top division four wrestlers are still perfect after 3 days including E Komusubi Gaijingai, winner of the Haru Basho. In Juryo, WJ2 Tenkuukaikatsu and WJ10 Banjakubouken are co-leaders at 3-0. In Makushita 15 wrestlers sitting on top of the heap including Em1 Gochisozan who hopes to finally break out of the division for the first time in his career.
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/11

Natsu Basho 2005 - Day 1
Welcome to the Natsu Basho 2005. We managed to reach a milestone this tournament with 200 participating players, including 8 newcomers to the sport. Scoring was low today with an overall average of 5.98 and only 6.29 for the Sanyaku. Only Em29 Koriyama managed to score a respectable 9 points on Shonichi.
For the first time in Sumo Game history we have no one at the rank of Ozeki. E Sekiwake Takahike has the best shot of promotion to Ozeki, since he is recently demoted and only needs 10 wins to recover his rank. Both E Sekiwake Doitsuyama and W Sekiwake Igiski have an outside shot at promotion if they manage a stellar performance this tournament. Doitsuyama needs to finish with an 11-4 mark and Igiski needs a 12-3 record to satisfy the 31 wins in 3 tournaments criteria.
After stumbling to a 7-8 Haru Basho, Yokozuna Kintamayama has started off the Natsu Basho with a victory.
Good luck to everyone!
by Nushuzan, 2005/5/8


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