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Kyushu Basho 2008 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M4 Huumi (12-3; 110 points)
Juryo Yusho:J1 Gonzaburow (12-3; 105 points)
Makushita Yusho:m35 Mishashimaru (12-3; 112 points)
Gino-sho:M4 Huumi (12-3; 110 points)
Kanto-sho:M4 Huumi (12-3; 110 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2008/11/26

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 15
The final tournament of 2008 is over and the final day play-off between Hakuho and Ama was a classic. Although Ama lost the Emperors Cup, he will gain an Ozeki promotion based on his outstanding 13-2 record and 35 wins in three tournaments. In Sumo Game, WM4 Huumi wins his first Makunouchi yusho as well as picking up the Ginosho and Kantosho special prizes. In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow won the head to head match with WJ5 Osutoriajin in a close match to win the yusho and will return to the Makunouchi division for the Hatsu basho. In Makushita, Mishashimaru won the yusho in five way playoff due to superior point totals in dramatic come from behind victory.
Congratulations to all the winners! Have a good holiday season and we hope to see everyone back at the start of the New Year!
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/26

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 14
Going in the final day of the final tournament of the year and all three divisions are up for grabs. In Makunouchi, WM4 Huumi winner of the head-to-head match up with WM3 Tsuyoikaze on day 14, has control of his own destiny. If Huumi should pick up his twelfth on senshuraku then he will win the yusho outright. However, if Huumi should lose, then a trio of wrestlers, Komusubi Golynohana, Tsuyoikaze and WM12 Pandaazuma could carry the title chase into a playoff, should any of them prove to be victorious. In terms of total points, the first level of tie break, both Huumi and Golynohana have identical numbers at 102 while Tsuyoikaze with his 98 points and Pandaazuma with 97 have the most ground to make up on the final day.
In Juryo, the scenario is very simple: winner of the head-to-head match up between co-leaders WJ1 Gonzaburrow and WJ5 Osutoriajin walks away with the yusho.
In Makushita, as many as five players have a shot at the yusho. First off, we have three co-leaders with Wm15 Vikanohara, Wm37 Koriazuma and Wm38 Konomishinju who have been fighting it out for several days now. If any of them should win while the other two lose, then the winner will take the yusho. However, if two or more are victorious then a play-off would take place. For Konomishinju with 85 points, a play-off would end his chances for the yusho since he is already more than 10 points behind Vikanohara who has 98 points and Koriazuma with 99. If all three competitors should lose on senshuraku then Wm35 Mishashimaru and Em55 Kyokuhagyo would join the playoff since Kyokuhagyo's opponent on the final day is Vikanohara and Mishashimaru's opponent is Koriazuma. A four way playoff would be tight since Mishashimaru has 103 points and Kyokuhagyo has 102 points and both stand a good chance for a come from behind yusho win.
Good luck to all!
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/23

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 13
Going into the final weekend of the Kyushu Basho 2008 the number of yusho candidates for all three of the divisions have been reduced to a handful of candidates. In Makuuchi long time leader WM3 Tsuyoikaze has fallen into bad times as of late. A loss by Tsuyoikaze on day 13 has allowed WM4 Huumi to catch him in the leader board with identical 10-3 records. Day 14, however, will pit the co-leaders together in a head-to-head match with definite yusho implications. Statistically still alive are Komusubi Golynohana, WM5 Kitakachiyama and WM12 Pandaazuma at 9-3. A side note going into day 14 is that of former Ozeki Yumezukuri. As mentioned earlier, the recently demoted Yumezukuri can regain his Ozeki rank by finishing the tournament in double digits. After getting off to a dreadful 2-4 start, Yumezukuri has rallied the second week to improve to 8-5 and now a pair of wins on the final two days will allow his return to Sumo Game's second highest rank.
In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow, at 11-2, continues to be the man to beat in the remaining weekend. One match down is WJ5 Osutoriajin while WJ2 Sokkenaiyama who is two losses off the pace is still clinging to an outside shot at the yusho. In Makushita, there was no change in the leader board as Wm15 Vikanohara, Wm37 Koriazuma and Em38 Konomishinju were all victorious on day 13 to improve to 11-2.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/22

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 12
On day twelve, the Kyushu Basho took an interesting turn for the better as Ozeki candidate Ama kept his promotion dreams alive with an upset win over the Hakuho. At the beginning of the tournament the sumo association had commented that Ama would most likely need 12 wins to get a bump up to the sports second highest rank but a couple of early losses against Kisnosato and Goeido but his chances in serious jeopardy. However, Ama rallied from the slow start to put together an eight match winning streak that culminated on day 12 against Hakuho, to grab a share of the lead going into the final three days of the tournament. Ama is a cool customer and can usually keep his emotions at bay so perhaps we can see a fifth Ozeki on the banzuke at the start of 2009.
In Makunouchi action, WM3 Tsuyoikaze continues to set the pace by picking double digits in wins on day 12. One match down are WM4 Huumi and WM12 Pandaazuma at 9-3. In Juryo, leader WJ1 Gonzaburrow got a bump up the torikumi to face off against Maegashira regular WM15 Yuko and was victorious to improve to 10-2. One loss down is WJ5 Osutoriajin at 9-3. In Makushita the seven way tie for the lead was reduced to three as Wm15 Vikanohara, Wm37 Koriazuma and Wm38 Konomishinju all picked up their 10th win of the Kyushu Basho.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/21

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 11
After 11 days of Kyushu Basho 2008 WM3 Tsuyoikaze continues to lead the Makunouchi division despite falling to 9-2 . WM12 Pandaazuma was unable to gain ground on the leader as, he too, was also defeated on day 11. Pandaazuma now joins Komusubi Golynohana and WM4 Huumi at 8-3. In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow saw his two match lead trimmed on one as he also fell to 9-2 for the tournament. One loss down, and still very much alive are EJ2 Leonishiki, WJ5 Osutoriajin and EJ10 Mysko. In Makushita, both co-leaders Em8 Toschima and Wm37 Koriazuma lost on day 11 to send that division into a free for all with a huge pack of seven wrestlers sitting on a 9-2 record going into the final four days of the tournament.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/20

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 10
After low scoring on days 8 and 9, day 10 saw a huge bounce in average points with the 7.70 just barely missing the top 25 all-time highest scores list. In Makunouchi division, WM3 Tsuyoikaze got back to his winning ways today to increase his record to 9-1. One match down is WM12 Pandaazuma while a group of three others are at 7-3. Ozeki Sumio fell to 6-4 to dash his Yokozona promotion hopes, however, if Sumio can finish out the tournament with a decent record, he would still have a great shot for another chance for promotion in the Hatsu Basho.
In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow extended his lead to two matches over the field with a day 10 win. EJ2 Leonishiki, WJ2 Sokkenaiyama, WJ5 Ostroiajin and EJ10 Mysko are now 7-3 and waiting patiently should the leader come into foul times in the coming days. In Makushita, Em8 Toschima, the last remaining undefeated wrestler in the Kyushu basho picked up his first loss on day 10. Toschima is now in a two-way tie with Wm37 Koriazuma who hasn't lost a match since day 2.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/19

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Days 8 and 9
Going into the second week of the Kyushu Basho 2008 all three divisions of Sumo Game have a clear picture as to who are the leaders are who is hoping put together a decent record down the stretch. In Makunouchi, WM3 Tsuyoikaze, despite losing to Ozeki Sumio on day 9, remains the sole leader. Thus far, Tsuyoikaze has compiled an 8-1 record to hold a match lead over WM4 Huumi, WM12 Pandaazuma and WM13 Ganzohnesushi. For Sumio, a 2-2 record in the last for days has put his Yokozuna promotion into dire straights and now must win his remaining matches this basho to pick up enough wins(22 in two tournaments) to attain Sumo Game's highest rank.
In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow is the sole leader at 8-1 with EJ10 Mysko nipping at his heels with a 7-2 mark. In Makushita, Em8 Toschima is alone at the top of the leader board and is the remaining undefeated Sumo Game participant at 9-0. Wm15 Vikanohara, Wm37 Koriazuma and Wm69 Gibuten are one loss off the pace at 8-1.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/18

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 7
With nine of the top ten most selected wrestlers winning, scoring for day nine was very high, just missing the list for top 25 highest scoring days by just a fraction of a point. A total of fourteen members scored a perfect 10 for the day. In Makunouchi action after one week, WM3 Tsuyoikaze continues to lead all comers with a perfect mark of 7-0. One match down is WM13 Ganzohnesushi with a 6-1 record. Tsuyoikaze will face off with the Yokozuna Doitsuyama at Nakabi while Ganzohnesushi will meet a struggling WM6 Ketsukai. Ozeki Sumio kept his Yokozuna promotions alive on day seven by upping his record to 5-2. Sumio will face off with tournament leader on day 9.
In Juryo, a loss by EJ10 Mysko on day seven allowed WJ1 Gonzaburrow to assume tournament leadership at 7-0 and stretch his lead over most of the field. In Makushita, Em8 Toschima and Wm69 Gibuten are co-leaders going into Nakabi with new comer Gibuten amazingly scoring his second perfect day of the tournament.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/16

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 6
Scoring for day 6 of the Kyushu basho was high yet again at 7.41 increasing the overall average for the tournament to 6.60. In Makunouchi action, WM3 Tsuyoikaze continues to set the pace and is still perfect at 6-0. One match down is a quartet mid-Maegaeshira wrestlers at 5-1. In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow and EJ10 Mysko remain co-leaders at 6-0 with EJ2 Leonishiki one loss away with a 5-1 record. In Makushita, Em8 Toschima, Wm28 Holleshoryu and Wm69 Gibuten are still undefeated six days into the tournament.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/15

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 5
What started off as a ho-hum Kyushu Basho day five made things somewhat interesting. The leader board as it stands now has Miyabiyama and Dejima both undefeated at 5-0. For those of you that somewhat new to sumo, this not only represents a mini resurgence of a once powerful Mushigawa stable but two former Ozekis leading the tournament. It seems like eons ago but, indeed, both had a short stint at the sumo's second highest rank. Perhaps both will show their age down the stretch, but for now, they are top dogs.
Scoring for Sumo Game blossomed on day five with an average of 7.46 with Em13 Kitano, Em45 Yonshi and new comer Wm69 Gibuten scoring a perfect ten. In Makunouchi division after 5 days, WM3 Tsuyoikaze is the sole leader at 5-0. A group of eight others, including Yokozuna hopeful Sumio are one match down at 4-1. In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow and EJ10 Mysko are co-leaders and still undefeated. In Makushita, Em8 Toschima, Wm28 Holleshoryu, Em43 Kamakiriyama, Em55 Kyokuhagyo and Wm69 Gibuten are the early leaders.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/14

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Day 3
With the day one upset of Hakuho and the under performance of most of the Ozeki, the Kyushu Basho has gotten off to a slow start with an overall average at 6.14. Thus far day three has had the highest average at a meager 6.45. In Makunouchi division at day three EM2 Nushuzan, WM3 Tsuyoikaze and WM11 Misisko are setting the pace and off to early start at 3-0. In Juryo, WJ1 Gonzaburrow, WJ9 Bunijiman and EJ10 Mysko are the leaders at 3-0 while the Makushita division has the usual jumbled mess at this stage of the tournament.
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/12

Kyushu Basho 2008 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Kyusho Basho 2008! As usual, the off season was abuzz with controversy from match rigging to the marijuana scandal that has cost the careers of several Russian rikishi. To make matters worse, Yokozuna Asashoryu has gone kyujo this tournament due to his nagging left elbow injury. Naturally, the sports papers have jumped on this as the end of the Asashoryu era and perhaps retirement in the near future if he can't compete at Yokozuna level in 2009. What all of that means for attendance for the Kyushu Basho is a lot of empty seats. In fact on Shounichi the Fukuoka Kokusai Center was half full at best.
In Sumo Game we have 172 participants for the last tournament of 2008 with nine new players hoping to work their way up the banzuke. In Makunouchi, we have a full sanyaku with two Ozeki's this time around. Ozeki Sumio has an excellent chance for Yokozuna promotion if he can pick 12 wins this tournament while Tosahayate finds himself in the west Ozeki slot for the first time in his career thanks to a yusho and an outstanding record in September. Recently demoted Sekiwake Yumezukuri can return to the Ozeki ranks next tournament if he picks up ten wins or more this time around.
Good luck to all and enjoy the tournament!
by Nushuzan, 2008/11/11


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