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Natsu Basho 2010 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M15 Kaiowaka (12-3; 105 points)
Juryo Yusho:J6 Hokuro (10-5; 107 points)
Makushita Yusho:m46 Jejima (13-2; 104 points)
Gino-sho:M15 Kaiowaka (12-3; 105 points)
Kanto-sho:M15 Kaiowaka (12-3; 105 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2010/5/29

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 15
Another tournament is in the record books and although the real deal was a bit of a yawner with Hakuho winning on day 13 and finishing with his second consecutive zensho yusho, in Sumo Game two of the three divisions came down to the wire with tie breakers determining a champion. In Makunouchi, WM15 Kaiowaka was defeated on senshuraku by his nearest rival WM2 Meyeryu, however, low scores on the day didn't give Meyeryu a chance to make up the point differential to challenge for the yusho. Kaiowaka wins his first top division title as well as his fourth Ginosho and third Kantosho special prizes.
In Juryo, a messy four way playoff occurred after all three co-leaders were defeated on the final day while the only other contestant with a mathematical chance WJ10 Qijuryu joined the fray with a win. In the end, EJ6 Hokuro walks off with the hardware due to his slim lead in points. In Makushita, Wm46 Jejima won his second title in row after returning to the game from a seven year break and will shoot up the banzuke yet again in July.
Thanks for playing and we hope to see everyone back in July. As a quiet plea, if you guys know anyone that has an interest in sumo, tell them about Sumo Game and let's see if we can fatten up the numbers!
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/29

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 14
There is plenty of action in Sumo Game as the titles in each of the divisions are still up for grabs. In Makunouchi a showdown will decide the yusho as the tournament leader WM15 Kaiowaka will square off with his nearest opponent WM2 Meyeru on senshuraku. Mathematically Meyeryu has a shot at the yusho, however, he would have to overcome some tough odds. A win would force a playoff but with Kaiowaka's 105 points to Meyeru's 99, a six point differential to overcome on the final day might prove difficult. A win by Kaiowaka on the other hand would give him the prize with a nice two win cushion.
In Juryo, the scenario is a bit more muddled with a three and possibly four way play-off. Presently, EJ6 Hokuro, WJ7 Kamakiriyama and WJ11 Pastanoyama are with a 10-4 record. Since there won't be any head to head match-ups to whittle down the board, each member is on his own for a win to stay in contention. Hokuro and Pastanoyama have identical point totals at 102 while Kamakiriyama is lagging behind slightly with 99. If all three co-leaders should have a bad day while EJ10 Qijuryu pick up his 10th win, a four way play-off. Unfortunately, Qijuryu who has only 95 points would be in a tough position to enter the mix.
In Makushita, a familiar name in Wm46 Jejima is sitting at the top of another impressive campaign with a 13-1 record. One match off the pace is Wm22 Irinohana who kept things close for most of the tournament. A win by Jejima would hand him his second straight Makushita title and another big boost up the ranks. A loss by Jejima and a win by Irinohana would force a play-off, however, the pressure would still be on Irinohana to make up a 101-99 point difference.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/23

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 13
As expected, Hakuho has wrapped up his 14th Emperor's Cup two days early as no one else was really in contention. The duties that Baruto had to perform as a Shin-Ozeki such as interviews, parties and glad handing supporters no doubt had left him too tired to perform the type of sumo that led to his promotion in the first place. However, he wasn't the first newly crowned Ozeki to have this kind of obstacle and rest assured he won't be the last either. The other Ozeki's with their various reasons like age and injury never really were much of a factor leaving the tournament a bit on the dull side. Anyway, we still have two more days of action with some special prizes still on the line so don't go away just yet.
In Makunouchi action, WM15 Kaiowaka has opened a two match lead over his nearest competitor WM2 Meyeryu and can pick up his first upper division yusho on day 14 with a win or a loss by Meyeryu. What started off as potentially three big promotions in Sanyaku at the start of the tournament has been a wash across the board. In fact at the only bright spot so far has been the removal of the kadoban label by Ozeki Doitsuyama who got his kachikoshi on day 13. Other than that, the performances by other members in the Sanyaku have been a major disappointment.
In Juryo, a loss on day 13 by the leader WJ11 Pastanoyama, who fell to 10-3, has tightened up the division with EJ6 Hokuro, WJ7 Kamakiriyama and EJ10 Qijuryu one loss down and still in contention for the title. In Makushita, neither Wm22 Irinohana and Wm46 Jejima flinched to keep things tough to call in the remaining two days. Still very much alive for the yusho are Wm5 Jakusotsu and Wm36 Kumanoneko.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/22

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 12
A loss by WM2 Meyeryu on day twelve of the Natsu basho 2010 has stretched out the leader board somewhat as WM15 Kaiowaka finds himself sole leader once again with an 11-1 record. Meyeryu is one match down at 10-2 while WM7 Rupatengu remains a threat for the yusho at 9-3. In Juryo, WJ11 Pastanoyama improved to 10-2 to open a two match lead over the rest of the field with three days remaining in the tournament. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu was handed his second loss of the basho to fall out of the lead leaving Wm22 Irinohana and last tournament's makushita winner Wm46 Jejima locked up in a struggle with an 11-1 mark.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/21

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 11
There was very little movement in the leader board on day 11 of the Natsu Basho 2010. In Makunouchi, WM2 Meyeryu and WM15 Kaiowaka continue to slug it out for the yusho while maintaining a two match lead over the rest of the field. In fact, at this point, only WM7 Rupatengu with his 8-3 record has a legitimate chance of catching the co-leaders in the remaining days. In Juryo, WJ11 Pastanoyama, at 9-2, finds himself sole leader after EJ6 Hokuro picked up his third kuroboshi of the tournament to fall to 8-3 and joining WJ6 Bill who is also one loss off the pace. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu, Wm22 Irinohana and Wm46 Jejima remain deadlocked at the top of the heap with their 10-1 record.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/20

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 10
At the two thirds point of the Natsu Basho, Hakuho more than seems destined to wrap things up early as his lead over his only true rival Baruto has widened to two wins with a head to head match up still on the slate in the next day or two. A win by Hakuho could seal the deal by as early as day 13. In Makunouchi division it is beginning to look like a two horse race as both WM2 Meyeryu and WM15 Kaiowaka have also opened a two match lead over the rest of the field while holding a 9-1 record. In Juryo, EJ6 Hokuro and WJ11 Pastanoyama were victorious on the day to pick up their kachikoshi and maintain their one match lead over WJ6 Bill and EJ10 Qijuryu. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu saw his nine match winning streak come to an end to fall to 9-1 allowing Wm22 Irinohana and Wm46 Jejima to make it a three way battle down the final stretch run.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/19

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 9
After nine days of the Natsu Basho 2010 the leader board of two of the divisions tightened up somewhat as several top competitors were upended. In Makunouchi, leader EM15 Kaiowaka was defeated for the first time this tournament by EM6 Chocshoporyu in an important bout with yusho implications. As a result, Kaiowaka now finds himself co-leader along with WM2 Meyeryu who is also 8-1. One loss off the pace is Chocshoporyu as well as WM5 Mysko and WM7 Rupatengu. In Juryo, leader EJ6 Hokuro lost on day nine to allow WJ11 Pastanoyama to even the mark of 7-2 for a share of the lead. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu improved his record to 9-0 to become the final undefeated participant for the Natsu Basho. Wm22 Irinohana, Wm31 Mibaya, Wm35 Boltbutthamma and Wm46 Jejima are keeping the division competitive and waiting patiently for a miscue by the leader.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/18

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 8
At the midway point of the Natsu Basho 2010 WM15 Kaiowaka becomes the first member of the Makunouchi division to pick up his kachikoshi to remain perfect for the tournament. One loss down is WM2 Meyeryu at 7-1 while a group of four others are two wins off the pace. In Juryo EJ6 Hokuro continues to dominate at 7-1 with WJ11 Pastanoyama his closest rival at 6-2. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu improves to 8-0 to become the sole leader with a group of four waiting patiently in the wings at 7-1.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/17

Natsu Basho 2010 - Day 7
With the conclusion of the first week of action of the Natsu Basho, it looks as if Hakuho is destined to pick up his 14th Emperor's Cup and perhaps his second straight zensho yusho. His only real competition at this point is newly crowned Ozeki, Baruto who, at this point, has managed to keep pace with the Yokozuna although his sumo has been somewhat sloppy having won several matches while going backwards. There have been a few surprises among the rank and file rikishi such as Shimotori, Mokonami and Hakuba, but overall, the tournament isn't likely to talked about 'for years to come'. Hopefully, the second week will have a few surprises to keep things interesting.
In Makunouchi action, WM15 Kaiowaka remains the sole leader and is still perfect at 7-0 with WM2 Meyeryu, WM5 Mysko and EM6 Chocshoporyu keeping a close watch of Kaiowaka at 6-1. With all the early talk of promotions in the sanyaku ranks, one tidbit worth mentioning is that of Ozeki Doitsuyama who is in fact kadoban this tournament and needs to rally past his first week record of 3-4 if he hopes to remain at Sumo Game's second highest rank. In Juryo, EJ6 Hokuro and WJ11 Pastanoyama both increased their record to 6-1 to share the lead. In Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu and Wm46 Jejima are still undefeated at 7-0 to become co-leaders while holding at bay a group of seven who are one match down at 6-1.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/16

Natsu Basho 2010 - Days 5 and 6
On day six of the Natsu Basho WM15 Kaiowaka emerged the sole leader of the Makunouchi division while improving to 6-0 after both WM2 Meyeryu and EM6 Chocshoporyu were handed their first kuroboshi of the tournament by Sekiwake Randomitsuki and Nushuzan who both desperately needed a win to keep their Ozeki promotion chances alive. On day seven Kaiowaka will meet WM7 Rupatengu, who improved to 5-1, in a match that will help define the leader board during the early stages of the tournament. One match off the pace is also WM5 Mysko who will challenge Randomitsuki in a bout important to both participants.
In Juryo, leader EJ6 Hokuro fell to 5-1 to allow EJ10 Qijuryu and WJ11 Pastanoyama to make it a three way tie for the top position while in Makushita, Wm5 Jakusotsu, Wm35 Boltbutthamma and Wm46 Jejima all improved to 6-0 to grab a share of the lead in that division.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/15

Natsu Basho 2010 - Days 3 and 4
After four days of the Natsu Basho 2010, the leader board is beginning to take shape in at least two of the divisions. In Makunouchi, WM2 Meyeryu, WM5 Mysko, EM6 Chocshoporyu and WM15 Kaiowaka are currently undefeated with a 4-0 record to share the lead. Yokozuna candidate Sumio has struggled thus far and now finds his promotion chances in a dire situation as he hopes to pick up victory. On the other hand, both Sekiwake Randomitsuki and Nushuzan have their backs against the wall in the early going for Ozeki promotion as both have gotten off to a 2-2 start. A nice winning streak in the coming days would be nice for all three sanyaku participants. In Juryo, EJ6 Hokuro has emerged the sole leader at 4-0 while a group of four others are one match down at 3-1. In Makushita, a group of eight remain perfect including last tournaments yusho winner Wm46 Jejima.
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/13

Natsu Basho 2010 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Natsu Basho 2010! Although it is called the 'summer' basho the weather here in Japan over the past month or so has been nowhere near summer-like with only a few days so far being warm enough for short sleeves. The big news of the Natsu Basho is that of nearly promoted Ozeki Baruto who coasted to enough wins in March to convene the Sumo Association for the all important photo-op and announcement on becoming the second European born Ozeki. Baruto has thus far gotten off a good start at 2-0 despite being exhausted from all the public relations duties a new Ozeki must endure in the off season. The real question at this point is how much determination the big boy has to seriously challenge for Yokozuna in the future.
In Sumo Game, sadly, we have been hit with a wave of kyujo across the board with Juryo and Makushita divisions being hit the hardest. A total of only 148 participants signed up for the basho this time around with only a single participant, Em64 Kuroimori, making his debut. Regardless of the numbers drop, we have lots of news to report in the potential promotion category. To start off with, Ozeki Sumio will attempt to gain enough wins for Yokozuna promotion for the third straight tournament. For the Natsu Basho, Sumio needs a 10-5 record for 22 wins in two tournaments to fulfill the quota as determined by the rules. As for the Sekiwakes both Randomitsuki and Nushuzan have an excellent chance for promotion to Ozeki should they pick up enough wins. For Randomitsuki, his goal is 11 while Nushuzan only needs 10.
Good luck to all and enjoy the Basho!
by Nushuzan, 2010/5/11


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