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Nagoya Basho 2008 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M1 Susanoo (11-4; 105 points)
Juryo Yusho:J2 Ketsukai (12-3; 103 points)
Makushita Yusho:m46 Hashira (13-2; 105 points)
Gino-sho:M7 Huumi (9-6; 107 points)
Kanto-sho:not awarded
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2008/7/29

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 15
The Nagoya Basho 2008 is in the record books and what started off as an exciting tournament turned into a rout by Hakuho who remained undefeated for his seventh Emperors Cup. In Sumo Game, we were not without some drama of our own as server problems on day 13 frayed nerves and dampened the spirits of some but all and all most people were understanding.
The winners have been announced in all three of the divisions and special prizes have been awarded. EM1 Susanoo picks up a second yusho with an 11-4 mark after beating Sekiwake Norizo in a play-off. WM7 Huumi won the Ginosho with his 107 points for the tournament. In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai wins the yusho with a 12-3 record and will get a nice boost up the ranks and will most likely be returning to Makunouchi in September. In Makushita, Wm46 Hashira won the play-off against Em72 Mishashimaru for the title of that division.
Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your summer, be safe and hopefully we will see everyone back for the Aki Basho in September!
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/29

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 14
Going into the final day of the Nagoya Basho 2008 the yusho for all three division are up for grabs. In Makunouchi, EM1 Susanoo is leader with an 11-3 mark and only needs another win for the tournament title. Still mathematically alive is Sekiwake Norizo who is 10-4. If Susanoo loses on Senshuraku and Norizo wins, both would be tied with identical records, however, Norizo needs to make up five points to have a shot at the yusho. Since Susanoo has already defeated Norizo on day two in a head to head match up, Norizo's only hope for yusho is to pass Susanoo in total points, identical point totals at the end of the tournament would still tip in favor of Susanoo.
In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai and EJ11 Sokkenaiyama are still in a fierce battle for the yusho that has gone on for several days now. If one should win on the final day and the other should lose, then the winner would pick up the title without the need for a tie breaker. If both should win on the final day, then the title would most likely be awarded to Sokkenaiyama based on overall points since Sokkenaiyama has a commanding lead with 102 points to Ketsukai's 97. If both should lose on senshuraku, then WJ4 Fuseigou and EJ8 Pandaazuma could join the yusho hunt should they pick up their 11th win. However, with Fusigou's 95 points and Pandaazuma's 98 points, Sokkenaiyama still has the best shot at winning the yusho.
In Makushita, Wm46 Hashira, who has had an outstanding tournament with a 13-1 mark after 14 days, can win the title outright win a senshuraku win. However, if Hashira should lose, then the winner of the bout between Wm71 Moyazhopa and Wm72 Mishashimaru, who are both one loss off the pace, would enter into a tie breaker with Hashira. Hashira would be in the best position to win any tie breaker with his 100 points. Going into the final day, Moyazhopa has 94 points while Mishashimaru has 92.
Good luck to the yusho contenders on Senshuraku!
On a final congratulatory note, our Yokozuna Doitsuyama has achieved a personal milestone on day 14 by picking up his 400th career victory! Excellent job Doitsuyama!
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/27

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Server Problems
On Day 13 of the Nagoya Basho, chaos became the norm for the day at Sumo Game as server problems most of the day prevented many people from entering their picks. We would like to offer our deepest apologies for any inconvenience and hope that you continue playing without too much frustration or anger. For those of us that are veterans of internet usage, we need to be reminded that the technology is not perfect and from time to time glitches happen in the system. Unfortunately for those of us playing Sumo Game the server happened to crash at crucial time in the tournament when many of us were either in the yusho hunt, going for special prizes or just trying to eek out that eighth win. Sadly, however, the results from day 13 will be logged into the stats, as is.
Again, our most sincere apologies!
Fortunately, none of the leader boards in any of the three divisions were effected too drastically from server outage. In Makuuchi, Sekiwake Norizo and EM1 Susanoo remain neck in neck in the yusho chase with a 10-3 record. One match down are Komusubi Mimawari and EM8 Kinkaizan. In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai and EJ11 Sokkenaiyama are co-leaders with a 10-3 mark while WJ4 Fuseigou, WJ6 Ganzohnesushi and EJ8 Pandaazuma are one loss off the pace at 9-4. In Makushita, Wm46 Hashira is the sole leader at 12-1 with newcomers Wm71 Moyazhopa and Em72 Mishashimaru nipping at his heels at 11-2.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/26

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 11
What started off as potentially a close Nagoya Basho has pretty much turned into a rout as Yokozuna Hakuho looks to easily walk away with his seventh Emperor's Cup. With a command three match lead over the rest of the field, Hakuho just needs two more wins to mathematically eliminate his closest competitors. Although Hakuho will most likely pick up the yusho by day 13 or day 14, there have been many exciting bouts, not only among Sanyaku regulars, but among the rank and file rikishi as well. Also, it is nice to see the 'sold out' banner, once again, hanging from the rafters in the middle of the week in Nagoya, a place where, of late, you could hear crickets chirping from lack of fans in the audience.
In Sumo Game, Makunochi leader Sekiwake Norizo got back to his winning ways on day 11 to up his record to 9-2. One match off the pace are EM1 Susanoo and EM7 Flohru. On Day 12 Norizo will face the Yokozuna Doitsuyama who is looking to pick up his 400th career victory before the end of the Nagoya Basho. In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai(9-2) remains the sole leader while extending his winning streak to five matches. One loss down are EJ4 Meyeryu, EJ11 Sokkenaiyama and WJ12 Metzinowaka. In Makushita action, WM30 Yurkozan and Wm46 were both victorious on day 11 to increase their tournament record 10-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/24

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Days 9 and 10
Ten days into the Nagoya Basho and it looks as if Hakuho could rap up the yusho before the final weekend. At this point Hakuho, who remains undefeated, has a two match lead over Kotomitsuki with a group several others at 7-3. If Hakuho defeats Ama and Chiotaikai knocks off Kotomitsuki on day 11 then the only thing that could stop Hakuho is some serious bad luck.
In Sumo Game, Sekiwake Norizo is the man to beat the stretch. Despite losing on day 10 Norizo, at 8-2, still has a one match lead over Sekiwake Tosahayate, EM1 Susanoo, EM7 Flohru and EM13 Asashimaru who are all at 7-3. In Juryo, the five way tie at Nakabi was reduced to EJ2 Ketsukai and EJ4 Meyeryu on day 9 but Ketsukai riding a four match winning streak was finally able to pull away from Meyeryu and become the leader after 10 days. In Makushita, leader Wm46 Hashira was handed his first loss of the tournament on day 10 to fall to a three way tie with Wm30 Yurkozan and Em48 Sukiaki at 9-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/23

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 8
At Nakabi, Sekiwake Norizo, at 7-1, takes over sole leadership of the Makunouchi as Sekiwake Tosahayate dropped his second match in a row to fall out of the top position in the leader board. Tosahayate is now one match down and joins EM4 Golynohana, EM7 Flohru and EM10 Ekigozan at 6-2.
In Juryo, leader EJ4 Meyeryu has also had a mini losing streak to drop him from sole leadership of the division to a five way tie including EJ2 Ketsukai, WJ4 Fuseigou, EJ5 Naskocska and EJ11 Sokkenaiyama. All five members have identical records at 6-2. On day nine, Meyeryu and Sokkenaiyama will face each other in a head to head bout that could have yusho implications.
In Makushita, Wm46 Hashira becomes the first Sumo Game member to pick up his kachikoshi and remain undefeated at 8-0 to hang on to the lead. One match down are five others including Em4 Kiriazuma the reincarnation of Sumo Game's first Yokozuna Kirinoumi.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/21

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 7
A tough day for solid picks followed a few key upsets made for the lowest scoring day thus far of the Nagoya Basho 2008 at 5.22. Scoring for the tournament now sits at 6.32 with the hardest picks yet to come during the second week.
In Makunouchi division, leader Sekiwake Tosahayate was handed his first loss of the tournament to WM2 Hermanosho to fall to 6-1 and is now deadlocked with Sekiwake Norizo going into Nakabi. One match behind the leaders are a group of seven others at 5-2. In Juryo, EJ4 Meyeryu was defeated in a somewhat ugly match but retains sole leadership as EJ5 Naskocska was handed a black spot on the day and unable to gain any ground on the leader. Meyeryu now has a 6-1 record while a group of seven is one loss down at 5-2. In Makushita, Wm46 Hashira is the only wrestler of any division to survive the first week without a loss and becomes sole leader at 7-0. Presently, Hashira is being chased by seven others at 6-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/20

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Days 5 and 6
With Asashoryu pulling out of the Nagoya tournament, citing ligament damage he sustained on day five in the upset loss against Tochinonada, Hakuho, who remains undefeated, is now in the drivers seat to pick seventh Emperors Cup. At this point in the Basho, perhaps only Kotomitsuki is healthy enough and experienced enough to stay competitive to the end. On the other hand, Kotooshu, who got off to a dreadful start has put together a three match winning streak to up his record to 4-2, also has an outside shot at making a run for the title if he is able to stay focused in the days ahead. Tochinonada, the man who put Asashoryu on the shelf for a month, hopes to pick up an amazing 13th kinboshi as he faces Hakuho on day seven.
In Sumo Game, Sekiwake Tosahayate emerged as sole leader with a 6-0 record after defeating a struggling Sekiwake Konosato. One match off the pace are Sekiwake Norizo, EM4 Golynohana , WM14 Kaiowaka and WM15 Gonzaburrow. In Juryo, EJ4 Meyeryu upped his record to 6-0 and is all alone at the top of the leader board with EJ5 Naskocska close behind at 5-1. In Makushita, Em44 Chisaiyama, Wm46 Hashira and Em48 Sukiaki are in a three way tie for the lead with a large group one loss down at 5-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/19

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 4
There were a bit of theatrics on day four of the Nagoya Basho as Hokutoriki and Asashoryu had an intense niramiai or stare down at the tachiai. The niramiai was probably not in the classical sense of rivalry similar to, say, Akebono-Takatoriki where Takatoriki had Akebono's number and used the stare down to gain a psychological advantage often resulting in a victory. This, quite possibly, was on a personal level. One has to wonder why Hokutoriki who doesn't get many chances to face a Yokozuna and going into the match at 0-3 would be so bold as to ruffle Asashoryu's feathers. Could it be dissatisfaction with Yokozuna's antics of late?
Day 4 saw scoring at a high 7.36 as nine out of the top ten most selected wrestlers for the day were victorious. In Makunouchi Ozeki Sumio, Sekiwake Tosahayate and WM15 Gonzaburrow are in a three way tie for the lead and still perfect at 4-0. In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai, EJ4 Meyeryu and WJ12 Metzinowaka remain undefeated and share the lead. In Makushita, ten members are at the top of the leader board at 4-0.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/17

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Day 3
With the top eight most selected rikishi all victorious on day three of the Nagoya Basho 2008 scoring was high at 7.56. All three divisions hovered near the average for the day with a total of eight members picking up a perfect score. In Makunouchi, Ozeki Sumio is off to a fast start with a 3-0 mark as is Sekiwake Tosahayate. Both are tied with a group five others at this early stage. In Juryo, EJ2 Ketsukai, EJ4 Meyeryu, EJ4 Fuseigou and WJ12 Metzinowaka are co-leaders at 3-0 while Makushita is still to jumbled at this point to have a clear picture.
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/16

Nagoya Basho 2008 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Nagoya Basho 2008. Summer is upon us once again in Japan which means roughly two months of hot and humid weather to deal with. As usual, the Nagoya basho sees a mild drop-off in participants as those lucky enough to escape the heat, do so, and disappear to parts unknown for the duration. This tournament we have a total of 160 players making the dohyoiri including six newcomers to the sport.
Over the break, the Sumo Game Association did some serious thinking about the state of banzuke and decided change a few things temporarily. Usually, to be promoted to Ozeki, one needs to be a Sekiwake with 31 wins in three tournaments to get the boost up the ranks, however, with the lack of really strong Sekiwake, and the fact that both Yumezukuri and Sumio, as Komusubi managed to put together four outstanding tournaments and most likely would have faced the same people if they were Sekiwake, the Sumo Game Association decided to promote them to Ozeki. With both Yumezukuri and Sumio compiling identical records of 41-19 and between them having a yusho and five jun-yusho, the move was both smart and wise. It is nice to finally see a solid banzuke at the top of Makunouchi.
Scoring for the Nagoya Basho after two days is slightly above average at 6.40 with Em30 Marimo becoming the first player this tournament to score a perfect 10.
Good luck to everyone and have a great tournament!
by Nushuzan, 2008/7/15


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