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Natsu Basho 2012 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:S Hokuro (12-3; 106 points)
Juryo Yusho:J10 Kungliazuma (11-4; 104 points)
Makushita Yusho:m24 Shiroyuko (14-1; 99 points)
Gino-sho:S Susanoo (9-6; 108 points)
Kanto-sho:M8 Pandaazuma (12-3; 103 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2012/5/23

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 15
The Natsu Basho ended in truly dramatic fashion after journeyman Kyokutenho pulled off what is arguably the greatest upset in Sumo history. On day 14 Kyoutenho pulled off a violent uwatenage against Kotooshu that left the Ozeki hurting and unable to make it to the final day's bout against Tochiozan. As a result Tochiozan was awarded a default win on senshuraku, and could have walked away with the Emperor's Cup without even breaking a sweat. If neither of Kyoukutenho or Kisenosato managed to pick up a win on the final day the tournament would have ended in the most bizarre way. Fortunately, for us fans, however, at least Kyokutenho was able to get down to business and force a playoff. Kisenosato, on the other hand, had a complete meltdown in the final days squandering a two match advantage and losing three of his final four bouts. In the end, the playoff between Tochiozan and Kyokutenho, while not pretty, had an outcome that perhaps was to be expected. Without a doubt, the default was the worse thing that could have happened to Tochiozan forcing him to spend most of the afternoon in the locker room contemplating instead of staying loose and relaxed. Also, the personal bout history between the two heavily favored Kyokutenho. Kyokutenho's yusho puts him as the oldest first time winner and third oldest of all time only after Tachiyama who was the 22nd Yokozuna and wrestled in a completely different era of the sport.
Congratulations Kyokutenho!
In Sumo Game, Sekiwake Hokuro was the Makunouchi champion after putting together a seven match winning streak on the final week. Hokuro will get a promotion in July and become our third Ozeki on the banzuke. EM8 Pandaazuma was awarded the Kantosho while Sekiwake Susanoo won the Ginosho. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma won the playoff against EJ11 Yassier for the title. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko was able to put together enough total points to out duel Wm29 Batoni in a hotly contested yusho battle.
Congratulations to all the winners!
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/22

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 14
Going into the final day of action none of the divisions of Sumo Game have been decided yet so here the yusho scenarios. In Makunouchi, Sekiwake Hokuro and EM8 Panadaazuma are both 11-3 going into senshuraku and hold the fate of their yusho chances in their own grasp. A win by both would allow for a playoff in determining the winner. A win by one and a loss by the other would give the winning member the title outright, but a loss by both would give EM9 Screechingowl and EM18 Vikanohana a chance for a come from behind title shot should either of them improve to 11-4. As it stands now, Hokuro is in the best shape to survive a playoff with his 99 points. Pandaazuma has 97 while Vikanohana has 95 and Screecingowl has 93.
In Juryo, it will come down to a playoff no matter what happens on the final day since there are four members at 10-4 and all of them will be pitted in head-to-head match ups. WJ2 Mariohana and WJ10 Kungliazuma will face off against each other while EJ11 Yassier will square off against EJ13 Geezoryu. The winner of these matches will improve to 11-4 and a playoff will then be used to determine the title winner. Kungliazuma is in the best shape with 97 points. Yassier has 94. Both Mariohana and Geezoryu need to hope for a little luck since both are sitting on 90 points.
In Makushita, there are only two participants that hold a mathematical chance at the yusho. They Em24 Shiroyuko and Wm29 Batoni who have been battling for more than a week now with neither member yielding. A win by one and a loss by the other would give the victor the title outright, but a win by both or a loss by both would end in playoff. Shiroyuko has a slight edge over Batoni in points, 92 to 90.
Good luck to all the contenders!
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/20

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 13
After day thirteen of the Natsu Basho, Sekiwake Hokuro improved to 10-3 to reach the required number of wins in three consecutive tournaments and will most likely be promoted to Ozeki in July. Hokuro along with EM8 Pandaazuma are co-leaders of the Makunouchi division going into the final weekend of action. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma fell to 10-3 to allow EJ11 Yassier to catch him in the leader board. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko and Wm29 Batoni remain deadlocked for the title run and have now opened up a two match lead over the rest of the field.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/19

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 12
It's crunch time in the Natsu basho and race for the Emperor's Cup is nowhere near having been decided. With a loss on day twelve, perhaps Kisenosato had a golden opportunity for the title slip through his fingers as he saw a two match lead disappear to one. Kisenosato, who has a history of collapsing under pressure, must now finish out the tournament facing competitors that have an overwhelming advantage in their personal match-ups. The good news for Kisenosato, however, is that his two nearest rivals are Tochiozan and Kyokutenho. But should Kisenosato continue his slide, we could see an upset of historical proportions or even a play-off with anyone that survives the basho with an 11-4 record. Without a doubt, this is going to be an interesting finish to an already dramatic basho.
In Makunochi action, Sekiwake Hokuro joined the list of co-leaders after both EM8 Pandaazuma and WM11 Kitakachiyama got roughed up day 12. Hokuro who has hanging around the upper echelon of the leader board now only needs a single victory to have the numbers for an Ozeki promotion. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma continued his one match advantage over EJ11 Yassier while in Makushita neither Em24 Shiroyuko nor Wm29 Batoni blinked and still remain equal competition at 11-1.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/18

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 11
On day eleven of the Natsu Basho leader of Makunouchi division EM8 Pandaazuma was handed his second kuroboshi of the tournament to fall to 9-2 allowing WM11 Kitakachiyama, who has put together a nice winning streak, to catch him on the leader board. Ozeki hopeful Hokuro improved to 8-3 to join WM9 Bunijiman and EM18 Vikanohara in the runner up position. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma maintains at 9-2 maintains a one match lead over nearest competitor EJ11 Yassier. In Makushita, both Em24 Shiroyuko and Wm29 Batoni were victorious on the day to improve to 10-1. Wm21 Ahogeyama and Em34 Satsuma are close behind at 9-2.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/17

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 10
At day 10 of the Natsu Basho there was very little movement in the leader boards. In Makunouchi, EM8 Pandaazuma maintained a one win advantage over the rest of the division while improving to 9-1. One match down is WM11 Kitakachiyama at 8-2. Ozeki hopeful Hokuro remained on pace to pick enough wins for a promotion and joins a pack of seven others at 7-3. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma returned to sole leadership after EJ11 Yassier defeated WJ2 Mariohana in tough bout. Both Yassier and Mariohana are a loss down from the leader at 7-3. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko and Wm29 Batoni continued to do battle and remain deadlocked at 9-1.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/16

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 9
On the ninth day of the Natsu Basho, EM8 Pandaazuma became the sole leader of the Makunouchi division after knocking off Komusubi Sumio in a close bout. One match off the pace are WM9 Bunijiman, WM11 Kitakachiyama and EM14 Meyeryu. In Juryo, long time leader WJ10 Kungliazuma dropped to 7-2 to allow WJ2 Mariohama to grab a share of the lead with an identical tournament record. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko saw an eight match winning streak come to an end to fall to 8-1. Wm29 Batoni, on the other hand, has recovered from a shonichi loss to put together an eight match winning streak of his own to run even with Shiroyuko at 8-1.
by Kishbono, 2012/5/15

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 8
With Hakuho losing his third match at Nakabi,the Natsu Basho just become extremely interesting. Hakuho, who has been ailing since his shonichi bout with Aminishiki, has allowed Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku and Kakuryu to steal the spot light going into the second week. It is particularly interesting because the trio of young lions have all been recently promoted to Ozeki within the past year and none of them have yet to hoist the Emperor's Cup. It is also significant because two of the Ozekis are Japanese born and the sumo world desperately needs to have a native champion once again since none of the murals that decorate the rafters of the Kokugikan bear the likeness of anyone from Japan. In fact one needs to go back to January of 2006 to find Tochiazuma's, name listed among the champions. Naturally, it would foolish to count out a comeback from Hakuho down the stretch and it might even be foolish to count out Tochiozan and Takarafuji from the list since they are also in contention at this point. But honestly, Ozeki pride is going to carry a lot of weight in the second week especially with the Yokozuna two wins off the pace.
In Makunouchi action, EM8 Pandaazuma and EM14 Meyeryu improved to 7-1 for a share of the lead. In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma is still the sole leader with WJ2 Mariohana, EJ4 Ganzohnesushi and EJ12 Frinkanohana one loss down at 6-2. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko became the first person of the tournament to pick up a kachikoshi while Wm21 Ahogeyama and Wm29 Batoni keeping things close at 7-1.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/14

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 7
At the conclusion of first week of the Natsu Basho there is now a four way tie at the top of the leader board of the Makunochi division after both WM9 Bunijiman and EM14 Meyeryu were handed thier first kuroboshi of the tournament. This allowed EM2 Toonoryu and EM8 Pandaazma to climb back into contention with the similar 6-1 record. Ozeki hopeful Hokuro is still on pace for promotion at 5-2 and joins a sizable group that are one match down from the leaders.
In Juryo, WJ10 Kungliazuma is the sole leader at 6-1 to maintain a one win edge over the rest of the field. In Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko is the remaining participant in all divisions to yet face a defeat and upped his record to 7-0. Shiroyuko became the sole leader as well after Em24 Yujonoyama fell to 6-1 to join a group of six that are hoping to catch the leader during the second week of action.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/13

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 5
After five days of the Natsu Basho 2012, the number of participants that are still on a winning streak have been trimmed down to a few names in all three divisions. In Makunouchi, EM2 Toonoryu, WM9 Bunijiman and EM14 Meyeryu are still perfect at 5-0. In Juryo, EJ9 Mishashimaru and WM10 Kungliazuma remain undefeated and have opened a two match lead over the rest of the field. Meanwhile in Makushita, Em24 Shiroyuko, Wm24 Yujonoyama and Em34 Satsuma are setting the pace with their quick starts out of the gate.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/11

Natsu Basho 2012 - Day 4
We are now four days into the Natsu Basho and, thus far, everyday has seen at least one major upset in the Sanyaku ranks. Hakuho got dumped by Aminishiki on day one, half of the Ozeki core saw themselves on the losing end of things on day two followed by Kakuyu on day three and Baruto on day four. As a result, we have something we have not seen in a long time in the sumo world: two Japanese born Ozekis, Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato, leading a tournament. With that being said let's hope one of these guys can stay consistent all the way through the basho and take home the Emperors Cup.
In Makunochi division, Sekiwake Susanoo headlines a pack of five that have gotten off to fast 4-0 start for a share of the lead. EM2 Toonoryu, EM8 Pandaazuma, WM9 Bunijiman and EM4 Meyeryu are also co-leaders at this point of the basho. In Juryo, EJ9 Mishashimaru and WJ10 Kungliazuma are at the top of the stack at 4-0 while in Makushita, a six way battle for leadership is under way including Em5 Kibooyama.
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/10

Natsu Basho 2012 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Natsu Basho 2012. For the first time in modern sumo history there are a grand total of six Ozekis filling up the sanyaku ranks after Kakuryu received his promotion shortly after the conclusion of the Haru Basho. Having so many rikishi at the top of their game is interesting but perhaps it would be nice to see one of these guys make the big push and get promoted to Yokozuna and give Hakuho a decent rival.
In Sumo Game, our banzuke isn't nearly as stacked at the top but we do have at least one story to follow, that being Hokuro who is once again trying to get a promotion to Ozeki if he manages to put up enough wins. Last tournament, unfortunately, Hokuro finished just one victory shy of the required 31 in three consecutive basho, however, his outstanding 12-3 record in January is still in play and along with his 9-6 mark in March which means going 10-5 this time around would bump him up to the second highest rank.
This tournament we have 144 participating players in three divisions with only two new-comers to the game. Good luck to all and enjoy the basho!
by Nushuzan, 2012/5/8


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