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Hatsu Basho 2006 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M16 Tosahayate (13-2; 106 points)
Juryo Yusho:J2 Remonishiki (11-4; 104 points)
Makushita Yusho:m8 Kachitaikai (12-3; 103 points)
Gino-sho:M2 Sashimaru (8-7; 107 points)
Kanto-sho:M16 Tosahayate (13-2; 106 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2006/1/24

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 15
The first tournament of 2006 is in the record books. Ashashoryu's seven yusho winning streak came to an end and Tochiazuma walked away with all the hardware.
In Sumo Game, two of the three divisions did not need a playoff, but in Makushita, it got complicated. First off, new-comer to the top division EM16 Tosahayate put together a 13-2 record to pick up the yusho, with EM4 Zenjimoto, EM6 Kaenkamiko and WM8 Nushuzan two matches behind at 11-4.
In Juryo, WJ2 Remonishiki won on senshuraku to up his record to 11-4 and take the juryo yusho over WJ4 Andonoryu and EJ10 Shakagatake who finished at 10-5.
In Makushita Em8 Kachitakai, Wm15 Aozora and Em74 Hironoumifj all finished with a 12-3 record. However, Hironoumifj was eliminated for the yusho after scoring 102 points to 103 by the other two. Since Kachitakai and Aozora did not have a head to head match during the tournament, the third tie break rule was considered. Since both wrestlers had an identical number of days with 8 or more points (5), the fourth rule was used to determine the outcome. Kachitakai wins the yusho since he only had 2 days with five or less points while Aozora had 3.
Thanks for joining the Hatsu Basho and we hope to see you in March!
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/23

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 14
With one more day in the Hatsu Basho 2006 none of the division have been decided yet. For those that have been eliminated from the yusho hunt, the trick now is pad your record and hope for a good boost in the ranks for the March contest. Several dozen wrestlers are now at 7-7 which makes senshuraku very important.
In Makunouchi the yusho scenerio is mostly between EM16 Tosahayate and EM6 Kaenkamiko. The two will face each other in a direct bout on the final day. If Tosahayate wins, he wins the yusho outright. On the other hand, if Kaenkamiko wins by at least one point he will tie Tosahayate in wins and also in points which means the yusho will be decided by winning the day 15 head-to-head match-up. WM8 Nushuzan is mathematically alive for the yusho if he beats WM4 Zenjimoto, but would have to make up five points on senshuraku which seems highly unlikely.
In Juryo, the yusho could be easily decided if WJ2 Remonishiki wins on the final day. However, if he should be upset by EJ3 Ramanohana (7-7) then he will be in a three-way play-off that would include the winner of the EJ12 Susanoo-WJ4 Andonoryu match and the winner of the EJ10 Shakagatake-EJ6 Misisko match. In terms of total points, Remonishiki and Andonoryu each have 98 at this point and Susanoo has 97. Misisko (94 points) and Shakagatake (91 points) have the most ground to cover.
In Makushita, Em74 Hironoumifj (12-2) could pick up the yusho if he defeats Em8 Kachitakai (11-3) in their head-to-head senshuraku battle. If he losses, then Kachitakai will force at least a two way play-off. Wm15 Aozora (11-3) could join any play-off with a victory over Wm55 Bishonohana (10-4). All three are in a tight points battle, so any play-off would most likely decided by points gained on day 15.
Good luck to all!
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/22

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 13
We are now in the final weekend of the Hatsu Basho 2006. In the Makunouchi division EM16 Tosahayate is all alone at the top after EM6 Kaenkamiko was defeated on day 13 by struggling Komusubi Igiski. Still in the yusho hunt is WM8 Nushuzan(10-3) who barely survived an ugly bout with Sekiwake Sumio. East Ozeki Ekigozan and WM4 Zenjimoto still have an outside chance at the yusho, but it would nearly take a complete collapse by the leaders for this to happen.
In Juryo, leader EJ12 Susanoo was defeated by WJ12 Frinkanohana and is now in a two way tie with WJ2 Remonishiki. Both are sitting on a 9-4 record at this point. In Makushita, Em74 Hironoumifj is on top of the leader board with an 11-2 record with five others one match behind at 10-3.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/21

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 12
With three days left in the Hatsu Basho 2006 all three divisions are still a toss-up as to who will pick up the Yusho. In Makunouchi, it is now a two man race between EM6 Kaenkamiko and EM16 Tosahayate after EM8 Nushuzan was defeated by EM2 Sashimaru 7-6. The story at this point is the emergence of Tosahayate into the Sumo Game scene. In only nine tournaments he has compiled an amazaing 87-45 record with nine straight kachikoshi including five straight in double digit victories.
In Juryo, EJ12 Susanoo has a four match winning streak going into day 13. With a 9-3 record, Susanoo is the sole leader of the division with WJ2 Remonishiki and WJ4 Andonoryu one loss off the pace at 8-4. In Makushita, Em50 and Em74 Hironomifj are deadlocked at 10-2 with a large group one match behind at 9-3.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/20

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Days 10 and 11
After a day 10 loss by WM8 Nushuzan to EM3 Lesoshoryu the Makunouchi division tightened up considerably. Eleven days into the Hatsu Basho we have a complete three way deadlock among EM6 Kaenkamiko, EM8 Nushuzan and EM16 Tosahayate. All three wrestlers are sitting on a 9-2 record and all three are are tied with 79 total points for the tournament. One loss off the pace is Ozeki Ekigozan. Should Ekigozan manage to catch the leaders in the final days he has a slim advantage over the other three with 81 points.
In Juryo, WJ4 Andonryu continues to fight for the yusho after finding himself in a four way split on day 10. On day 11, the competition was trimmed down to just himself and EJ12 Susanoo. Both are now at 8-3 after gaining their kachikoshi for the tournament.
In Makushita, Em50 Kaiomitsuki is now the sole leader at 10-1 after Wm55 Bishonohana and Em74 Hironoumifj were upset by their opponents. One match off the pace are also Em8 Kachitaki, Wm35 Kaihoyama and Wm64 Bakanobara.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/18

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 9
At the start of the second week of the Hatsu Basho the drama is starting to unfold on and off the dohyo. Obviously the big surprise so far is that rank and file rikishi Hokutoriki is still undefeated at 9-0. Asashoryu is one match behind and fighting with fire in his eyes after the day 2 upset by Kokkai. In two consecutive days, an Ozeki has dropped out of the tournament due to injuries. Kotooshu is doing well for a Shin-Ozeki at 7-2. Finally, if they sumo association ever felt like adding a new special prize, perhaps that should call it the 'fighting wounded' award and give it to Tamanoshima in honor of his massively taped shoulder.
In Sumo Game after nine days, WM8 Nushuzan has reclaimed the top spot in the Makunouchi division at 8-1 and is followed by a pack of two loss wrestlers. Ozeki Ekigozan, one of the two loss wrestlers, has put together a five match winning streak and is now in the Yusho hunt. On day 10, EM11 Andoreasu and EM16 Tosayate, both at 7-2, will face each other in the highlight match of the day.
In Juryo, WJ4 Andonoryu was defeated on day 9 and slipped to 6-3. He now finds himself with five others at the same mark with 6 days remaining in the tournament. In Makushita leader Wm35 Kaihoyama had his eight match winning streak broken by Wm30 Kitakachiyama (5-4) and is now in a six-way tie for the yusho at 8-1.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/17

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Nakabi
Scoring for Nakabi was the lowest of the Hatsu Basho at 5.76 due mostly to the losses of five of the top ten most selected rikishi for the day. With the sudden kyujo of Chiotaikai, Roho picked up a win by default which helped prop up the average for the day. Although today's numbers were off, the tournament average remains a strong 6.75.
In Makunouchi action on day 8, the four way tie at the top was trimmed to three as WM2 Musashiyama was upset by WM11 Hermanosho 6-5. EM6 Kaenkamiko, WM8 Nushuzan and EM16 Tosahayate are leading the way with a 7-1 mark.
In Juryo, WJ3 Heruwejima pulled even with WJ4 Andonoryu, who lost today, and has equalled his record at 6-2. A significant pack of wrestlers are one match behind at 5-3. In Makushita, Wm35 Kaihoyama became the first wrestler of the new year to pick up his kachikoshi and is sitting on top the leaderboard at 8-0.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/15

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 7
In Makunouchi action after 7 days, WM8 Nushuzan dropped his first match of the tournament and is now in a four-way tie with WM2 Mushashiyama, EM6 Kaenkamiko, and EM16 Tosahayate, all at 6-1. In Juryo, WJ4 Andonoryu is once again sole leader at 6-1 after WJ3 Heruwejima and EJ10 Shakagatake were defeated by their opponents. Going into Nakabi, there is no change in the leaderboard in Makushita as four wrestlers remain perfect at 7-0.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/15

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 6
After 6 days of the Hatsu Basho overall scoring has been fairly consistant with a 6.78 average. Many of the top Rikishi are posting good records after the first week hoping to add their names to the Yusho list. Asashoryu still looks strong, but the real surprises have been Tochiazuma and Hakuho who have yet to be upended. Hokutoriki has also been strong but will start facing some of the Sanyaku in a few days if his winning streak survives.
In Sumo Game, WM8 Nushuzan is the sole leader of the Makunouchi division after both EM6 Kaenkamiko and WM7 Yuko were defeated dropping them both to 5-1. Yokozuna Doitsuyama and Ozeki Kintamayama got a white circle next to their names on day 6. They both hope to be at .500 by Nakabi.
In Juryo, WJ4 Andonoryu lost today and now finds himself in a three-way tie with WJ3 Heruwejima and EJ10 Shakagatake at 5-1. In Makushita, Wm15 Aozora, Wm35 Kaihoyama, Wm64 Bakanobara and Em74 Hironoumifj are fighting it out at the top spot and are all 6-0.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/14

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 5
Five days into the Hatsu Basho and finally all three divisions have started to take shape. There was no change in the leadership in the Makunouchi division as EM6 Kaenkamiko, WM7 Yuko and WM8 Nushuzan all increased there record to 5-0. In Juryo, a fifth day loss by WJ9 Sakana to EJ7 Unagiyutaka has given sole leadership at this early stage to WJ4 Andonoryu.
In Makushita Wm15 Aozora, Wm35 Kaihoyama, Wm47 Jakusotsu, Wm64 Bakanobara, EM74 Hironoumifj and Wm77 Decanabol are all still undefeated at 5-0.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/13

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 4
After four days of the Hatsu Basho at least two of the divisions are starting develop into a clear picture. In the Makunouchi division EM6 Kaenkamiko, WM7 Yuko and WM8 Nushuzan are still perfect at 4-0. West Ozeki Kinatamayama picked up his first win of the tournament with an 8-7 score over EM4 Mariohana and East Komusubi Igiski who picked up the Yusho in Novemeber is off to a slow start this tournament at 0-4.
In Juryo division WJ4 Andonoryu and WJ9 Sakana are undefeated co-leaders with several behind them at one loss off the pace. In Makushita only nine wrestlers are 4-0 including newcomer Wm77 Decanabol.
Overall scoring for the day was 7.11 with most participants losing a point due to the upset of Wakanosato who is buried deep in the banzuke after several kyujo tournaments.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/11

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 3
On day 3 of the Hatsu Basho overall scoring was a bit off with a 6.02 average. The upset loss of Chiyotaikai and losses of three others in the most selected wrestlers list was the main reason for the low scoring.
In the Makunouchi division six wrestlers are still perfect after three days. Yokozuna Doitsuyama surrendered his second kinboshi of the tournament and is now 1-2. West Ozeki Kintamayama has, so far, failed to notch his first victory and is going to have to really scramble if he is to avoid a demotion.
In Juryo, WJ4 Andonoryu, WJ9 Sakana and EJ10 Shakagatake are early co-leaders at 3-0. Makushita is still too bunched up at the top to have a clear front runner.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/11

Hatsu Basho 2006 - Day 1
Welcome to the Hatsu Basho 2006. We hope everyone had a good holiday and is well rested to take in the first tournament of the new year. This year should bring some very exciting action to the Dohyo. Asashoryu will be trying to extend his yusho winning streak and everyone else will be trying to be the first to break it. Kotooshu has been promoted to Ozeki and there are hopes that a serious Asashoryu-Kotooshu rivalry develops in the coming tournaments. Several young Rikishi's such as Kisenosato, Futeno and newcomer Yoshikaze hope to move up through the ranks and become a serious threat to the veterans.
In Sumo Game for the Hatsu Basho, we have a total of 184 participants which matches the number we had for last tournament. Also, we have seven newcomers to the sport so good luck to them and thanks for joining up. In Makunouchi Division, West Ozeki and former Yokozuna Kintamayama is kadoban and needs at least an 8-7 record to avoid slipping in the banzuke.
Good luck to everyone and have a good fresh start to the new year.
by Nushuzan, 2006/1/9


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