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Natsu Basho 2006 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M1 Heruwejima (13-2; 98 points)
Juryo Yusho:J8 Marionoumi (13-2; 96 points)
Makushita Yusho:m1 Tsurugame (12-3; 98 points)
Gino-sho:M16 Norizo (8-7; 101 points)
Kanto-sho:M8 Mariohana (11-4; 96 points)
Shukun-sho:M1 Heruwejima (13-2; 98 points)
by Takanotaki, 2006/5/22

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 15
Well, the Natsu Basho 2006 is over and what an exciting event it has been. With the early withdraw of Yokozuna Asashoryu the yusho was up for grabs to anyone up for the challenge. This time it was Shin-ozeki Hakuho. With Miyabiyama, Baruto and Asasekiryu picking up special prizes.
In Sumo Game, EM1 Heruwejima notched his second consecutive yusho on day 14 in the Makunouchi division as did WJ8 Marionoumi in the Juryo. Both wrestlers share one thing in common, after spending much of their career in lower divisions (Heruwejima in Juryo and Marinoumi in Makushita), they both rocketed through the division of their present rank.
The Makushita divison, however, was decided by a three way play-off among senshuraku winners Wm1 Tsurugame, Wm17 Koriyama and Em47 Sakanatori. All three finished the basho with a 12-3 record, but Wm1 Tsurugame was awarded his second makushita yusho based on total points. Tsurugame finished the tournament with 98 points to Koriyama's 97 points and Sakanatori's 94.
That's a wrap for the Natsu Basho 2006. Please stay tuned for any special prize announcements and we hope to see you all in July!
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/22

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 14
After 14 days of the Natsu Basho, two of the three divisions have already been decided. In Makunouchi, EM1 Heruwejima, after spending most of his career in Juryo, won his second yusho in a row after defeating Komusubi Sumio. He now has a two match lead over his nearest rival.
In Juryo, WJ8 Marionoumi also distanced himself from the field with a two match lead with one day of action remaining. The yusho should give Marionoumi a nice boost in the rankings next tournament.
In Makushita, the yusho will have to be decided in a playoff. At present, a total of 6 wrestlers are tied with an 11-3 record. All will take part in an elimination match on senshuraku with the yusho being decided by total points. Wm1 Tsurugame will face Em78 Krokonowaka, Wm17 Koriyama will battle with Wm 60 Morinosei and Wm30 Chocshoporyu will meet Em47 Sakanatori. Krokonowaka has a slight points lead with 92 over Tsurugame's 91 and Chocshoporyu's 90.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/21

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 13
As we approach the final weekend of the Natsu Basho scores continue to be very low by Sumo Game standards, however, for the 'big boys' this has been a very exciting tournament. Hakuho could be in rarified air by winning his first yusho as a shin-ozeki or we could have Miyabiyama as an ex-ozeki finally coming into his own after struggling for so long as a mid-Maegashira. Shin-Makunouchi Baruto could take home the all the hardware in what could be one of the greatest upsets in sumo history. Of course, Chiotaikai could still be a factor in all of this if by some chance he fights his way into a play-off on the final day. Exciting stuff indeed!
In Sumo Game today, EM1 Heruwejima (11-2) continues to dominate and could wrap up his second yusho in a row with a win on day 14. He now has a two match lead over his nearest rivals as WM8 Mariohana (9-4) was defeated by EM2 Kaenkamiko.
There was no change in the leader board in Juryo today as both WJ8 Marionoumi (11-2) and EJ7 Kaiowaka (10-3) won today. The two wrestlers will face each other on day 14. If Marionoumi is victorious, he will pick the juryo yusho outright, however, if Kaiowaka wins, nothing will be decided until senshuraku. In Makushita, there is now a three way tie among Wm1 Tsurugame, Wm17 Koriyama and Em47 Sakanatori. All three are sitting on an 11-2 mark at this point.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/20

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 12
With three days remaining in the Natsu Basho all Sumo Game divisions are really starting to shape up. In Makunouchi, EM1 Heruwejima, in an attempt to win back to back yushos, picked his tenth win today. He is followed closely by WM8 Mariohana who is 9-3 and one match off the pace. A sizeable group of five others with four losses are still mathematically alive in the yusho hunt should Heruwejima stumble in the final days.
In Juryo, WJ8 Marionoumi also picked up his tenth win of the tournament and remains the sole leader at 10-2. Trailing by one loss is EJ7 Kaiowaka at 9-3. On Day 13 Mariounoumi will face EJ8 Susanoo, who is still in the yusho hunt with an 8-4 record. WJ4 Leonishiki who defeated Marionoumi on day 5 is also in the chase with an 8-4 mark.
In Makushita, both Wm17 Koriyama and Em78 Krokonowaka lost on day 12 to fall to 10-2 for the tournament. Losses by the co-leaders have allowed Wm17 Koriyama, Em31 Frenchuzan and Em47 Sakanatori to climb in the yusho hunt with the same 10-2 record. At this point, Krokonowaka has a slim advantage over the others with 80 points should it come down to a tie-breaker.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/19

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 11
The Natsu Basho 2006 continues to bewilder and amuse as overall scoring continues to hover around an all time low. After 11 days this 'total mess' of a tournament now sits as the fourth lowest in Sumo Game history at 5.87 with todays average a mere 5.32.
There was no real change in the leader board today in all divisions. EM1 Heruwejima won again today and now has a record of 9-2 after squeaking past Ozeki Ekigozan 5-4. One loss off the pace are WM8 Mariohana and EM14 Oshirokita at 8-4. In Juryo, WJ8 Marionoumi has upped his score to 9-2 after defeating WJ5 Misisko. Marionoumi is followed closely behind by Kaiowaka with an 8-4 mark. In Makushita, both Wm17 Koriyama and Em78 Krokonowaka won today to increase their record to 10-1. They are followed by a group of four at 9-2.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/18

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 10
Scoring picked up somewhat on day 10 of the Natsu Basho 2006 with a 7.05 average, however, overall scoring for the tournament remains below the six point mark at 5.93. In Makunouchi, EM1 Heruwejima, winner of the Haru Basho, finds himself alone on top the leader board after upsetting Yokozuna Doitsuyama who is now two wins off the pace at 6-4. Trailing Heruwejima are a small pack of five others wrestlers at 7-3.
In Juryo, WJ8 Marionoumi is the sole leader at 8-2 followed closely by EJ7 Kaiowaka and EJ8 Susanoo at 7-3. In Makushita, newcomer Em78 Krokonowaka (9-1) continues to impress after picking nine points in his victory over Wm79 Imumaru. Krokonowaka is in a deadlock with Wm17 Koriyama who is also sitting on a 9-1 record.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/17

Natsu Basho 2006 - Days 8 and 9
After having another low scoring day on Nakabi (5.54) we finally get a boost in the overall numbers with a 7.53 on day nine. Although it wasn't quite high enough to register among the top 25, several wrestlers scored a perfect 10, the first of the Natsu Basho.
In Makunouchi after nine days EM1 Heruwejima, EM14 Oshirokita, WM14 Charliki and WM18 Takashido are in a tight battle for the yusho with a 7-2 record. Of the four, Oshirokita has a slight edge in total points with 60.
In Juryo, after day 9, EJ7 Kaiowaka and WJ8 Marionoumi are locked in a battle on top the leader board at 7-2. They are followed by a group of three others at 6-3. In Makushita, the eight way tie that exsisted after day 7 has been trimmed to three names, Wm1 Tsurugame, Wm17 Koriyama and newcomer Em78 Krokonowaka. Tsurugame will participate in the juryo division on day 10 to balance out the banzuke.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/16

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 7
Having cracked the six wins average only once (shonichi) in the first week scoring continues to hover near a record low for overall average. Choosing ten picks have been hampered by wrestlers with no solid match-up history and upsets by the rank and file rikishi over the top dogs. As we approach Nakabi and the final week, the picks will probably become even more difficult.
In Makunouchi, leader WM18 Takashido was defeated by WM13 Heikotoriki in a low scoring bout that has been typical of the Natsu Basho. Takashido now finds himself with a share of the lead with EM11 Sunibono. Both are at 6-1.
In Juryo, EJ13 Darkanishiki, who was leading after day 6, lost today and is now in a five way tie at 5-2. In Makushita, eight wrestlers have a 6-1 record for the top spot including Wm1 Tsurugame who won the Makushita yusho in Nagoya 2005.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/14

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 6
With 6 of the 10 most selected rikishi losing on day 6, scoring for the Natsu Basho continued its downward spiral. Today's scoring average was only 5.27 thus lowering the overall average to 5.53.
WM18 Takashido continues to lead the Makunouchi division after defeating EM10 Yuko (4-2) and is now the only undefeated wrestler in the Natsu Basho. Yokozuna Doitsuyama and Sekiwake Igiski are one back of the leader as are WM6 Lesoshoryu and EM11 Sunibono.
In Juryo, EJ13 Darkanishiki is all alone in the top spot at 5-1 followed by nine others at 4-2. Several of the top competitors will have direct bouts on day 7 which should thin the field considerably. In Makushita, both Wm17 Koriyama and Em23 Nikioshu lost today which sent that division back into a free-for-all with 15 competitors at 5-1.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/13

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 5
Overall scoring for the Natsu Basho remains low after five days as the picks continue to be tough. The average for the tournament now sits at second lowest of all time 5.58 with today's 5.07 being just a shade above random.
In Makunouchi, M18 Takashido remains the only unbeaten wrestler and is sole leader at 5-0. He is followed by a pack of eight others, including Yokozuna Doitsuyama and Sekiwake Igiski, at 4-1. In Juryo, WJ8 Marionoumi was up-ended today and is now in a five way tie at 4-1. Makushita has finally started to take form with Wm17 Koriyama and Em23 Nikioshu still perfect at 5-0.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/12

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 4
Four days into the Natsu Basho and the going is still pretty rough for solid picks. Today's average was up from yesterday but still low at 5.99 with the overall average for the tournament increasing to a mere 5.71. It seems that without Asashoryu in the mix everyone that is healthy has a real shot a picking up the yusho so the intensity level has picked up dramatically. Day four had some fantastic bouts!
In Makunouchi, a clear picture is starting to emerge on the leader board. WM6 Lesoshoryu, WM14 Charliki, WM16 Norizo and WM18 Takashido are still perfect at 4-0. In juryo WJ8 Marionoumi becomes the first 'sole leader' of the tournament as several of the other competitiors dropped their first match on day four. Makushita has thinned out considerably and now 7 wrestlers, including Em1 Asafan, fighting it out for the top spot.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/11

Natsu Basho 2006 - Days 2 and 3
After three days the Natsu Basho is shaping up to be both difficult and unpredictable. With Asashoryu pulling out after a day two injury the Basho is up for grabs especially since Ozeki's Tochiazuma, Kotooshu and Kaio are off to a very slow start at 1-2. The other two Ozeki's Hakuho and Chiotaikai look strong at 3-0 as does Miyabiyama who seems to have finally decided to make a run at reclaiming the sumo's second highest rank after many years at mid-Maegashira.
With all the inconsistencies at Sanyaku for the tournament, the number of upsets have played havoc on Sumo Game. The scoring average for day two was and a low 5.19 and day three wasn't much better at 5.24. The overall average after three days now sits at second lowest of all time at 5.62.
In Makunouchi division for the Natsu Basho, Sekiwake Igiski remains perfect along with 7 others at 3-0. Juryo has thinned out on the leader board with WJ8 Marionoumi, WJ11 Ketsukai and WJ12 Mmikasazuma, all at the top spot with a perfect record. Makushita still has 15 wrestlers bunched up at 3-0 but that number should decrease in the coming days.
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/10

Natsu Basho 2006 - Day 1
Welcome to the Natsu Basho 2006. We have a total of 192 particpating players for this tournament with nine newcomers to the sport. Scoring for the first day was average at 6.43 thanks mainly to the upset losses of Ozeki Kaio and Kotooshu. The much hearlded Estonian, Baruto, had an impressive debut victory in the top division. He was the fourth highest selected wrestler for the day. Shin-ozeki Hakuho also looked stellar today in his win over Wakanosato. Historically a new Ozeki stumbles in his first match at that rank as nerves get the better of them, but Hakuho is out to prove to the sumo establishment that being the fourth youngest Ozeki of all time is no fluke.
In the Makunouchi division, Yokozuna Doitsuyama surrendered his first kinboshi of the tournament to EM3 Kofuji. As a result of the upset, Doitsuyama was the only sanyaku to notch a shonichi win.
In one final note for the day. former Ozeki Boltono announced his retirement from Sumo Game this tournament. Boltono was one of the orginal members of Sumo game and compiled a record of 215-190-90 with a Makunouchi yusho in the Haru Basho 2003 as well as three jun-yusho. His presence will be missed.
Good luck to all and enjoy the rest of the Natsu Basho!
by Nushuzan, 2006/5/8


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