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Aki Basho 2011 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:S Sokkenaiyama (13-2; 115 points)
Juryo Yusho:J12 Kungliazuma (11-4; 106 points)
Makushita Yusho:m38 Achiyama (13-2; 105 points)
Gino-sho:S Sokkenaiyama (13-2; 115 points)
M7 Andoreasu (10-5; 115 points)
Kanto-sho:M15 Bunijiman (10-5; 108 points)
Shukun-sho:S Sokkenaiyama (13-2; 115 points)
by Takanotaki, 2011/10/1

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 15
The Aki Basho is in the record books and for the first time in a while it was exciting from start to finish with no controversy. Hakuho joined an elite group of great Yokozuna's while picking up his 20th Emporer's Cup and Japan finally gets a local hero in Kotoshogiku who was promoted to Ozeki following the tournament. In Sumo Game, we also have a new Ozeki in Sokkenaiyama whose dominate yusho performance and 13-2 record was enough for the boost up the ranks. So, it looks like, come November, we will have four Ozekis on the Banzuke. Hopefully, one them will pull enough wins together to go even higher and fill the Yokozuna slot that this game so desperately needs.
In all three division there were no play-offs so determining the yusho winner was easy this tournament. As already mentioned, Sokkenaiyama was champion of the Makunouchi divison as well as the recipient of the Ginosho and Shukunsho special prizes. EM7 Andoreasu was also awarded the Ginosho for his 115 point overall performance.
In Juryo, WJ12 Kungliazuma walks off with the title. In Makushita, Em38 Achiyama, who rode a seven match winning streak through the second week, was the division champion.
Congratulations to all the winners!
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/28

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 14
Going into the final day of the Aki Basho, at least one of the divisions has already been decided while the other two are still up for grabs. In Makunouchi, Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama has a two match lead over the rest of the field statistically eliminating everyone from the yusho. His win on day 14 not only gives him his second career Makunocuhi tournament championship but by improving to 12-2 he now has a enough wins to satisfy the minimum requirement of 31 wins in three tournaments, all but guaranteeing him a promotion to Ozeki.
In Juryo, WJ12 Kungliazuma controls his own destiny for the yusho with a senshuraku win. A loss, however, could complicate things if either EJ2 Gonzaburow or WJ8 Mishashimaru manage to improve to 10-5. Kungliazuma has a slight lead in total points over Mishashimaru, 100-99, while Gonzaburow at 93, would need a near perfect day and a meltdown by the other two to have any real chance for a come from behind yusho.
In Makushita, the match of the day is between tournament leader Em38 Achiyama and Em10 Marimo who is one loss down on the leader board. A win by Achiyama guarantees him the title while a loss would force a playoff between the two. Em5 Kaiomitsuki, Em11 Andrasoyamawaka and Wm31 Botoni could join the playoff should any of them manage to improve to 12-3. Marimo holds a slight lead in points at 102.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/25

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 13
Day thirteen of the Aki Basho saw Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama win in a head-to-head match-up against yusho contender Doitsuyama. As a result, not only has the Sekiwake opened up a commanding two match lead for the yusho but one more victory will give him enough total wins in three tournaments for a promotion to Ozeki. With Ozeki Randomitsuki finally making his kachikoshi on day thirteen, we could perhaps see four Ozeki's on the banzuke come November.
In Juryo, WJ8 Mishashimaru and WJ12 Kungliazuma, who both improved to 9-4, are now are in control of the yusho race after EJ9 Bill slipped down the leader board. In Makushita, Em11 Andrasoyamawaka and Em38 Achiyama are in a dogfight for the yusho with both combatants upping their tournament record to 11-2.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/24

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 12
After day twelve of the Aki Basho there was no change in the leader board of the Makunouchi division as Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama maintained his one match advantage over Ozeki Doitsuyama and EM11 Hironoumi. In Juryo, leader EJ9 Bill saw a five match winning streak come to an end to fall to 8-4. This allowed WJ8 Mishashimaru and WJ12 Kungliazuma to return to the yusho hunt for a share of the lead. In Makushita, the five way battle for the top position was reduced to four as Em10 Marimo, Em11 Andrasoyamawaka, Wm31 Batoni and Em38 Achiyama all improved to 10-2.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/23

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 11
On day eleven of the Aki Basho Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama improved to 9-2 to become the sole leader of the Makunouchi division after EM11 Hironoumi slipped a notch to 8-3. Ozeki Doitsuyama picked up his kachikoshi to equal Hironoumi in the runner up position. Shin-Ozeki Takahike II was unable to keep the momentum up from his previous bashos and will start the Kyushu Basho with the kadoban label. As for kadoban Ozeki Randomitsuki, he is now only a win a way from picking up a kachikoshi.
In Juryo, EJ9 Bill, who was triumphant in his highlight bout against EJ5 Zichi, now finds himself sole leader of the division as WJ8 Mishashimaru and WJ12 Kungliazuma were both upended to fall to 7-4. In Makushita, Em10 Marimo saw his commanding lead over the rest of the field disappear on day eleven and is now in a five way battle with Em5 Kaiomitsuki, Em11 Andrasoyamawaka, Wm31 Batoni and Em38 Achiyama.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/22

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 10
After ten days of the Aki Basho 2011, Hakuho looks as if he is on cruise control as he continues to dominate the yusho race. At this point the only person who looks as if he as any chance at all of catching the Yokozuna down the stretch is Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku. Kotoshogiku has definitely made the tournament interesting as he has shown grit and determination while putting in enough quality wins that should make the sumo association take notice following the basho. The other big (really big) surprise thus far is Gagamaru who will have his work cut out for him on day eleven as he faces behemoth Baruto in a match that might actually register on the Richter scale. In all likelihood, however, Gagamaru might be out of his depth as he begins to face tougher opponents, but if he can keep his balance in check, he might be able to pull off an upset or two.
In Sumo Game, Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama and EM11 Hironoumi are co-leaders at 8-2 with both wrestlers picking up there kachikoshi on day 10. In Juryo, it remains a four way battle for the top of the leader board. On day 11, co-leader EJ5 Zichi will pair off with EJ9 Bill in a match with possible yusho implications. WJ8 Mishashimaru and WJ12 Kungliazuma, who are also at 7-3, are hoping to pick up their kachikoshi. In Makushita, Em10 Marimo, was defeated for the first time in the tournament, but remains the sole leader at 9-1.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/21

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 9
Going into the second week of the Aki Basho two of the three divisions saw a shift in the leader board over the long weekend. In Makunouchi, a fade by WM9 Zenjimoto and a minor fade by Ozeki Doitsuyama saw Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama, WM6 Pandaazuma and EM11 Hironoumi slip into contention with a 7-2 record.
In Juryo, a similar fade by long time leader WJ8 Mishashimaru saw a tightening for the race for the yusho as EJ1 Natsunoyama, EJ5 Zichi, EJ9 Bill and WJ12 Kungliazuma joined the fray at 6-3. In Makushita Em10 Marimo continues to set the pace and has opened up a two match lead over the rest of the field. Marimo remains perfect for the tournament.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/20

Aki Basho 2011 - Day 7
At the end of the first week of action early leader of the Makunouchi division WM9 Zenjimoto fell to his first defeat of the Aki Basho allowing Ozeki Doitsuyama to catch him in the leader board. Both combatants are 6-1. In Juryo, WJ8 Mishashimaru continues to dominate the division despite have picked up his first kuroboshi on day 7. In Makushita, Em10 Marimo remains perfect with an ever dwindling number of contenders chasing him into Nakabi.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/18

Aki Basho 2011 - Days 5 and 6
On day six of the Aki Basho WM9 Zenjimoto continues to lead the Makunouchi division while improving to 6-0. Ozeki Doitsuyama and Ozeki Randomitsuki are close behind at 5-1. Randomituski at this pace could find himself removing the kadoban label early into the second week of the tournament. Shin-Ozeki Takahike II finally picked up his first win on day 6 but still has a huge deficit to overcome to pick up a kachikoshi. In Juryo, WJ8 Mishashimaru was victorious on the day to remain undefeated. One loss down is EJ11 Kotosho at 5-1. In Makushita, Em10 Marimo, Wm31 Batoni and Em38 Achiyama are battling it out for the top of the leader board at 6-0.
Scoring for the tournament has been slightly above average at 6.67 as several of the Ozeki have yet to find their rhythm and thus making picks on the day somewhat unpredictable.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/16

Aki Basho 2011 - Days 3 and 4
After four days of the Aki Basho the leader boards of all the divisions are starting to take formation. In Makunouchi WM9 Zenjimoto has jumped out to a quick lead and remains perfect at 4-0. A plethora of one loss wrestlers lurk in the background including former Yokozuna Doitsuyama and kadoban Ozeki Randomituski. Shin-Ozeki Takahike II has yet notch a victory in the tournament and needs to get rolling as soon as possible. In Juryo, WJ8 Mishashimaru is the sole leader at 4-0. In Makushita, the thinning process has started a bit earlier than usual with Wm3 Hermanosho, Em10 Marimo, Wm31 Batoni, Wm34 Fuheika and Em38 Achiyama vying for the top spot of the division.
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/15

Aki Basho 2011 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Aki Basho 2011. We hope everyone had a relaxing summer and weren't too put off by the heat that still seems to be lingering in most of Japan. Thankfully, the off season had no major controversy to comment on, so hopefully, things are slowly getting back to normal in the sumo world. In Sumo Game we have some important news to report; the promotion of Takahike II (formerly known as Huumi) to the rank of Ozeki. Although it is nice to see three Ozeki on the banzuke, having one or more of them breaking out and getting a bump up to Yokozuna would be even better. Takahike II is in the best shape of the trio to put enough wins together to reach 22, however, after getting off to a slow 0-2 start, Takahike II needs to put up a few shiroboshi soon. Ozeki Randomitsuki is kadoban this basho, so a winning record is a must. Sekiwake Sokkenaiyama has an outside chance of promotion to Ozeki this tournament but would need to put together a strong performance in the remaining days.
There are 136 participating players this time around with three new comers to the game.
Good luck to everyone and enjoy the action during the Aki Basho!
by Nushuzan, 2011/9/13


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