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Aki Basho 2007 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M3 Susanoo (12-3; 106 points)
Juryo Yusho:J11 Chocshoporyu (12-3; 100 points)
Makushita Yusho:m45 Arikomitsu (12-3; 102 points)
Gino-sho:M3 Susanoo (12-3; 106 points)
Kanto-sho:M3 Susanoo (12-3; 106 points)
Shukun-sho:M3 Susanoo (12-3; 106 points)
by Takanotaki, 2007/9/24

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 15
The results are in for the Aki Basho 2007 and Hakuho after getting dumped on the shonichi recovered nicely to pick up his first yusho as Yokozuna. Kyokutenho had an outside chance of forcing a playoff with his victory over Tamakasuga earlier in the day, but Hakuho managed to smother and force out Chiotaikai in a fairly quick match to pick up the tournament title. Kyokutenho was able to pick up the Kantosho for a fine tournament and will get a nice boost in the ranks to upper Maegashira where he belongs in the first place. Goeido also won the Kantosho for a terrific tournament and a nice 11-4 record. Ama with a bum knee was able to win the Shukunsho as did Toyonoshima with victories over the Yokozuna and a couple of Ozeki's
In Sumo Game, Susanoo not only picked up yusho in the Makunochi division with a stellar 12-3 record but swept the special prizes as well. Unfortunately for Sekiwake Norizo, Ozeki promotion will have to wait as Norizo was only able to muster 30 wins in three tournaments. However, Norizo will be in a better position next tournament and would only need to repeat a 9-6 record for 31 wins. One thing that was not covered in the daily reports was how close Yokozuna Doitsuyama was to losing his rank. With a 7-8 mark in both the Natsu and Nagoya tournament Doitsuyama needed a winning record to retain his rank and was just able to squeak out the kachikoshi with a senshuraku win against Sekiwake Ekigozan. Yes, Sumo Game needs an Ozeki, but not while losing a Yokozuna in the mean time.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu was able to over come a mid-basho slump to put together a three match winning streak to pick up the yusho. In Makushita, a three way play off among Em39 Asahi, Wm45 Arikomitsu and Wm70 Sakebono, all with a 12-3 record, was settled easily based on total points with Arikomitsu winning the yusho with superior numbers.
Thanks for participating in the Aki Basho and we hope to see everyone back for the Kyushu tournament in November!
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/24

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 14
We are approaching the final day of the Aki Basho 2007 and the tournament title is still up for grabs. Kyokuenho who was victorious in the head-to-head match against Ama on day 14 could force a senshuraku play-off against Hakuho if he should win against an aging Tamakasuga while Hakuho loses his final bout against Chiotaikai. Chiotaikai has had some success against the Yokozuna so we might be in store for an extra bonus match at the end of the final day.
In Sumo Game, all three divisions are still up in the air with following scenarios at hand: In Makunouchi, WM3 Susanoo, who is now 12-2, could win the yusho outright with a senshuraku victory against EM4 Yumezukuri. A loss by Susanoo and a victory by WM2 Konosato, the only other competitor with a mathematical chance for the title, would ensure a final day play-off. Susanoo, however, has a commanding lead in points 101 to 95 and is in excellent shape to win the Aki Basho.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu at 11-3 is in the best position to win the yusho. A victory on the final day would guarantee him the title while a loss would force a play-off between the winner of the head-to-head bout between WJ2 Ketsukai and EJ3 Inakayama who are both one match down at 10-4. Chocshoporyu has a slight edge in total points with 94 while Inakayama has 92 and Ketsukai has 91.
In Makushita, we have 11 competitors with a shot at the yusho. Wm12 Toonoryu, Em39 Asahi, Em45 Arikomitsu and Em70 Sakebono are all 11-3 and hold the best chances to either win the title outright or force a play-off. Any of the four winning with the other three losing would pick up the yusho without a play-off. However, if two or more competitors win, a play-off would determine the victor. Arikomitsu has a sizable lead in points with 94 to the next nearest total of 90 which belongs to Toonoryu. Asahi has 88 points and Sakebono has 87 points. A win by any of the four would immediately eliminate all of the competitors who are now sitting on a 10-4 record going into senshuraku, however, if all four 11-3 wrestlers should be defeated then the yusho scenerios are too numerous to easily calculate.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/23

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 13
As we approach the final weekend of the Aki Basho 2007 the action is heating up both on the real dohyo and in our own cyber dohyo. Hakuho can move one step closer to his first yusho as a Yokozuna on day 14, however, new comer Goeido is hoping to pull himself back into contentention while pulling off what would be one of the greatest sumo upsets of all time. Either way, the winner of the head-to-head match up between Kyokutenho and Ama who are both 10-3 would still be mathematically alive for the title meaning we will have to wait for senshuraku to determine a winner of the fall tournament.
In Makunouchi division of Sumo Game, WM3 Susanoo who is now 11-2 moved one step closer to the the yusho with a victory over EM5 Sumio. Lurking one match down is WM2 Konosato while two matches off the pace are Sekiwake Norizo, EM8 Heikotoriki and EM14 Kotononami. Norizo picked up a win over the Yokozuna Doitsuyama to come within one win of an Ozeki promotion. Good luck Norizo!
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu who refused to fall completely out of the yusho chase now finds himself the sole leader once again at 10-3. One match down are a sizable group of five others at 9-4. In Makushita, both Wm12 Toonoryu and Wm74 Daiishi lost today to send that division into a free-for-all on the final weekend. As a result, there in now a six way tie for yusho with everyone at sitting on a 10-3 record.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/22

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 12
On Day 12 of the Aki Basho WM3 Susanoo, who is now 10-2, emerged the sole leader of Makunouchi divison with an easy victory over Komusubi Nushuzan. Meanwhile, co-leader WM14 Kotononami(9-3) was defeated WM2 Konosato to fall one match off the pace. With the victory, Konosato remains in the yusho hunt as well with a 9-3 record for the tournament. Ozeki hopeful Norizo has handed his fourth loss to fall to 8-4, but still has an excellent chance of reaching the 31 win plateau required to reach Sumo Game's second highest rank. He will face Yokozuna Doitsuyama on day 13.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu who has lost three of the last four days now finds himself in a three-way race for the yusho along with EJ1 Pandaazuma and WJ2 Ketsukai. All three competitors are now 9-3. In Makushita, the five way tie for the tournament title has been trimmed to two as both Wm74 Daiishi and Wm12 Toonoryu survived the day with a victory to up their records to 10-2.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/21

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 11
With losses by seven of the ten most selected rikishi including Hakuho, Kotooshu and Chiotaikai, day 11 of the Aki Basho goes down at number six on the all time lowest scoring days for Sumo Game at 3.63. Although several of the wrestlers were able to muster a score of six for the day, nearly half finished with two or three points
As a result of all the carnage on day 11, the leader of the tournament is the new comer Goeido who will now, as his reward, get sent through the Sanyaku gauntlet facing Ama on day 12 and Chiotaikai on day 13. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
In Makunouchi action, WM3 Susanoo and EM14 Kotononami are still co-leaders at 9-2 after Sekiwake Ekigozan was handed his third loss by WM2 Konosato. Both Konosato and Ekigozan are now 8-3 as is EM8 Heikotoriki and Sekikwake Norizo who now only needs a pair of victories for an Ozeki promotion. In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu who is now 9-2 has recovered sole leadership after EJ2 Inakayama was defeated by a struggling WJ14 Terarno for his third loss. Also at three losses are EJ1 Pandaazuma and WJ2 Ketsukai. In Makushita, a loss by both co-leaders Wm14 Kaiomitsuki and Wm74 Daiishi has now opened the yusho chase wide open with a five way tie for the lead.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/20

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 10
Ten days into the Aki Basho 2007 and all three divisions of Sumo Game have a close battle for the yusho. In Makunouchi, Sekiwake Ekigozan, WM3 Susanoo and EM14 Kotononami all won today to picked up their 8th win and secure their katchikoshi while remaining in a three way tie at the top of the leader board. Sekiwake Norizo kept his dreams alive for Ozeki promotion with his seventh win. A 3-2 record in the remaining days will secure enough wins for the magic number of 31.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu dropped his second match in a row to fall to 8-2 for the tournament, as a result, EJ3 Inakayama has matched Chocshoporryu's record and is now co-leader of this division. In Makushita, long time sole leader Daiishi fell to 9-1 with a loss on day 10. Wm14 Kaiomitsuki on the other hand has put together a nice four match winning streak to equal Daiishi for the yusho lead.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/19

Aki Basho 2007 - Days 8 and 9
On day 9 of the Aki Basho 2007 scoring for the day was the lowest for the tournament at 5.38. We had been on the the rise in terms of scoring average since day 2 and even saw perfect scores from EJ7 Katchitakai and newcomer Em73 Nikishima at Nakabi, but Day 9 proved once again that the second week is usually the hardest to make accurate picks.
In Makunouchi, WM3 Susanoo who had been sole leader for several days was upended by EM14 Kotononami. As a result, both Susanoo and Kotononami are 7-2 as is Sekiwake Ekigozan who defeated Komusubi Nushuzan in a close bout. One match off the pace are seven wrestlers including Sekiwake Norizo who has put together a nice three match winning streak keeping his Ozeki promotion chances alive going into the second week.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu continues to set the pace at 8-1 and is followed by EJ1 Pandaazuma, WJ2 Ketsukai and EJ3 Inakayama at 7-2. In Makushita, Wm74 Daiishi remains undefeated at 9-0 and is still the sole leader. One loss down are Wm14 Kaiomitsuki, Em22 Kallinkos and Em75 Mainokaze at 8-1.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/18

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 7
With day 7 losses by both Komusubi Andoreasu and EM8 Heikotoriki, WM3 Susanoo has assumed sole leadership of the Makunouchi division for the Aki Basho 2007 with a 6-1 record. One match behind Susanoo is large group of eight other wrestlers who hope for a miscue to get back into the yusho chase. On Nakabi, EM2 Sashimaru (5-2) will face EM9 Mimawari (5-2) in one of several highlight bouts on the day. Sekiwake Norizo snapped a three match losing streak to put his hopes for Ozeki promotion back on track and now needs to close out the tournament with at least a 6-2 record to pick up the required number of wins of 31.
In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu is now all alone at the top of the standings after co-leader Araiwa dropped his first match of the tournament. Araiwa is now in a group with three other competitors with one loss including WJ2 Ketsukai who will face Chocshoporyu on day 8. In Makushita, newcomer Wm74 Daiishi is still unbeaten at 7-0 and is by himself for the lead. Seven other wrestlers trail Daiishi with a 6-1 mark after the first week of action.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/16

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 6
With eight of the top ten most selected wrestlers winning today along with Tochinonada's no contest win against the now kyujo Kaio scoring was the highest of the tournament at 7.35.
In Makunouchi action on day 6, the seven way tie for the lead has been trimmed to three with Komusubi Andoreasu, WM3 Susanoo and EM8 Heikotoriki all at 5-1. Susanoo holds a slight edge in total points at 45. In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu and EJ14 Awaiwa are still perfect at 6-0 with EJ1 Pandaazuma, WJ2 Ketsukai and EJ3 Inakayama one match off the pace at 5-1. In Makushita, newcomer Wm74 Daiishi is undefeated at 6-0 as is Em45 Mainokaze who is returning to Sumo Game after being away for nearly 18 months.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/15

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 5
On day 5 of the Aki Basho 2007, scoring continues to improve somewhat with a 6.60 for the day, however, overall scoring for the tournament remains below average at 6.24. As of yet, we have had no perfect scores and only a handful of wrestlers getting 9 points on a day.
In Makunouchi, early leader WM10 Hermanosho was upended for the first time this basho and has fallen to 4-1. Hermanosho now finds himself in a seven way battle at the top of the leader board including WM3 Susanoo who sent Ozeki-promotion candidate Norizo to his second straight loss. Norizo still has an excellent chance to move up the Banzuke, but needs to put together another winning streak soon. In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu and EJ14 Araiwa continue to set the pace in that division at 5-0. In Makushita we now have some significant thinning in the scoring with four names still undefeated: Wm14 Kaiomitsuki, W71 Bogdanyama, Wm74 Daiishi and Em75 Mainokaze.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/14

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 4
Scoring picked up on day 4 of the Aki Basho as the top five most selected rikishi all won today. Although the average for the day wasn't spectacular at 6.53 it was enough to bump up the overall average for the tournament to 6.14. In Makunouchi division, Sekiwake Norizo, who hopes to be promoted to Ozeki, was handed his first loss by EM4 Yumezukuri, 7-6 and is one match down from the sole leader WM10 Hermanosho. In Juryo, WJ11 Chocshoporyu and EJ14 Araiwa are co-leaders at 4-0 with a pack of seven others at 3-1. In Makushita, at total of nine wrestlers are still perfect at 4-0.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/13

Aki Basho 2007 - Days 2 and 3
With the absence of Asashoryu in the Aki Basho and upsets of the top contenders scoring for the tournament has been on the low side so far. Scoring average for day 2 was a shade above random at 5.40 while day 3 was a bit higher at 5.80 to bring the overall average down to 6.01.
In Makunouchi action, Ozeki candidate Norizo is off to a fast start at 3-0 to find himself in an early tie with Komusubi Andoreasu, EM9 Mimawari and WM10 Hermanosho all at 3-0. The juryo division has started to spread out after three days as well with WJ10 Kitahayate, WJ11 Chocshoporyu and EJ14 Araiwa leading the charge. The Makushita division is still several days away from having any obvious contenders as 16 members are still undefeated.
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/12

Aki Basho 2007 - Day 1
Welcome to the Aki Basho 2007!
Just in case you have been living in a cave, under a rock or have no others means to the Japanese media for the last six weeks, Asashoryu is kyujo this tournament. More precisely, Asashoryu has been suspended by the sumo association following actions deemed deplorable for a Yokozuna: after getting doctor's permission to skip out on the exhibition tour between tournaments to recover from injuries, the Yokozuna was seen at a charity football/soccer match in his home country kicking around a soccer ball, thus leading to a two tournament suspension. The Japanese media being what it is, has decided to report every single action of Asashoryu's to the point where the viewer now knows exactly how many times he chews his food before swallowing.
Controversy aside, Asashoryu's absence can mean only one thing for the Aki basho: a very wide open tournament with no clear-cut favorite. One would think Hakuho would be the heir apparent, but after getting dumped on day one, it appears he is going to have to fight his way back into contention. Newly promoted Ozeki Kotomitsuki is a strong yusho candidate as is his stable-mate Kotooshu. Deep in the banzuke are several other rikishi that should have an easy time for at least the first week before getting thrown to the sanyaku regulars. It's been several years since a Mid-Maegashira picked up a yusho so we are about due for another. This could be a fun Basho!
As for Sumo Game, once again we are without an Ozeki in the ranks but we have two Sekiwake with an excellent chance to get a promotion. Both Golynohana and Norizo are sitting on a combined two tournament record of 21-9. If either of them finish the Aki basho with at 10-5 mark that would satisfy the the 31 wins needed for consideration to Sumo Games second highest rank. Good luck to both of them! This tournament we have 164 participating players with seven new-comers to the game.
Good luck and have fun!
by Nushuzan, 2007/9/10


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