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Aki Basho 2008 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:S Tosahayate (12-3; 101 points)
Juryo Yusho:J12 Bill (10-5; 92 points)
Makushita Yusho:m4 Bunijiman (13-2; 99 points)
Gino-sho:M13 Chocshoporyu (9-6; 102 points)
Kanto-sho:M6 Fujisan (11-4; 98 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2008/9/30

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 15
The Aki Basho 2008 is history and although the yusho had been decided on day 14 yet again, it was actually a pretty exciting tournament. Ama looks to be set for a run at Ozeki next time around and Goeido has proven himself to be the next great hope for the future.
In Sumo Game Sekiwake Tosahayate won his second Makunouchi yusho and will most likely find himself in the Ozeki slot in November. Unfortunately, he will be swapping places with kadoban Yumezukuri who failed to pick up eight wins. Yumezukuri can still return to Ozeki if he is able to finish with 10 wins or more next tournament. Special prizes went out to WM6 Fujisan who picked up the kantosho for his jun-yusho performance while WM13 Chocshoporyu was awarded the Ginosho with 102 points. In Juryo, WJ12 Bill survived an intense battle for the yusho with 10-5 record. In Makushita, Em13 Bunijiman who dominated for most of the tournament won on senshuraku to grab the title with a fantastic 13-2 mark.
The Aki Basho might be over, but the off -season looks to fill up the tabloids with more controversy in the weeks to come. For those of you that missed the news it is quite simple really: The Sumo Association decided to take the high road and weed out a few bad eggs and now it is going to take a joint effort by the new Rijicho and the different Heyas to restore public trust in the sport before everything goes up in smoke!
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/30

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 14
In a blink of an eye, it's over. What could have easily been set-up for a three way play-off on senshuraku, day 14 ended with Hakuho winning his eighth Emperors Cup. Going into the day, both Ama and Kotomitsiki were within striking distance of the Yokozuna, however Goeido put a slick move on Sekiwake Ama to send him flying off the doyho, while the wily vertern Kaio proved he still had the stuff and out muscled Kotomistuki. All Hakuho needed to do to walk away with the yusho was defeat a struggling Kotooshu. It was an epic battle with two locked in each others hold for more than a minute. A shift in body weight by Hakuho gave the Yokozuna enough momentum to throw Kotooshu off balance and out of the ring. In a way, it was thrilling end to the tournament, Goeido did prove to be a factor down the stretch and Kaio, the last of the 'class of 88' can walk into the Novemeber tournament in Fukuoka, his home turf, with his held high.
In Sumo Game, both Sekiwake Tosahayate and WM6 Fujisan were victorious on day 14 to eliminate the rest of the field for the yusho in the Makunouchi division. If one should win and the other should lose their final day match, the winner would get the title. If both should either win or lose, then the would face each other in a play-off. The first level of tie break would favor Tosahayate based on a slight advantage in total points 94-91.
In Juryo, EJ4 Ganzohneshushi, EJ7 Toonoryu and MJ12 Bill are in a three way tie for the title. A win by any of them and a loss by the other two would be the simplest scenario for the yusho decision, but a loss by all three would make for a huge play-off battle with those that pick up their ninth win on senshuraku. Any play off among those with ten wins would favor Ganzohnesushi while Bill, would really need luck to bounce on his side to pick up enough points for the title.
In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman, who has dominated most of the Aki Basho, only needs to win on the final day for the yusho. The real surprise of the tournament has to be Em29 Maiku who having recovered from a 2-2 start then went on to win nine out of ten to sneak into contention. Em68 Derakuho, at 11-3, has also put together an impressive debut tournament to find himself in the thick of things as well. A win by either Maiku or Derakuho and a loss by Bunijiman wold result in a play-off with only single point separating the three.
Good luck to all the contenders!
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/28

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 13
On day 13 of the Aki Basho 2008 leader of the Makunouchi division WM6 Fujisan lost to WM1 Golynohana to pick up his third loss and fall to 10-3 thus allowing Sekiwake Tosahayate to pull even with the same record at 10-3. One match down at 9-4 and still in the yusho hunt is EM1 Shiyonnfuji. In Juryo, EJ4 Ganzohnesushi became sole leader at 9-4 after EJ2 Meyeryu was defeated by WJ2 Naskocska. Both Meyeryu and Naskocska join a group of five including EJ7 Toonoryu, EJ12 Kotoniko and WJ12 Bill who are all one match off the pace at 8-5. In Makushita, long time leader Em4 Bunijiman fell to 11-2 while Em68 Derakuho was victorious on the day to put himself in the yusho hunt with the same 11-2 mark.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/27

Aki Basho 2008 - Days 11 and 12
In Sumo Game action for days 11 and 12, those statistically still alive for a yusho in any of the divisions are starting to be reduced significantly as the leader boards start forming a distinctive bell-shaped curve. In Makunouchi, WM6 Fujisan has become the man to beat down the stretch with a 10-2 record for the tournament. One match down is Ozeki hopeful Tosahayate, who picked up a couple of wins to up his mark to 9-3. He now only needs two more wins to reach requisite number of 31 for promotion. On day 12 Ozeki Sumio notched his kachikoshi after getting off to a horrible 2-4 start, while kadoban Ozeki Yumezukuri has a three match losing streak and needs to rally in the remaining days if he hopes to pick up eight wins.
In Juryo, both EJ2 Meyeryu and EJ4 Ganzohnesushi went 1-1 in the past two days to stay even with each on the leader board at 8-4. However, there is now a pack of nine others wrestlers with 7-5 that could make final weekend a mad scramble for the yusho. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman continues to dominate with a splendid 11-1 record. One match down are Wm53 Kamakiriyama and Em68 Derakuho. Should Kamakiriayama find a way to pull even with Bunijiman in wins in the remaining days, it could get interesting in this division as well, considering Kamakiriyama is leading all divisions in total points with 89.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/26

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 10
On day 10 of the Aki Basho 2008, WM9 Fujisan took over sole leadership of the Makunouchi division after WM12 Ketsukai lost his second match in as many days. To be rewarded for his efforts Fujisan who is now 9-1 will be paired up with the Yokozuna Doitsuyama. Ketsukai on the otherhand will square off with Sekiwake Mimawari as he continues his trip up to sanyaku territory.
In Juryo, EJ2 Meyeryu got back into the win column on day 10 to share co-leadership with EJ4 Ganzohnesushi who are both 7-3. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman saw a nine match winning streak come to an end to fall to a 9-1 record. None of the field were able to gain on the leader, however, but were able to pull within one loss and tighten things up considerably.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/24

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 9
On the ninth of the Aki Basho 2008 there were several shifts in the yusho hunts. First off, WM12 Ketsukai who was the sole leader for much of the first week had a significant bump up the torikumi and met WM1 Golynohana. The match went down to the wire with Golynohana winning in an 8-8 tie break and thus handing Ketsukai his first loss of the tournament. Ketsukai now finds himself with WM6 Fujisan, who is also 8-1, in a two way tie at the top of the leader board. One match down at 7-2 is Sekiwake Tosahayate who is still in great shape for promotion to Ozeki despite losing on day 9.
In Juryo, leader EJ2 Meyeryu lost on day 9 to fall to 6-3. He is now in a five way tie for the lead along with WJ1 Pandaazuma, EJ3 Hironoumi, EJ4 Ganzohnesushi and EJ13 Yokotanoharry. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman continues to dominate that division and is the only remaining undefeated Sumo Game wrestler. One match down is Em37 Kozaru at 8-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/23

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 8
At Nakabi, there was little change in the leader boards in all three divisions. In Makunouchi, WM12 Ketsukai, who picked up his kachikoshi, continues to hold a one match lead over Sekiwake Tosahayate and WM6 Fujisan. At 6-2 Shiyonofuji is still within striking distance should the trio stumble down the stretch. In Juryo, EJ2 Meyeryu, remains the sole leader even though he was defeated on day eight by EJ14 Tsurugame. Tsurugame joins a pack of nine others at 5-3 making for a tight race in the second week of action. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman remains undefeated at 8-0 and holds a one match lead over Em20 Hinomaru, Em37 Kozaru and Wm47 Mishashimaru.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/22

Aki Basho 2008 - Days 6 and 7
One week into the Aki Basho 2008 and all three divisions have settled down into yusho contenders, those hoping to pick up their eight wins and those doing damage control to avoid free falling in the banzuke.
In Makunouchi, WM12 Ketsukai picked up two more wins to up his record to 7-0 and emerge the sole leader of the division. One match down are Sekiwake Tosahayate and WM6 Fujisan at 6-1. Leader Ketsukai will most likely get a few more days pairing against wrestlers close to his rank before being thrown into the lions den of sanyaku regulars in the second week. As for Ozeki hopeful Tosahayate, he seems to be in excellent shape to pick up 11 wins this tournament for the magic number of 31 wins in three tournaments, the benchmark of success for promotion.
In Juryo, early leader EJ13 Yokotanoharry has fallen in to bad times as of late losing two matches in a row thus allowing EJ2 Meyeryu, who is riding a three match winning streak, to become the pace setter. Yokotanoharry joins WJ2 Naskocska and WJ3 Hironoumi at 5-2 and are all one match down from the leader. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman has yet to have a black dot next to name this tournament and remains the sole leader at 7-0. One match down and still very much in the chase are Em14 Hakuryuken, Em40 Hinomaru, Em37 Kozaru and Wm47 Mishashimaru.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/21

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 5
Five days into the Aki Basho we have a surprise leader of the top division with Goeido, after Kisenosato pushed out Hakuho handing him his first loss of the tournament. In a sport that has been dominated by foreign born rikishi as of late, both Goeido and Kisenosato represent the brightest stars for Japan, and the best hope for the popularity of the sport. Both are 22 years old and have a similar work ethic and a no-nonsense approach to their sumo. Although Kisenosato has been struggling this tournament, he has been hanging around the top of the banzuke for several years now. For Goeido, on the other hand, perhaps this is his break-out tournament that launches him into sanyaku for were he rightfully belongs. Although, it is unlikely that he will survive the fierce competition and be the man at the end of fifteen days hoisting the Emperors Cup, he will probably continue to make this tournament exciting down the stretch.
In Makunouchi after five days, WM3 Flohru and WM12 Ketsukai continue to set the pace at 5-0, while Ozeki hopeful Tosahayate, EM5 Igiski and WM6 Fujisan are one match off the pace at 4-1. In Juryo, EJ13 Yokotanoharry remains the sole leader and still perfect at 5-0. In Makushita, the six way tie for the lead was whittled down to a single wrestler in Em4 Bunijiman who is also at 5-0.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/19

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 4
Scoring for the Aki Basho 2008 was off for the second day in a row as upsets played havoc on the picks of many participants. Of the 10 most selected wrestlers for the day only five were able to notch a victory. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the tournament thus far has to be Kotooshu who off to a very slow start at 1-3. However, even though scoring was a low 5.87, Wm30 Takanorappa became the first member to score a perfect ten in the basho.
In Makunouchi action after four days, WM3 Flohru and WM12 Ketsukai are still undefeated at 4-0, while EJ13 Yokotanoharry who is also undefeated finds himself all alone at the top of the Juryo division. In Makushita, Em4 Bunijiman, Wm18 Getayukata, Em20 Hinomaru, Em28 Holleshoryu, Em32 Berunohana and Em55 Yonushi are the first members to survive the carnage of that division and remain perfect at 4-0.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/18

Aki Basho 2008 - Day 3
With losses by heavily favored Asashoryu, Kotooshu and Kotomitsuki, scoring for the day tumbled to a mere 5.39, while overall scoring for the tournament fell to 6.45. Sekiwake Tosahayate, who is looking for an Ozeki promotion, upped his record to 3-0 to grab part of the co-leader spot at early stages of the Aki Basho. Still perfect after three days are also WM3 Flohru, WM4 Kinkaizan and WM12 Ketsukai.
In Juryo, EJ2 Meyeryu, WJ3 Hironoumi, EJ4 Ganzohnesushi and EJ13 Yokotonoharry are setting the pace at 3-0. In Makushita, a pack of 12 have gotten off to a good start with the usual thinning out process just getting started.
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/17

Aki Basho 2008 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Aki Basho 2008!
First off, the sumo world found itself deep in the muck of yet another controversy in the off season. For those of you that missed the dirt, it all started when Wakanoho dropped his wallet on the street. After a nice citizen returned the wallet to a police box, the police discovered a marijuana joint and Wakanoho was subsequently arrested after they found a pipe at Wakanoho's residence. He was fired from the sumo association and his named scrubbed from the banzuke even though he was later released by the police without being charged. Meanwhile, the sumo association decided to test all Makunouchi and Juryo rikishi with a surprise urine test in which Roho and his brother Hakurozan tested positive. Both wrestlers denied the allegation but after a retest by the only lab in Japan that is certified by the world anti-doping agency also turned up positive, they too, were banned from sumo. Days later, the rijicho and stable master for Hakurozan, Kitanoumi stepped down and was replaced by Musashigawa oyakata.
What a mess, right? But wait, it isn't over since all three former rikishi are suing the sumo association demanding their lifetime ban be reversed. Also, judging from the sloppy taichiai of numerous bouts on the first two days of the tournament, it seems to be digging deep into the psyche of many of the wrestlers as they try to cope with the distractions.
As for Sumo Game, this tournament we sadly have six kyujo in the Makunouchi division while juryo has an additional five more. Recently promoted Ozeki Yumezukuri is kadoban and needs to get a kachikoshi this tournament to retain his rank. As for the Sekiwakes both Norzo and Tosahayate are in the hunt for promotion to Ozeki if they pick up 11 wins this tournament, while Mimawari needs 12 wins. This tournament we have 168 participants with 10 newcomers to the game.
Good luck to all!
by Nushuzan, 2008/9/16


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