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Aki Basho 2005 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:Ozeki Doitsuyama (10-5; 106 points)
Juryo Yusho:J7 Mushi (12-3; 111 points)
Makushita Yusho:m55 Kaihayaika (14-1; 96 points)
Gino-sho:M12 Nushuzan (9-6; 109 points)
Kanto-sho:not awarded
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2005/9/26

Aki Basho 2005 - Error in Senshuraku Results: Doitsuyama pronounced yusho winner!
A grave error in the senshuraku result calculations has been found and corrected, leading to a big change in the tournament outcome. Namely, the victory of Kotooshu on day 15 has mistakenly been recorded as a loss.
As a consequence of the mistake, Dilletante, who had been earlier announced as yusho winner, lost instead of won his final bout, leading to a playoff between him, Doitsuyama, Ekigozan, Sumio and Musashiyama.
Due to highest overall score, Doitsuyama now wins the playoff and makuuchi yusho instead of Dilletante. The yusho decisions in juryo and makushita were not affected.
I am very sorry about this mistake and the wrong earlier yusho announcements!
Furthermore, I would like to congratulate Doitsuyama on his second consecutive yusho and likely promotion to yokozuna.
Thank you all for participating and again, sorry for this mistake!
by Takanotaki, 2005/9/26

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 15
Well, the Aki Basho 2005 is over and the results have been tabulated.
In Makunouchi, EM4 Dilettante (11-4) picked up his second yusho of his career by defeating EM5 Musashiyama 7-6. The co-leader going into senshuraku, Sekiwake Ekigozan, was upended by Sekiwake Igiski and fell one match off Dilettante's pace to 10-5 giving him jun yusho along with EM1 Sumio.
In Juryo, EJ7 Mushi defeated WJ9 Golynohana on the final day thus forcing a play-off situation. Mushi with the dominant total score of 111 to Golynohana's score of 103 won the yusho.
In Makushita, no messy tie break was required to determine the winner of the division since Em55 Kaihayaiha defeated Em53 Kaihoyama 6-5. Kaihayaiha posted a 14-1 record for the Aki Basho over Wm12 Jannishiki's 13-2, giving him the yusho.
To all that participated in the Aki Basho 2005, thank you, and see you in November for the Kyushu Basho.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/26

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 14
On Day 14 of the Aki Basho East Sekiwake Ekigozan defeated East Ozeki Doitsuyama 8-6. This was significant in two important ways. First off, Ekigozan managed to pick up his tenth win of the basho which along with his 9 wins in the Nagoya Basho and 12 wins in the Natsu Basho has compiled a total of 31 wins going into senshuraku. This would put him in line for an Ozeki promotion for the Kyushu Basho, especially since he won the Natsu Basho yusho in the process. The other reason this bout was significant was the fifth loss by Doitsuyama. The only option now for the Ozeki to be promoted to Yokozuna is win the Aki Basho outright. Doitsuyama must now hope that Ekigozan and WM4 Dilettante (10-4) lose on the final day and he defeats Ozeki Kintamayama. As for Kintamayama, today he dropped to 8-6 and now has no chance to get the 10 wins required to return to the Yokozuna rank.
In the Makunouchi yusho hunt, Ekigozan and Dilettante are co-leaders at 10-4 with a pack of five one match off the pace. Ekigozan in the best position of the two, if it comes down to a tie break situation, since he has outscored Dilettante 98 points to 92. If both should lose on the final day then the possibilites of a dark horse claiming the yusho are too complicated to figure out at this point.
In Juryo, the scenerio is much less complex. WJ9 Golynohana at present is the sole leader at 12-2 with EJ7 Mushi one match behind at 11-3. The two will face each other in a direct bout on day 15. If Golynohana wins, he will pick up the yusho based on total wins. However, Mushi has a 103-97 edge in total points so a victory by Mushi, the two will be 12-3, but Mushi will win the yusho based on total points.
In Makushita, Em55 Kaihayaiha is the lone wolf at 13-1. His opponent on senshuraku is Em53 Kaihoyama (12-2). If he wins, the yusho is his to claim. However, a loss will mean a tie break situation between himself, Kaihoyama, the winner of the bout between Em68 Takanosushi (12-2) and Wm12 Jannishiki (12-2) and Em66 Huumi (12-2), if he wins his bout against Wm28 Nikioshu (11-3). In terms of total point among the five Takanosushi has the edge with 98 with Jannishiki (97) and Huumi (96) very close behind.
Good luck to all!
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/24

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 12
As the final weekend approaches in the Aki Basho 2005 it looks as if Kotooshu has fate in his own hands for his first top division Yusho in his career. The only thing in his way, however, is one rikishi: Asashoryu. On day 13 the two will meet in a head to head match-up that will most certainly be the highlight bout of the tournament. Asashoryu who has stated his goal for 2005 was to win all six tournaments has looked outstanding in some days this tournament and weak in other days. In order to have any realistic shot at such a lofty goal he must overcome a two match deficit. Kotooshu on the other hand must be feeling the pressure of not only his rank but having a real possibility of a zensho yusho. Something that is rare in sumo but also something that a shin-Sekiwake has never accomplished. Can Kotooshu overcome this type of pressure and achieve greatness? It should be an interesting bout.
In Sumo Game it is also 'crunch time' as all three of the divisions are wide open. In Makunouchi East Ozeki Doitsuyama is alone in the top spot with a 9-3 record, but is followed closely by a pack of nine others at 8-4. One mistake by Doitsuyama and he is going to find himself in a very fierce battle on the final days. On the other hand, if he can remain in the lead and pick up the Yusho he will be promoted to Yokozuna by virtue of winning two yusho in a row. At 9-3 he still has a excellent shot at winning 11 matches that will give him an opportunity for promotion in yet a different situation. Ozeki Kintamayama was victorious on day 12 and is still one match off the pace. At 8-4 Kintamayama needs to win two more matches to pick up the required 10 wins to return to the rank of Yokozuna.
In Juryo, EJ7 Mushi and WJ9 Golynohana are co-leaders at 10-2 with EJ8 Norizo losing some ground with a loss. He is still alive in the chase at 9-3. In Makushita, Em53 Kaihoyama and Em55 Kaihayaiha are in a battle for the yusho at 11-1 with eight others one match back at 10-2.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/23

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 11
It's raining zabuton! It's raining zabuton!
In what could be described as one of the biggest upsets in several years Aminishiki manhandled Yokozuna Asashoryu today. Judging by the fact that 98% of the Sumo Game participants selected Asashoryu, few expected him to lose, especially by Sotogake. Kotooshu won today against a tough Tochiazuma to remain perfect at 11-0, shattering all records for a Shin Sekiwake. Can he make it twelve in a row tomorrow?
In Sumo Game action on day 11 we find East Ozeki Doitsuyama and East Sekiwake Ekigozan in the top position at 8-3 followed by a pack of ten at 7-4. Ozeki Kintamayama is one of the ten at 7-4 after losing today to EM1 Sumio (7-4). Kintamayama must now win three of his last four matches to be reclaim the Yokozuna position next tournament.
In Juryo today, leader EJ8 Norizo lost his second match of the tournament and is now tied with EJ7 Mushi and WJ9 Golynohana at 9-2. The trio have a two match lead over the next group of wrestlers so in all likelihood one of these three will win the Juryo Yusho. Makushita division still has Wm53 Kaihoyama, Em55 Kaihayaiha and Wm77 Kinkaizan fighting it out at 10-1.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/22

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 10
With strong scoring over the last few days the Aki Basho 2005 has quietly gone from one of the lowest scoring tournaments to one of the highest. Although day ten's average of 7.45 was just shy of the highest scoring days list, it did manage to jump the overall scoring average up to 6.64.
In Makunouchi after 10 days there is once again no clear leader. Both co-leaders East Sekiwake Ekigozan and WM11 Asashimaru lost today allowing both Ozekis Doitsuyama and Kintamayama, as well as EM6 Sentoriazuma and WM14 Heikotoriki to rejoin the yusho hunt. All are now 7-3. The final five days should be exciting as the field begins to thin out from head to head matches that are probable in upcoming days torikumi.
In Juryo, EJ9 Norizo continues to lead at 9-1 and is followed closely behind by EJ7 Mushi and WJ9 Golynohana at 8-2. In Makushita, leader Em53 Kaihoyama dropped his first match of the tournament allowing Em55 Kaihayaiha and Wm77 Kinkaizan to match his record at 9-1
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/21

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 9
On Day 9 in the Makunouchi division a clearer picture is beginning to emerge in the yusho chase: Natsu Basho 2005 Part Two. At the top of the leaderboard we now find two wrestlers at 7-2, East Sekiwake Ekigozan winner of the Natsu Basho 2005 and WM11 Asashimaru runner-up of the same tournament. In other news, West Ozeki Kintamayama won today keeping his Yokozuna promotion hopes alive with a 6-3 record. East Ozeki Doitusyama has dropped two matches in a row to fall to 6-3 but is still in the yusho hunt one win behind the leaders.
In Juryo, EJ8 Norizo is in sole possession of the top spot at 8-1 after WJ9 Golynohana lost today to WJ3 Toschima. Golynohana is now one match back at 7-2 as is EJ7 Mushi.
In Makushita, Em53 Kaihoyama remains the only unbeaten wrester for the Aki Basho at 9-0. The field of one loss wrestlers is now down to three with Em6 Sekihiryu, Em55 Kaihayaiha and W77 Kinkaizan all at 8-1
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/20

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 8
At Nakabi, the Makunouchi division was thrown into complete disarray as all of the leaders lost today. E Ozeki Doitsuyama, EM1 Sumio and EM11 Asashimaru who were all 6-1 were upended in very close matches by their competitors and as a result we now have six wrestlers at 6-2. E Sekiwake Ekigozan, WM3 Zenjimoto and EM10 Mariohana now find themselves in the yusho hunt going into the final week.
In Juryo, EJ8 Norizo and WJ9 Golynohana both won today and remain co-leaders at 7-1. EJ7 Mushi is one match off the pace at 6-2. In Makushita, Em53 Kaihoyama becomes the first player to pick up his kachikoshi for the Aki Basho and is still perfect at 8-0.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/19

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 7
As the first week of the Aki Basho 2005 concludes we find yet another kyujo as Wakanosato was unable to continue due to a leg injury on day six. As a result Kokkai, who was 0-6, picked up his first win by default.
In Sumo Game action, WM11 Asashimaru, who was leader for most of the first week, lost today to EM12 Nushuzan. Asashimaru now finds himself in a three way tie with EM1 Sumio and East Ozeki Doitsuyama. Doitsuyama is excellent position to either win the yusho or pick up 11 wins this tournament for Yokozuna promotion. West Ozeki Kintamayama won again today and is now half way to the 10 wins he needs to regain the top rank.
In Juryo, EJ8 Norizo and WJ9 Golynohana are co-leaders at 6-1. Norizo was sole leader for several days but lost on day 6. He rebounded nicely with a win on day 7. Golynohana carries a four match winning streak into Nakabi.
In Makushita, Em53 Kaihoyama has sole leadership and is the last player in the Aki Basho to remain perfect at 7-0.
He is followed closely by a large pack at 6-1.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/18

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 5
After the first four days of action it was beginning to look as if the Aki Basho was heading for the record books in terms of all time low scoring average and along comes day five to save all of that...with a vengence.
Day five practically shattered all records in Sumo Game history for scoring. Overall score was a whopping 8.79. You have to go all the way back to Natsu Basho 2002, with an 8.48, to even come close. A record 65 players had perfect days (one third of the field) and no less than 13 matches ended in 10-10 tie break situation.
Congratultations to all!
In Makunouchi after five days WM11 Asahimaru continues to lead with a perfect 5-0 record followed closely by four others, including East Ozeki Doitsuyama, with a 4-1. West Ozeki Kintamayama, the only Sanyaku wrestler that failed to score a perfect 10, dropped his second match of the tournament. He still has a shot of winning the required 10 matches to return to the rank Yokozuna.
In Juryo, EJ8 Norizo retains sole lead after five days at 5-0 with four others one match off the pace. In Makushita, seven are still perfect at 5-0 including Em9 Kitahayate and Em10 Susanoo
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/16

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 4
With four of the ten most selected Rikishi losing today, scoring for day 4 was a paltry 6.17. Unless scoring improves in the next few days it's beginning look as if the Aki Basho 2005 is destined to be on the list of all time low tournaments for average points.
In Makanouchi action WM11 Asahimaru is now in sole lead at 4-0 since all others with perfect records lost today.
Both Ozeki Doitsuyama and Ozeki Kintamayama won today keeping their hopes for Yokozuna promotion alive and one win off the pace at 3-1.
In Juryo, EJ8 Norizo emerged the early leader after EJ2 Yajikita was defeated today by EJ12 Fuseigou. In Makushita 13 wrestlers remain undefeated after four days.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/14

Aki Basho 2005 - Day 3
On Day three of the Aki Basho the scoring average picked up somewhat with a 6.65. Eight of the ten most selected rikishi won today.
In Makunouchi four (EM1 Sumio, EM5 Musashiyama, WM11 Asashimaru and WM18 Takanorappa) remain undefeated and have an early lead for the top spot. Ozeki Kintamayama dropped his first match of the tournament and is now 2-1 as is Ozeki Doitusyama.
In Juryo EJ2 Yajikita and EJ8 Norizo are co-leaders at 3-0. Makushita division is still a developiong story as 20 wrestlers are still perfect after three days.
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/14

Aki Basho 2005 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Aki Basho 2005. This tournament should be very exciting both on and off the Sumo Game dohyo.
Although this tournament we have a void at the Yokozuna position both West Ozeki Kintmayama and East Ozeki Doitsuyama have a reasonable chance for promotion. First off, former Yokozuna Kintamayama, who was demoted this tournament can regain the Yokozuna position with 10 wins. So far, Kintamayama is off to a great start at 2-0. For Doitsuyama, the winner of the Nagoya basho, he needs either an 11-4 record for the Aki Basho to fulfill the required 22 wins in two successive tournaments, or win the Yusho outright to be up for a promotion. After two days, he is 1-1. Good luck to both!
After the first two days of the Aki Basho, scoring has been very low at 5.42. Low scoring can partially be attributed to poor condition of Ozeki's Kaio, who injured his thigh during practice and Chiotaikai who looks either to have injured his knee or lacks motivation. Yokozuna Asashoryu made up for a stunning first day loss against Shin-komusubi Futeno by defeating Kokkai on day two by TKO.
Good luck to everyone and have fun!
by Nushuzan, 2005/9/13


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