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Kyushu Basho 2009 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:O Sumio (13-2; 116 points)
Juryo Yusho:J1 Mysko (12-3; 113 points)
Makushita Yusho:m11 Gibuten (13-2; 112 points)
Gino-sho:M5 Flohru (12-3; 117 points)
M10 Sokkenaiyama (12-3; 117 points)
Kanto-sho:M5 Flohru (12-3; 117 points)
M10 Sokkenaiyama (12-3; 117 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2009/12/3

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 15
The last tournament of 2009 is over with Hakuho winning his 12th Emperors Cup while going a perfect 15-0 and a record setting 86-4 for the year. One has to wonder at this point if Asashoryu's star has finally faded and the era of Hakuho has arrived. Asashoryu is banged up and at this point it looks as if he doesn't have enough gas in the tank to survive a 15 day tournament. Although Asashoryu might pick up another yusho or two down the road, it is doubtful that an equal match-up between Yokozuna's will transpire in 2010. Kaio fell one win short from tying Chiyonofuji's career win mark but will go into the January tournament as an Ozeki and not a kadoban Ozeki which means he is all but assured of passing the great Yokozuna before he calls it a career. Chiotaikai on the other hand will be stripped of his Ozeki title for the Hatsu tournament, but is going try for ten wins to recover his rank. Although some sumo fans had hoped he would hang up the muwashi at the end of this tournament, chances are, he'll be around just long enough to pick up his last paycheck.
In Sumo Game, Ozeki Sumio won his second career Makunouchi yusho and going 13-2 in the process. The 13 victories are going to be important come January since any record above 9-6 will give him enough wins to meet the criteria for Yokozuna promotion. Hopefully Sumo Game's absence of a grand champion will only be temporary. WM5 Flohru and WM10 Sokkenaiyama both won a Ginosho and Kantosho for their performance this tournament. In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko was the run away winner of the division and will get a nice boost into the Makunouchi ranks. In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten went 13-2 for the yusho.
Congratulations to all the winners. Have a pleasant holiday!
by Nushuzan, 2009/12/3

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 14
Going into the final day of action of the Kyushu Basho 2009 both the Makunouchi and Makushita divisons have several competitors vying for the yusho. In Makunouchi, Ozeki Sumio is in the best position for the title and only needs to defeat fellow Ozeki Doitsuyama on Senshuraku. Should Sumio lose his final bout he would then face in a playoff the winner of the match between EM1 Konosato and WM10 Sokkenaiyama who are both one match off the pace. WM5 Flohru could join the playoff should he improve his record to 12-3 with a victory on the final day. All four participants are within three total points for the tournament with Flohru and Sokkenaiyama leading the charge at 109. Unfortunately for Doitsuyama, Sumio's senshuraku opponent, the best record he can achieve this basho is a 9-6 which would leave him one win short from the required 10 needed for a return to Yokozuna and now must meet all the requirements from scratch for a second tenure at champion. Sekiwake Randomitsuki is still alive for a promotion to Ozeki with only a victory over Sekiwake Tosahayate standing in his way.
In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko having already won the title will get a nice boost up the ranks for the Hatsu Basho and a senshuraku victory couldn't hurt his promotion.
In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten and Wm69 Kameumi who are both 12-2 and hold their fate in their hands. A win by one and a loss by the other will give the winner the yusho outright. A win by both will come down to play-off with Gibuten holding a 5 point advantage over Kameumi 105-100. Should both lose, Wm54 Kamakiri, who is a loss off the pace, could join the play-off with a final day victory, unfortunately, his 98 points are going to make it difficult for a come from behind yusho.
Good luck to all!
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/29

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Days 12 and 13
Going into the final weekend of the Kyushu Basho 2009, what started out as a great chance for two undefeated Yokozunas to compete on the final day has turned into a cake walk by Hakuho. The injuries and fatigue on Asashoryu has slowed down the champion throwing him into an untimely two match losing streak. Only Tochinoshin who has put together, perhaps, a breakthrough tournament and Toyonoshima looking like a billboard for the medical bandage industry are within any mathematical chance of the yusho.
In Makunouchi division, Ozeki Sumio has pulled away from the rest of the field after and upset loss by WM5 Flohru to a struggling EM7 Fujisan. Sumio improved to 11-2 while EM1 Konosato, Flohru and WM10 Sokkenaiyama remain within earshot at 10-3. In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko runs away with the yusho on day 13 after WJ7 Kungliazuma fell to 9-4, a great tournament record, but can't compare to 12-1. In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten was delivered his second loss of the tournament allowing Em69 Kameumi, who is riding a six match winning streak, to equal his record of 11-2.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/28

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 11
The Kyushu Basho 2009 on day 11 saw scores soar across the board as the top nine most selected wrestlers were winners on the day. Overall, the scoring average was 8.05 to register as number 20 on the all time high list with 20 players picking up a perfect 10 on the day. In Makunouchi division the number of co-leaders was reduced to three as Ozeki Sumio, WM5 Flohru and WM6 Chocshoporyu all improved to 9-2 with a victory over their opponents. One match down are a group of four others including WM10 Sokkenaiyama who will face Chocshoporyu on day 12 in an important bout for both participants.
In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko continues to dominate and remains perfect while running his winning streak up to 11. At 8-3 is WJ7 Kungliazuma who will have his work cut out for him if plans on catching Mysko down the stretch. In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten emerged the sole leader at 10-1 after Em71 Andonishiki was handed his second loss of the tournament. Andonishiki now joins a group of six that still within striking range of the leader at 9-2.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/26

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 10
An expected reduction in co-leaders of the Makunouchi division due to head-to-head pairings on day 10 saw the number of co-leaders reduced to four. Ozeki Sumio outlasted EM1 Konosato in a tie-break to improve to 8-2 while WM5 Flohru edged out WM10 Sokkenaiyama, to a likewise improvement in record. Also victorious on the day were WM6 Chocshoporyu and WM13 Ganzohnesushi to join the fray at 8-2. In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko improved to 10-0 while keeping a three match lead over WJ7 Kungliazuma and WJ10 Sebunshu. In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten and Em71 Andonishiki both upped their record to 9-1 with wins and now hold off a pack seven who are one loss off the pace.
The Kaio watch now stands at two to tie and three to break Chiyonofuji's all time wins record as he passed Kitanoumi for sole possesion of second in the record books.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/25

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Days 8 and 9
Days eight and nine of the Kyushu Basho saw scoring good enough to make the top 25 list for points average. On Nakabi, the day's average of 8.26 landed at number 12 on the highest scoring day list while the 8.53 average the following day cracked the top 10 to settle in at number 7. The overall average for the tournament got a healthy boost upward to 7.11.
Makunouchi division over the long weekend saw a major shift in the leader board. On Nakabi, WM5 Flohu and WM6 Chocshoporyu were victorious on the day to improve to 7-1 and pull away from co-leader at the time WM3 Kitakachiyama. However, on day nine both leaders picked up their second loss of the tournament to allow Ozeki Sumio, WM1 Konosato, WM10 Sokkenaiyama and WM13 Ganzohnesushi to join the two at 7-2 making for a six way battle for the title. Day 10 will see a dwindling of co-leaders as Konosato will face Sumio and Sokkenaiyama will square off with Flohru in head to head bouts.
In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko remains the only undefeated wrestler of the Kyushu basho and now holds a three match lead over the field. Barring a late collapse in the final week, Mysko could cruise to the title. In Makushita, Wm11 Gibuten, Em26 Ekiozan and Em71 Andonishiki all improved to 8-1 to become co-leaders with six days remaining the tournament.
The Kaio watch for most career Makunouchi wins now stands at three to tie and four to surpass the mighty Chiyonofuji. With Kaio's win on day nine he is now equal to Yokozuna Kitanoumi in second place at 804.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/24

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 7
Day seven of the Kyushu Basho saw high scores across the board as nine of the top ten most selected wrestlers were victorious. Average for the day just missed the high score list at 7.86. In Makunouchi division there was no change in the leader board as WM3 Kitakachiyama, WM5 Flohru and WM6 Chocshoporyu all improved to 6-1. In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko opened a two match lead over his nearest competitors while running up a winning streak to seven to stay perfect for the tournament. In Makushita, eight challengers continue to fight it out for the lead with a 6-1 mark.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/22

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 6
On day six of the Kyushu Basho 2009 scores were the highest of the tournament thus far at 7.74. Although there were no perfect days for any of the participants mainly due to the upset of heavily favored Kotomitsuki over the enigma that is Bushuyama, more than 60% managed to land in the 8+ points range. In Makunouchi action WM3 Kitakachiyama, WM5 Flohru and WM6 Chocshoporyu all improved to 5-1 for a share of lead. The win by Flohru is the most notable since it came at the expense of Ozeki Doitsuyama who must now go 7-2 in the remaining days to return to Yokozuna.
In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko improved 6-0 for sole lead with WJ12 Asafan hot on his heels at 5-1. The Makushita division fell into a free for all on day six after both co-leaders Em26 Ekiozan and Em71 Andonishiki were dealt their first loss of the tournament. As it stands now 12 members are 5-1 going into the weekend action.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/21

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Day 5
On day five of the Kyushu Basho sole leader Ozeki Sumio was handed his first defeat of the tournament to fall to 4-1. The winner of the match WM6 Chocshoporyu improved to the same 4-1 record and share the lead with four others. Doitsuyama picked up his third win of the tournament to improve his chance of ten wins and a return to the rank of Yokozuna.
In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko and WJ12 Asafan both remain undefeated at 5-0 to share a spot at the top of the leader board. One match off the pace are WJ2 Zenjimoto and WJ7 Kungliazuma. In Makushita, Em26 Ekiozan and Em71 Andonishiki survived the first third of the Kyushu Basho with a perfect record to become the notables in a tough division for tournament crowns.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/20

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Days 3 and 4
After four days of the Kyushu Basho 2009, the leader board of both the Makunouchi and Juyro divisions have started to take form. In Makunouchi, Ozeki Sumio has reeled off four straight wins to find himself all alone in the top spot with a 4-0 record. One step down are a sizable group of 3-1 wrestlers. Both Ozeki Doitsuyama and Sekiwake Randomitsuki improved to 2-2 to keep them in range of their goals for promotion. In Juryo, WJ1 Mysko, WJ2 Zenjimoto and WJ12 Asafan are off to fast starts to share the lead of that division at 4-0 while the Makushita division is still a day or two away from having a few names to mention that have broken away from the pack.
Scoring on days three and four were lower than average at 5.16 and 5.56 due to several upsets among heavily favored rikishi sending the overall average for the tournament down to 6.34.
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/19

Kyushu Basho 2009 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the last tournament of 2009, the Kyushu Basho where chirping crickets usually outnumber paid spectators. Other than the usual pre-tournament hype of the battle between rivals Asashoryu and Hakuho, something that the fans of Fukuoka has missed out on over the past few years, the other big news is about local hero Kaio. By simply entering the tournament Kaio became the iron man of Makunouchi with his 98th basho bumping the recently retired oyakata Takamiyama to number two on the list. Next on Kaio's 'to do' list is breaking Chiyonofuji's all time record of 807 top division wins. A victory on shonichi puts Kaio nine shy from that record as well.
As for Sumo Game, the banzuke is missing something very important this time around: a Yokozuna. Sadly, Doitsuyama picked up his third makekoshi in a row last tournament to drop him down to an Ozeki. However, if Doitsuyama can rally to pick up double-digits in wins this basho, the he will regain the rank of Yokozuna for the start of 2010. As for the Sekiwake's, only Randomitsuki has a shot at promotion for Ozeki and only needs nine wins in the Kyushu Basho to pick up the golden number of 31. Good luck to both! 
For the Kyushu Basho 2009 we have a total of 172 participants entered with eight new players to the game. Scoring for the first two days have been high at 7.32 with several players already picking up a perfect day. Good luck and have fun!
by Nushuzan, 2009/11/17


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